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  1. • maybe it’s the actual birthplace of humanity, as recent excavations were carried out in [INSERT HERE], yielding fossils containing bone fragments & a skull, which have been carbon-dated to around 5 million years ago, which would precede that of Homo habilis fossils found in a Tanzanian gorge, estimated to be nearly 2 million years old
  2. early history
  3. • people moved about in search of fertile places & stayed there; some decided to stay, while some stayed for a while & moved on to other lands. This type of nomadic lifestyle would turn out to not last very long, as said people began to gather in the settlements of those who had decided to stay – this phase has been dated to about 15,000 BC.
  4. • in the eastern & central areas of the country, the people  there tended to be farmers, who became partial to the many rolling hills and plains of that area; whereas in the western areas, the people there were usually hunter-gatherers
  6. traditional culture
  7. • cooperation with neighbours / family members to build houses & harvest farming lands
  8. • throughout the centuries, people in a settlement would generally work as one if a project needed multiple people to finish it, such as drawing out footpaths & constructing roads and bridges
  9. • communities as a whole would participate in events, ranging from entertainment to religious services – this still holds true up to this day in a number of rural areas
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