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  3. —Password: stay
  5. —Username: Lobster-queen
  9. —Code name : Cinderella
  11. —Backup slot: Pocahontas
  13. —Name: Kang, Hyo Ri
  15. —Nickname ( optional): Riri, a short form of her name
  17. —Birth date: 14/03/93
  19. —Age: 23
  21. —Faceclaim: Baek Su Min (Ulzzang)
  23. —Backup Faceclaim:
  24. + Park Hyo Jin (Ulzzang)
  25. + EXID Seo Hyelin
  27. —Gifs or picture links:
  28. >>
  29. >>
  30. >>
  32. —Nationality + Ethnicity: Korean-Japanese
  34. —Hometown: Ulsan, Korea
  38. ✧ON AND ON
  40. —Personality:
  41. Overall, she is a loyal, responsible, moody, creative, caring, protective and honest towards the girls or to someone she cares about. But to those she doesn't know well she is mostly distant and it depends on her mood. She can be sarcastic and cold towards a person while other times she can be friendly. She has weird mood swings due to her bipolar disorder and she throws her temper by lashes out on others. But even so she dislikes taking advantage of people and will only do so if there is no other choice. She is cunning, moody, aggressive, indecisive, stubborn, unpredictable and quick tempered. She is also fearless, considerate, compassionate and quick witted. If she wants she can be warm hearted and generous. She is distant towards most people as she doesnt trust people easily and it is difficult to gain it, but once gaining it, she will stick by your side no matter what.
  43. —Likes:
  44. + Tea
  45. + Reading
  46. + Nature
  47. + Watching movies
  48. + Spicy food
  49. + The color black
  50. + Action/Thriller/Documentary Movies
  51. + Listening to Hip hop
  52. + Vintage
  53. + Astronomy
  55. —Dislikes:
  56. + Bland food
  57. + The cold
  58. + Unorganized things
  59. + People who underestimates her
  60. + Too much noise
  61. + Being disturb when sleeping
  62. + Hates the color red
  63. + Being cut halfway when she is speaking
  65. —Trivia: habits, fears, what her role in the gang is, random facts min 6
  66. + The leader and mostly the planner
  67. + Has depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder
  68. + Knows the languages: Korean, Japanese, English and small amount of Mandarin
  69. + She is afraid of frogs
  70. + Drinks a lot of water/liquid when she is nervous
  71. + Can read 2-3 books a day
  72. + Pinches lips when worried
  73. + Claustrophobic
  79. —Background :
  80. Born to a Korean father and Japanese mother with an older sister, they were financially below average. In the beginning they were considered average but by the age of 14, her father lost his job as an accountant in a bank being framed for transacting money illegally, from then on, her father started drinking and became abusive towards them all. Her mother and sister was forced to work while her lifestyle was changed, she was to eat less, hang out less with her friends as well as cooking and cleaning the house. In result she lost friends and eventually got bullied for it. She started to develop mild depression and anxiety from it but was able to keep her mind sane.
  82. At the age of 16, her mother commuted suicide due to the pressure which left the siblings alone to defend for themselves and their father in their care. She had to drop out of school and started to work together with her sister to earn more for the family. She was really close with her sister and she was her rock. Until one day she came back and found her sister being beaten up by her father again but this time it was sever and she was bleeding heavily. Struck with fear, she ran out of the house and spent the night at the sauna. Upon returning, she found her sister's lifeless body on the floor, blood nearly everywhere and a bloody hammer next to her. She called the authorities thinking its the right thing to do but in which what she really wanted was to kill her father.
  84. —Family: - only those who are important to their story
  85. Kang, Muk Bin / Father / 55 / Alive
  86. Tadataka, Ishimoto / Mother / 47 / Dead
  87. Kang, Hyo Mi / Sister / 27 / Dead
  93. —How did you join the gang: be as detailed as possible, a short story would be even better! min 2 paragraphs
  94. After her father's imprisonment, she found her life meaningless, with no education, shelter or money. She was underage and the authorities sent her to an orphanage till she was legal again for her to stay by herself. She was forced to go back to school to finish her studies in which she excels and she also works part time. After finishing her high school, she started college with a scholarship and manage to move out of the orphanage. She then meets Belle who reminds her of her sister, who was also kind to her. She starts to befriend her and started to rely on her more.
  96. Belle came up with the idea of stealing and needed to recruit members. Hyo ri being the first one to join.
  99. —Why did you join the gang?: min 1 paragraph
  100. Even though she was working and have a scholarship, she doesn't have enough money most of the time and that is when Belle comes up with the plan to steal the diamond. Not wanting to suffer anymore and also backing up Belle, she agrees with the idea in which she forms the gang together with Belle and to recruit members
  102. —Your role in the gang?:
  103. She mostly thinks up a plan which will then be discussed secretly before initiating it and is always the one who is willing to take up the responsibility as well as taking the first move.
  105. —Your reason behind avenging Belle's death?:
  106. It reminded her of her sister's and mother's deaths. She believes that they have been wronged and needed to be avenge to bring some fairness
  112. —Love interest: SeokJin
  114. —Backup: Yoongi
  116. —How they met:
  117. There was a small fight scene where she was defending herself and the girls in which she take the blame. She goes to the infirmary to get cleaned up and to put some ointment for her wounds. There she meets him and he helps to treat her wounds. She doesn't wince in pain but her face does tell she has some discomfort and tries to cover up that she is in pain. He realizes it and apologize and slowly cares for her. This surprises her as everyone else in the center is rude towards them. He tries to bring the topic up and ask how & why she got hurt. She at first answered that someone punched her, thats how she got hurt. He just laughs at her joke which again surprises her as most people will be annoyed. When asked why, she came up with the story saying she felt like punching someone and thats how she got into the fight. He doesn't believe and ask for the real reason. She starts to be interested in his character as he keep surprising her. She doesn't answer his question but says that no matter what she say, he wont believe it. After that her time is up and have to go back. He actually knows the real reason as he was there at the scene but whats her to say it out and to spike up a conversation.
  119. Interactions- be as detailed as possible
  120. —Beginning: At first her walls are up and he tries his best to talk to her. He surprises her each time which peak her interest. She curiously wants to know what he is actually thinking and think he has some kind of intention. Because of her mental illness, she visits the infirmary often for her treatment in which she sees him often
  122. —Middle: He eventually manage to bring some of the walls down and make her feel comfortable which makes her mood swing less often. She is seen much more happier then she finds out that he was using her to know information. She avoids him and lashes out at him. Even giving him a punch, then her mood swings started to come back and she starts to wall up again. she then overhears him wanting out of the plan and accidentally bumps into him where He then confesses to her and let her know the real reason why.  
  124. —End: He convince her to stay so that they can be together and she hesitates. In the end she did not break out with the girls as there was not enough time and she use herself to distract the people so the girls can get out. The main reason was that she wants to get better and try to recover from her mental illnesses at the same time to be with her love interest.
  126. —Trivia: anything honestly about the two, kind of like couples trivia ex. how they act around each other ect. ect.  min 5
  127. + They both enjoy the same type of foods and when they care about each other they try to give their food to each other.
  128. + In the beginning, she is distant and moody towards him while he is caring towards her. At first he does it for the job but after getting to know her, he genuinely cares.
  129. + They sometimes bicker which other but all is for fun.
  130. + He enjoys teasing her just so he can see her being flustered and sometimes till the point of making her blush
  131. + He likes mario where else she like yoshi.
  132. + He sometimes finishes her sentence for her even though she hates it and it was exactly what she is thinking. She soon got used to it and sometimes expect him to finish it for her.
  135. —Scene requests:
  136. + A scene where is looks out of the window towards the sky and she talks to her mother as well as her sister then to Belle. She cries and asks for help, unsure what to do. She doesn't know what she should do next if the plan was a success and after fulfilling Belle's dream of stealing the diamond. She is unsure of what can she do and what is the meaning of life. Then her love interest who heard it all comes to try to talk to her where she pushes him away. He advises her and comforts her then leaves her hoping it will work. She then continues to cry and falls asleep but is glad that someone cares about her.
  138. + A scene where she finds out that he was using her, which makes her feel betrayed. He tries to explain that at first it was for the job but then he started to feel for her. She avoids him at all cost until one day she overheard him saying he doesnt want to be part of the plan anymore because he secretly want to protect her.
  142. —Scene requests II:
  143. + a internal fight within the girls which brings them closer after making up with each other
  145. —Anything else?: I'm not sure what songs to put down but here are some on what she is feeling at times.
  146. + Stand in the Rain - SuperChick
  147. + Safe and Sound - Taylor swift ft civil war
  148. + Paper cut - Zedd ft Troye Sivan
  149. + Evil has never - Union of Knives
  150. + Shattered - Trading yesterday
  151. + I'm not your Hero - Tegan and Sara
  152. + I was a fool - Tegan and Sara
  153. + 30 minutes - tatu
  154. + Dont stop the party - pitbull
  155. + Krazy - Pitbull ft Lil jon
  156. + Feel this moment - Pitbull ft Cristina
  157. + Monster - Paramore
  158. + Victorious - Panic at the disco
  159. + Live tonight - Nelly ft keri
  160. + we are golden - Mika
  161. + Alphabet boy - Melanie Martinez
  162. + Toy soldier - Martika
  163. + Shatter me - Lindsey sterling ft Lzzy hale
  164. + Bleed it out - Linkin park
  165. + come with me now - Kongos
  167. —A message to me:
  168. First i like to apologize, my lack of creative is the trouble and i can't come up with anything good. I'm really bad at coming up with scenes and interactions. I hope it is good enough though. I know it is a big request but is it possible can you please help me to come up with some of the interactions? I'm really sorry but i can't come up with some. For the songs, some are what she is feeling and some are her high-low moods, its just some rough idea what is going in her head.
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