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  1. You feel the glare of four LED lights burning onto your flesh. A nervous smile is etched across her mouth, pale hands nervously cling to the cold steel of her belt. A few metal boot steps reverberate through air of the dark basement, you can only see the faint, red glint of lights belonging to a wicked machine unlike anything you've ever seen.
  3. "It's finally time to take the dive. Whatever you do, stay close to me. If my theory is correct, we won't have a lot of time to catch our breath once we transport to this dimension. I theorize the atmosphere to be reeeeeal nasty. Thankfully, I've got this."
  5. She cooed, as she flashed a peculiar looking orange orb at you, reminiscent of a buoy. The tips of the spiked barbs sticking out of the machine began to illuminate a light blue, thick strands of electricity materialized between each pike. The room's energy felt intoxicating as it lit up a brilliant azure, like a supernova ready to burst.
  7. "NOW!" The mysterious guide shouted at you over the chaos, the red lights of her sleak, mechanized vision peripheral beaming down on you amidst the laser light show. She slammed her pale fist into the button within the center of her belt, urging you to do the same. A sharp scream pierced through the booms of sound, and the mysterious woman grabbed onto her sides, as if trying to prevent herself from falling apart. As you pushed the button on your belt, you feel the same compulsion to scream. Something's ripping you apart. Cell by cell, atom by atom, quark by quark. The mysterious woman began to violently combust into a flurry of red dust. From the feet then immediately to her head, she went up in a storm of red particles. She's gone. Now it's your turn. The ripping sensation grows stronger and more intense. You're falling apart, you can feel it. The sensation intensifies at your feet. You swear you're taking a dive into a supervolcano. It's all so hot. Reality seems to be melting, and in its place a horrifying realm is taking shape. As your very being feels it's being ripped apart, your surroundings begin to morph more and more. The color you took for granted on Earth is gone, everything is black. The land in front of you is a sea of static, with red shadowy figures dancing about the waters. On the horizon you can pick out a small body of land. That's all you can think until the woman from earlier finally registers in your field of view. She's shaking you violently. You notice the black splotches growing on your skin, and on hers. They fester like parasites, you just can't come to, you're shellshocked. She drags you to an object sticking out of the ground casting a bubble of light. Then, you collapse
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