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  1. D2NT SETUP:
  2. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. 1. Open this folder: Kuk Bot+D2NT\scripts\NTBot\char_configs.
  5. //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. 2. Write Your Character name on the title of the proper class script. ex: NTConfig_Paladin_noob1
  7. //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. 3. Open the file with notepad and edit the boss configuration
  9. the bot will ignore every line starting with this: //
  10. and skip to the next one. The bot is actualy set to run travincial, mephisto and chaos.
  11.  now scroll down and set everything that need to be set. there is instruction after each line.
  12. //-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. 4.For the pick it and every item you pick you choose the path for the pickit you setted, depending on what u need to pick up.
  14. i made 3 type of pickit, one called normal if you are very noob and probly playing in normal and u want ur bot make cash by pickit low
  15. item. another one called advanced for ppl playing in nightmare or even in hell if you still need a lot of stuff to be fully geared but u dont want shit.
  16. and the other is  extreme.. a setup for bored peoples who just want to level to 99 without pick up any shit but still make money by picking some magic item to sell it.
  18. -this will look like that in your char config file:
  19.         //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20.         // SnagIt configuration
  21.         // Select one group only (normal / advance / extreme)
  22.         //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23.         //NTConfig_NIPFilePath.push("normal/normal.nip");
  24.         //NTConfig_NIPFilePath.push("normal/magic_rare.nip");
  25.         //NTConfig_NIPFilePath.push("normal/set.nip");
  26.         //NTConfig_NIPFilePath.push("normal/unique.nip");
  27.         //NTConfig_NIPFilePath.push("normal/craft.nip");
  29.         //NTConfig_NIPFilePath.push("advance/normal.nip");
  30.         //NTConfig_NIPFilePath.push("advance/magic_rare.nip");
  31.         //NTConfig_NIPFilePath.push("advance/set.nip");
  32.         //NTConfig_NIPFilePath.push("advance/unique.nip");
  33.         //NTConfig_NIPFilePath.push("advance/craft.nip");
  35.         NTConfig_NIPFilePath.push("extreme/normal.nip");
  36.         NTConfig_NIPFilePath.push("extreme/magic_rare.nip");
  37.         //NTConfig_NIPFilePath.push("extreme/set.nip");
  38.         NTConfig_NIPFilePath.push("extreme/unique.nip");
  39.         NTConfig_NIPFilePath.push("extreme/craft.nip");
  41. like you should know now since i said it before: remove this: // before every line matching with the pickit file u need, or add one to ignore it.
  42. If you wanna more further and edit yourself the pickit file its easy :)
  44. there an example of line you could have in the pickit file:
  46. [Name] == ArchonPlate && [Class] >= exceptional && [Quality] == superior && [Flag] != ethereal # [Sockets] >= 3 && [EnhancedDefense] >= 15
  48. this symbol mean: != that is NOT equal to..
  49. this symbol mean: == equal to..
  50. this symbol mean: >= equal or more than..
  51. this symbol mean: <= equal or lower than..
  53. once you know that its easy, you can play with everything knowing that:
  55. [Name] is the name of the object (big surprise)
  56. [Quality] low, normal or superior
  57. [Class] normal, exceptional, elite
  58. [Type] this is the type of item like ring, amulet, shield, sword, axe e.t.c
  59. //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  60. 5.added an option where u can use teleport on left skill so u can use aura while u tele.
  61. (it's a bit laggy and slow)
  62. added the option to stop the bot when stash is full so it can prevent some realm down.
  63. Now for attack configuration open sdk folder and look up skills.txt
  64. There is the number of every skill in the game so just set up what u want in ur attack configuration.
  65. //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  66. 6. Run D2NT Manager 3.1.exe and setup a profile. if You're using MF Bot Entry point must be set to NTBot.ntj .
  67. If you are using the rush bot set it to NTRushBot.ntj (Bot will never join a game by itself)
  68. //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  69. 7. For the Rush bot its very important to know that u can stop the script with pause button
  70. on Your Keyboard. and Scroll the different boss with Pgup and Pgdwn buttons.
  71. //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  72. 6. Added some working good redvex hacks that is good for your bot: fast mod, auto party, and spam blocker
  74. -The fast mode allow you to raise your attack speed, block rate, run walk, hit recovery and cast rate. maximum is 255.
  75. -the auto party allow you to party everyone at the second they join the game, you can also accept ppl invite, and there also
  76. a message that the bot will say when it hostiled, and yo? can also chicken on hostile. If someone hostile you in a game while you
  77. this hack, he will be added to a black list the the bot will never send anymore party invitation to him.
  78. -And the spam blocker allow you to block 90% of in-game spam.
  80. edit the setting of these hack with the ini files: like fastmod.ini app.ini and hyspamblock.ini
  81. These hack are for d2nt only, its the same thing than kukbot to get it work.
  82. Once you got kukbot working, that mean you correctly locked your realm just set d2nt to use your redvex realm.
  83.  For any more information about these hacks go to
  85. These hacks are totaly wonderful, it allow to run with any char even if you have shit gear, you will have 255 fcr and attack speed
  86. //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  87. 7. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE FUCKING LEECH BOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  89. yea everyone have hard time setting this..
  91. -So before starting with the leech bot and say it dont work:
  93. STEP 1: -You should know how to use d2nt and run a single normal bot  baal, chaos meph or whatever.. (this is really the basic)
  94. if you dont know, look at my video named D2NT SUPERIOR..., its a tuto that will show you how to setup d2nt
  96. -So if you know this, your leader char config file is probly already set (if its not.. you should be able to do it after the vid),
  98. -You have AT LEAST 4x 16digit cd keys (this is really not enough unless ur runs are 5-6min each)
  99. i use 4 cdkey per bots to run 24/24 3minute runs average, if i go to 3cdkey each ill get realm down or ipban after 12 hour or less.
  100. Depend on ur internet provider, you can try restarting ur modem/router and it will give you a new ip, the realm down/ipban will be gone
  101. This will not work with every internet provider. if it dont work u need to call them to get a new ip
  103. -if you already have a problem with one of these steps, then you're not ready for setting a leech bot.
  105. STEP 2: NOW lets truly start to set this fucking leech bot.
  107. -The leader and the leecher must be in friend list each other,
  109. -When u write your leader'S account name in the d2nt mannager, make sure u dont enter any caps letters.
  111. -open NTBotLeech.ntj and enter the leader's account name exactly the same way u just did.
  113. -For your leech bot... in the d2nt mannager, you must set the entry point to NTBotLeech,ntj
  114. Thats all for the account and login setting,
  116. step 3: -Now set you leecher char config file. Set it to the leech script of your choice
  117. (you'll write leader's char name in this file later) go in the bottom of the page and set publicmode to false
  118. and partyonlyleader to true, and you will see 2 spaces where u must write the leader's CHARACTER name.
  119. These case are sensitive to caps letter. make sure to log your leader'S "in game name" and enter carefuly the capital letters
  120. (if you use leechfight, set your attack, pickit, pot, belt, e.t.c you should know this already its same things than normal bot).
  121. thats all you had to do in the Leecher's char config file.
  123. -Now go to the leech script you choose earlier in the char config file (its in the bots folder)
  124. enter the leader character's name in this file. And its case sensitive again so careful to caps letters.
  126. -So i repeat------> You set leader account name 1x in NTBotLeech.ntj..... you set leader char name 2x in the leecher's char config file
  127. and 1x in every leech script you choose.
  129. - now your leech bot should be set up.
  130. -Try the bot,
  131. If the leecher keep typing /fl in chat, or it say cantfind the leader... then u made a mistake in step 2
  132. If the leecher login the game but dont enter leader's portal and log out after like 30sec, u made a mistake in step 3
  133. if it work correctly, then just enjoy because you just probably saved your ass from the hardest fucking step.
  135. If the leecher is trying to join the leader's game by typing wrong words such as "in the game blablabla" go buy a rope
  136. to kill yourself because the hardest step is coming.
  138. THe "KILLING yourself" step 4:
  140. - to find and join the leader's game, the bot use friend list .
  141. so depending on the lenght of the leader name or the language of your diablo version, it might not work.
  142. you have to edit NTBotLeech.ntj
  143. when the bot read the chat it read the 2nd line of what appear when u type /f l so if the name of the leader is too long  
  144. or the language make word longuer that wont be the same word at start of the 2nd line
  145. and that's why it will fail to join game.
  147. find this line if your game is english:
  149. var regGameNameEnglish=/^\s*(the\s)?(game\s)?([\w\s-]*\w)\s\(private\)\.\s*$/gi;
  151. you can clearly notice the words: the game private, so if your name is long you might need to add the word "in"
  153. so it would look like that:
  156. var regGameNameEnglish=/^\s*(in\s)?(the\s)?(game\s)?([\w\s-]*\w)\s\(private\)\.\s*$/gi;
  158. You do the same thing if its french with the french line.
  159. If Your diablo version is else than french or english, then you will need to make the line with the proper words in your language
  160. using the words that appear when u type f/l in the chat.
  161. //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  162. 8. for your personal information, when u edit anything in the scripts, instead of shearching a word by yourse3lf over 200 line of text,
  163. just use ctrl+F in the notepad.
  164. //---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  167. If you are using windows 7 or vista you need to do this in order to get kukbot working.
  170. 1. Right click your "Diablo II.exe" (C:/Program Files/Diablo II) and go to properties.
  172. 2. Then go to your "Compatibility" tab in properties.
  174. 3. Check the box to "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)".
  176. 4. On the same tab, check the boxes "Disable Desktop Composition" and "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings". Also check the "Run this program as an administrator".
  178. 5. Next, do this exact same thing for your "Redvex.exe" and "D2nt Mannager.exe" icons (Main Bot Folder). And boom, your set to run with no problems ."
  182. Follow the following instructions steb by step.
  183. Skipping one step, or not doing them in order may result in error(s).
  185. 1. open Kuk-Bot-V4.ini
  186. 2. Setup the following values:
  188.    NoBo_HPADD= All extra % to life gained from items. EX: Enigma gives 5% ("Increase Maximum Life 5%")
  190.    NoBo_MPADD= All extra % to mana gained from items. EX: SOJ gives 25% ("Increase Maximum Mana 25%")
  192.    Energy_Plus= (All the + energy points that items give you. All stats count too. EX: Anni gives 10-20, shako gives 2...) Then multiply that number by 1.5 and round it off.
  194.    Vita_Plus= (All the + vitality points that items give you. All stats count too. EX: Anni gives 10-20, shako gives 2, HOZ gives 20...) Then multiply that number by 3.
  196.    UseJuvAtNoMana=1 ;(1= use juv when there is no mana pot available, 0= do not use juv when there is no mana potion available)
  198.    Base_Life= Your total life without BO
  199.    Base_Mana= Your total mana without BO
  201.    //Chickening, in 1/1000th, so its like in %'s but 10x
  202.    Heal_Mana_MP=200
  203.    Heal_Mana_RP=-1
  204.    Heal_Mana_InstaChicken=-1
  205.    Heal_Life_HP=900
  206.    Heal_Life_RP=750
  207.    Heal_Life_InstaChicken=525
  208.    Visit_Malah_Mana=925
  209.    Visit_Malah_Life=925
  211.    //For the following two, leave the default.
  212.    Heal_NormalPotion_Timewait=4000
  213.    Heal_RP_Timeout_Retry=500
  215.    //The following three are the target belt potion counts. MP = mana potion, HP = healing potion, RP = rejuvination potion. Bot only uses super HP/MP and Full rejuvination potions.
  216.    Target_HP_Count=4
  217.    Target_MP_Count=4
  218.    Target_RP_Count=8
  220.    //Put 0 if you want some special debugging, but it should be 1 for normal botting.
  221.    LogRestrict=1
  223.    //Set this to 0 if you don't want to have logs taking up HDD space. Only set this to 0 once your bot is working.
  224.    NoLogs=0
  226.    PrecastSkillHand=L  //L = left , R = right , anything else and it won't precast.
  227.    PrecastDelay=450    //FCR delay, 2000 for blizzard
  229.    KillBaal= (1=kill,0=don't kill)
  230.    BaalMessage= Any message.
  232.    Heal_Merc_HP= (% health below which a healing potion will be given to merc)
  233.    Heal_Merc_RP= (% health below which a rejuvination potion will be given to merc)
  234.    UseMerc= ( 1=use merc, 0=don't use merc)
  236.    TPSafeMSG= Any message (Which will be sent when the throne is clear, just before first wave), if you put zero there, no message will be written.
  238.    TPSafeMSGChaos= Same but for chaos TP.
  240.    NGMSG= Any message (Which will be sent at the end of the game), if you put zero there, no message will be written.
  242.    ChickenOnHostile= (0 = Don't chicken when hostiled, 1 = Chicken when hostiled (w/ message), 2 = Treat hostiled players as monsters - No chickening, 3 = Chicken when hostiled (w/o message) )
  244.    MinGoldPickup= ( Minimum amount of gold that you want the bot to pickup. 500 would mean that only gold piles with 500 or more gold will be picked up. )
  246.    TPCastType= (0 = Don't cast TP, 1 = Always cast TP, 2 = Automatic TP cast -> Note that for nihlathak you NEED to have TP book regardless of these settings.)
  248.    RepairRuns= ( Bot will repair every number of runs set here , up to 20 should be ok.
  250.    StopAtDeath= ( 0 = Don't stop the bot - pickup body in ng, 1 = Stop bot when it dies, 2 = Stay in game when dead and stop bot )
  252.    ChaosRunType= 1=Rush seals. 2=Start at star. 3=Start at entrance.
  254.    InitTimeSleep= ( Delay in milliseconds that the bot waits before moving after entering game. )
  256.    EnterParty= ( Set to 0 not to enter party and to 1 to party others )
  258.    ChaosRunType=3  //1=Rush seals. 2=Start at star. 3=Start at entrance.
  260.    // For chaos runs:
  261.    CleanType=2  //1=Kill monsters closest to player ( Yourself ), 2=Kill monsters closest to the TP cast spot ( Ignored when rushing seals only )
  263.    CastTPSealRushing=0  //1=cast TP when rushing seals, 0=don't cast TP when rushing seals. TPCastType settings affect it.
  265.    DoTravincal= ( 1 = run travincal , 0 = skip it )
  267.    KillMeph= ( 1 = kill meph , 0 = skip meph )
  269.    SkipChaos= ( 1 = skip chaos , 0 = run chaos )
  271.    KillNihlathak= ( 1 = kill nihlathak , 0 = skip nihlathak )
  273.    ContBaal= ( 1 = run baal , 0 = skip baal run )
  275.    FCRDelay=450 ( Just leave at default unless you know what you are doing or you got someone to help you get better value )
  277.    SPCLTOTALGAMEDELAY= ( maximum length of the game before bot leaves, in milliseconds )
  279. 3. Save the file (Kuk-Bot-V4.ini).
  280. 4. Character requirements and settings:
  282.    Hammer paladin is default.
  283.      A. Skills REQUIRED (Used by bot) are: 1. Blessed hammer, 2. Vigor, 3. Teleport, 4. Concentration, 5. Holy shield
  284.      B. TP book is required ( in inventory )
  285.      C. CTA is required by default but can be disabled.
  286.        I. On the CTA switch, the LEFT hand skill MUST be "Attack".
  287.        II. On the non-CTA switch, the LEFT hand skill MUST be "Blessed Hammer".
  288.    You must have the worldstone keep level 2 waypoint, and you must start out in ACT5!
  289.    You must be alive (no body on ground).
  291. 5. Open _Database folder, and open INV_LOCK.txt from it.
  292. 6. Set the INV_LOCK.txt the way you want. 1=don't stash that inventory slot ( You have items there ), 0=stash that inventory slot ( Empty slot ).
  294. 7. Go back to Bot folder.
  295. 8. Run RedVex.exe (Run it as administrator)
  296. 9. Press CTRL+R , Realms window should appear, Choose a realm you dont use between east, west, asia or europe
  297.    Name = dont change the name of the realm
  298.    Address = localhost
  299.    Offset = 0
  301.    Press Add, then press OK
  302. 10. Press CTRL+S
  303. 11. Run D2, and don't log in
  304. 12. Go to RealmLock folder and run the realm lock file and lock the realms with it. You can use it to unlock the realm settings so you and D2 can edit it again.
  305. 13.Close D2.
  306. 14. Run _[D2NT Manager 3.1]_.exe and setup a profile. Entry point must be set to kukbotstarter.ntj
  307. 15. If you have more than one cd key, go download serby's key changer and make mpq files of all your cd keys. Put them in you diablo folder.
  310. To setup the bot for other character classes you need to modify ATK.ini and _Database\CharSEQ.ini based on your characters skills.
  311. Check the forums or email me for help setting up other character classes.
  314. If you die, you have to set the wasdeadstatus in Kuk_Bot.ini to 0.
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