What Do You See?

Mar 21st, 2021
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  1. [[ During a conversation with Illyria about the Greev/not-Greev, Esei's shroud pointed out her question: "Why give that power to something mindless?" so Esei went to the only place they knew where they might find something else. ]]
  3. Veiled Prophesies.
  4. The shadowy outline of a twisted forest casts a dark gloom here. The platform becomes little more than cracked stone here, barren of the wyrden life that suffuses the eastern portions. The environment seems to be in flux along this section of the platform with the air itself changing from frigid to sweltering at the change of the breeze. The inky darkness of the abyss below is almost hypnotic. The depths occasionally swirl with whispers of the past and images of possible futures.
  5. You see a single exit leading east.
  7. You have emoted: Esei moves across the platform, staring out into the dark.
  9. The air stirs as you feel a presence join you, "What do you see in the shadows, My little one?"
  11. You let loose a long breath from your lungs, exhaling slowly.
  13. You furrow your brow in thought.
  15. In dark, lyrical tones, you whisper, "...opportunity."
  17. "A lost one or one that can yet be snatched?" the whispering voice prods. "An opportunity to learn? To strike? To lose?"
  19. You have emoted: Esei cocks their head. "Both," they say slowly, eyes sweeping over the darkness ahead. "And ones yet to come, to learn."
  21. You think to yourself: ** Flashes of Feeling, knowing that something is on the rise, tasting secrets like candy, clues falling into place- **.
  23. "Then My hope is you claim what knowledge you can for I see much in the shadows too as I look out on the branching paths the Wyrd may yet take..." Faint flashes of scenes dance within the shadows below, almost too fast to fully appreciate - a small, alien creature draped in shimmering moss. Mother Night before the assembled Glomdoring. A scythe, gleaming, being brought down mercilessly. The Silent Lord, looming larger than He ever has, a crown of blackthorn atop His head. The images dissolve once more into the nothingness that surrounds the platform as the voice whispers, "I am always watching, My little one. I hope you will be able to grasp these opportunities as they materialize..."
  25. You close your eyes and inhale deeply, absorbing the scent of your surroundings.
  27. You let loose a long breath from your lungs, exhaling slowly.
  29. You think to yourself: I hope so, too.
  31. The presence seems to dissolve, drifting off into the Abyss beyond as whispers trail after murmuring warnings and blessing.
  33. You have emoted: With resolve, Esei presses their open palm over their heart, wings brushing against the cracked stone.
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