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The end is n-I mean, Mike re Interview of DO-greatness.

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  1. So Mike wanted I (the great and almighty Ender) to paste the 20Qs, along with picking out the questions he is going to answer, ALONG WITH forcing me to give him 5Qs of my own! Moouahahahaha!
  3. Anywho, this is Mike's second 20Qs, as this is the 20th 20Qs! Was it good? No!
  4. Was it bad? Of course!
  6. Uhh...
  7. Anyways, here, have these questions or something.
  10. I'm not good at explaining things....
  12. noop~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~doop
  14. ~:Community Questions:~
  16. Q1. So which Superpower is the best Mikey? Summoning pieces of bread to attack your foes every time you clapped, or summoning trash cans out of thin air!? [MusicalKitty]
  17. Mike: MATERIALIZING* trash cans out of thin air; offensively, they'd hurt more, 'cause heavier, and financially, I could actually sell those for extra cash. I can't say neither of these about bread [though, don't get me wrong, I like bread]."
  19. Q2. Oh gee, there's a cow in your bedroom, what Prototype user do you summon to help you remove it? [MusicalKitty]
  20. Mike: "Rhythm_BCA. He has a wife, a son, and the stamina to work in a staff position for no fewer than 2 sites. If he doesn't sound strong, who does?"
  22. Q3. Okay Mikey, we all are wondering this, so.... When will I [MusicalKitty] be interviewed?
  23. Mike: "You're in luck: there's only 4 people left that I have to pay back for the Mega Quiz: MegaBossMan, StupidStudiosN, Sylveon [who we'll probably never hear from again], and you. I don't wanna get your hopes up by passing off a precise date 'cause real life has a tendency to flip the finger at schedules, but, believe me when I tell you that your time is not far off."
  25. Q4. So, imagine that you have a piano that needs to be taken up a flight of stairs; what Prototype user do you call to help you out? [MegaBossMan]
  26. Mike: "See my answer to #2."
  28. Q5. So... How did you find out about MMRPG? [Meta]
  29. Mike: "You asked me precisely the same question during my 1st interview. See Q1 of it. xD"
  31. Q6. Have you read the Hunger Games books? If so DO NOT SPOIL MOCKINGJAY OR THE 2ND HALF OF CATCHING FIRE FOR ME MIKEY I WILL LITERALLY DESTROY YOU!!!!!!! [MusicalKitty]
  32. Mike: "Not a book guy in the least. In fact, I mentioned that as the answer to Q7 of my 1st interview, along with a whole backstory of my learning history, pretty much. Go read it."
  34. Q7. What is your opinion on the reveal of a Megabound Season 2 being a thing, is it more "Yay finally Season Two!" or "I'm Mikey and I'm a grump and this Megabound thing shouldn't be considered the cat's pajamas! Back in my day, all we has was Chaos_Fantazy's Fanfic! You know, Starforce needs to be removed, they are making the Prototype a disaster!" [MusicalKitty]
  35. Mike: "Me, personally, Music, It's a 'I just hope Music takes the time to make sure that it's better proofread so that I *CAN* properly enjoy it, this time'. Season 1 was definitely enjoyable, but, the lack of attention to spelling, grammatical and punctuational consistency made it VERY hard to read for me, and as a result, I've read the entirety of Season 1 only once. The old saying is true, my young friend: 'Quality is better than quantity'.
  36. Oh, and get a Pastebin account so that you can properly edit chapters? Please?"
  38. Q8. So, you know any other guys named Mike? [MegaBossMan]
  39. Mike: "Not anymore. The high school I went to actually had another boy my age [15, 16, 17] that had the same 1st and last name that I do. Me and my mom found this out the hard way once when I got HIS report card by mistake, one day--D's and F's all over it. I frantically looked at it from top to bottom for 20 whole minutes before I noticed that the middle initial that was supposed to be a 'W' was actually a 'P'. Oy. Just in time, too; My mom was about to explode all over me. x)"
  41. Q9. Hey Mikey, are you still "That Guy" that everyone likes here at the prototype? [ZeroDXZ]
  42. *A note from Ender: This is wrong and Zero is wrong for thinking this* *note from future Ender editing this: kkekekekekeke*
  43. Mike: "Calm down, End. I got this. :P
  44. DXZ, I know I'm not the guy that everyone here likes. Some people here DON'T like me, but, just respect me; I know this for a fact. I've NEVER been that guy. I'm just that one guy on Prototype named Mikey. That's literally all the name meant when I originally thought of it. Nothing more or less than that. Sorry to disappoint."
  46. Q10. Mikey,..how do you feel about this stupid update? [ZeroDXZ]
  47. Mike: "Needless to say, I'm not a fan, either. Star Force mechanics to the side ['cause it's obvious I don't like those], I was under the impression that we were supposed to be doing away with Player Battles altogether in favor of a custom mission mode, yet Player Battles are still here, despite how much people like myself and Tails--just to name 2 people--dislike them. I'd honestly rather have nothing to replace them with than to have Player Battles at all; they're now endless ATM's to abuse to your heart's content whenever you've completed a Doctor's storyline.
  48. The throwing items mechanic really reminds me of Pokemon [that wasn't a compliment--I don't like the main game series], and it allows for a complete breaking of a very important mechanic: utilization only of attacks that are either Neutral-type or--in part or in whole--the same type as the user.
  49. Critical hits are also STILL a thing. I don't think anything more needs to be said about that besides "they need to go".
  50. Finally, there's STILL no MM5 bots that are playable. Not one.
  51. So, yeah, I'm not a fan."
  53. Q11. Mikey, ever play Undertale? if so who's your favorite character? [ZeroDXZ]
  54. Mike: No, I haven't, and to be honest, I've never looked at a preview or trailer or YT vid on it, either. I tend to shy away from the games that EVERYONE likes, such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty and Final Fantasy, and World Of Warcraft, as well as any games like them, really, 'cause more often than not, it's something I end up disliking or hating a lot. There's a FEW exceptions, like Kingdom Hearts, New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Smash Bros. Melee [and Brawl, for that matter], but, all in all, I've always been more of a fan of underrated stuff like Mega Man 8, the 1st 3 Paper Mario games, The 2 Custom Robo games and the Mega Man Star Force series."
  56. Q12. Alright Mike, you've been doing this interview thing for a heck of a long time now, overall thoughts? [MegaBossMan]
  57. Mike: "Well, I know *I* enjoy doing it, and, I know that some people still do, too. That's originally why I handed 1/2 of each interview to the people; so that they could enjoy having their suggestions answered. I'm always willing to keep 20 Q's going for as long as people want it."
  59. Q13. What do you think looking back on your Community events in general? Err, not General, but in--yougetwhatImean.... [MegaBossMan]
  60. Mike: "I getcha. You mean stuff like the 2 PMMCT's and the Mega Quiz. Looking back, I so wish I didn't do that Mega Quiz. I flubbed it up so bad despite having 1.5 months of preparation, and there was no excuse for it. If I had known then what I know now, I'd have told myself, "NO. DON'T. TRUST ME ON THIS". If I ever decide to do another quiz, I'm so making sure it'll be much better planned out. Oh, and shorter. MUCH shorter.
  61. The 2 PMMCT's, on the other hand, are 2 of my better ideas. With a 3rd one coming in August, and some pretty good ideas for it, I have a feeling that it'll be my biggest event ever---besides Prototype Armageddon, of course."
  63. Q14. So before you were ThatGuy, why Mikey76500? [MusicalKitty]
  64. Mike: "That stems from waaaaaaay back when I was 13yo, trying to make an email address for the 1st time. I wanted to use the name, 'Michael765', but, that was taken, and so was 'Michael7650', and so was 'Michael76500', so, I decided to try using a different name; people call me Mike and Mikey all the time back then, as people do, now, so, I decided to try Mikey out. Predicting that 'Mikey765' and 'Mikey7650' would be taken, I decided to go straight to 'Mikey76500'. It was available, and I've been using it as my main name ever since. There's not really any meaning to it, either; 'Mikey' is my nickname, '7', '6' and '5' are my 3 favorite numbers, in that order. '00' had no meaning whatsoever other than just being there when I first thought of the name. Come to think of it, it barely has any meaning, now. :P"
  66. Q15. Since you dont like the Mobile Market... Have you ever played a Mobile game that you thought was decent? (If you play mobile games)? [Meta]
  67. Mike: "No [and I don't]. I don't have a tablet [and I don't plan on ever having one], and my $35 cell phone is a flip phone. If I wanna play video games on a small screen, that's why I have a Nintendo DS. I'm never gonna wanna play computer games on a small screen, nor do I think it's a brilliant way to play games MADE for play at an actual computer--smartphones and tablets will NEVER be as good at being computers as ACTUAL computers."
  69. ~:Ender's amazing horrible colorful chocolate flaming questions of doom:~
  71. Q16: Now that Megabound season 2 is out, thoughts? (Musical did not pay me ask you this, trust me.)
  72. Mike: Good start so far. SOMEONE is finally learning how proofreading works, and the story is much better to read because of it. Fingers crossed--hope Music doesn't slip up TOO badly. :P
  74. Q17. Why did you make the Mega Quiz in the first place?
  75. Mike: I'd done something almost like it waaaaay back on another BBS back in 2009 [it's inactive, now]. I did it using actual BBS posts though, so everyone was just copying off of each other as a result. there was actually a 4-way tie for 1st place for the first 32 Questions; it only broke when 2 of them failed to show for Q33. I remembered this when Boss and Tails were brainstorming for new forum games to bring peole back to Prototype back during that looooong period in the 2nd half of 2015 where we saw no Adrian, worrying our butts off [OK, *I* was worrying my butt off] about his "situation", and hoping it wasn't TOO bad.
  76. I thought the new additions, ideas and changes I put into place would be a good fit. All that was needed to do was create the questions themselves. Decided to give myself 45 days to come up with all 50 Questions--did it in 40. With all the creativity and thought and planning that went into it, there's STILL plenty of more factors that you have to account for when doing a live quiz that covers no fewer than 70 different Mega Man games.
  77. I messed up way more than I should've, and I'm still haunted by how badly it went. If I do another Quiz, ever again? It's shorter. WAY shorter. Learned my lesson, there.
  79. Q18. Why have you always been such a narcissist?
  80. Mike: "Because if there's one thing that life has taught me, it's that it's full of disappointments, letdowns and negatives. Way more than positives. Trying to stay up and positive and hopeful about 98% of the people and things I encounter on a daily basis is impossible given how a lot of things and people in this world are always full of disappointment and letdown [See the new Powerpuff Girls cartoon]. I always prepare for the worst before I *EVER* expect the best, and that goes for everything and everyone I meet, both in RL, and over the internet. Why? 'cause life sucks.
  81. That's it in a nutshell, really. I'm an eternal narcissist because life sucks. Hard. REALLY hard.
  83. Q19. Why do you not like Super Mario Bros 2?
  84. Mike: "Oh, but, I do." You see, there's 2 different--but, both official--'Super Mario Bros. 2''s out there.
  85. The original 1986 japanese version [which btw, has graphics pretty much identical to the original SMB] is EXCELLENT. Easily the hardest official Mario game that a person can ever play, with jumps that are insanely difficult, Items that hurt/kill you, new enemy types, extremely dangerous enemy placements [especially in the endgame], jumps that involve wind gusts, and Warps that actually send you BACKWARDS. It is, all told, the greatest test of the skills of a person who has spent their life playing Mario platformers, and if you love a challenge--a TRUE, unadulterated, hardcore challenge--you will NOT be disappointed with it.
  86. The SMB 2 that YOU ask about, however, is the 1988 american version. Ugh. It's not that I don't like it, it's that I HATE IT. It's lazy. It's the gold standard in lazy game design. SMB 2 US, wasn't originally a Mario game at all. It's basically a rebranding of a Japan-only NES game called Doki Doki Panic. That's literally it. There's actually characters in SMB 2 US that are ALSO in Doki Doki Panic, too, so, it's LITERALLY just a lazy redesign, and you can tell; save for the last 2 levels in the game, SMB2 is easy as crap. There's also less levels [20 to SMB's 32], music that isn't as good [save for the underground theme] and, worst of all, IT'S ALL A FREAKING DR--wait, that's spoilers.
  87. Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, SMB 2 US is invalid. SMB 2 Japan is the real one."
  89. Q20. "I love starforce, its the best thing about MMRPG! I don't see anything wrong with it at all! PS That Mike guy is a weirdo! Why does he not like it so much? D:"
  90. Mike: Star Force? Mega Man Star Force isn't in Prototype. Bad Question. x)
  92. ....*siiiigh*....
  95. ...Anyways, thanks to Meta, MegaBossMan, and ZeroDXZ for the community questions (and TobyJoey, who's questions didn't get in for being late), and Mike....FOR BEING A IDIOT
  107. *finds a copy of Mega Man starforce 2*
  114. *finds a MM8 disc*  
  116. .....And that is how you end the 20th 20Qs....
  118. *attaches MM8 and starforce 2 on to a firework*
  119. ...with a bang.
  121. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZJq3wtype0
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