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  1. Game 1
  2. Pre-Game
  3. DeadlyFamous: Sup bois
  4. In-Game
  5. DeadlyFamous: fml
  6. DeadlyFamous: ty
  7. DeadlyFamous: welp
  8. DeadlyFamous: u shouldnt of came back
  9. DeadlyFamous: fucking karthus
  10. DeadlyFamous: just a bad start we still got this
  11. DeadlyFamous: tilted rammus
  12. DeadlyFamous: x40
  13. DeadlyFamous: ik
  14. DeadlyFamous: why
  15. DeadlyFamous: play it out
  16. DeadlyFamous: welp
  17. DeadlyFamous: thats what I get for tpying
  18. DeadlyFamous: typing
  19. DeadlyFamous: if u wanna give up go ahead, I wont, I cant./
  20. DeadlyFamous: bc
  21. DeadlyFamous: we wont win it
  22. DeadlyFamous: WHAT
  23. DeadlyFamous: WHAT
  24. DeadlyFamous: WHAT
  25. DeadlyFamous: NO
  26. DeadlyFamous: report viktor
  27. DeadlyFamous: trolling
  28. DeadlyFamous: couldnt
  29. DeadlyFamous: if u didnt see
  30. DeadlyFamous: my Q was going up anyways
  31. DeadlyFamous: nope
  32. DeadlyFamous: hes complained all game
  33. DeadlyFamous: "lane is done" "no ganks" against a zed
  34. DeadlyFamous: let riot look at chat
  35. DeadlyFamous: u forgot, summoner code 4: Support your team. Just play man
  36. DeadlyFamous: sure we can lose, but lose by fighting
  37. DeadlyFamous: yes morgana.
  38. DeadlyFamous: :)
  39. DeadlyFamous: stay postivie, play the game
  40. DeadlyFamous: we can still win
  41. DeadlyFamous: but not if everoyne gives up
  42. DeadlyFamous: im gonna mute, and hope everyone just plays. :) Gl
  43. DeadlyFamous: let the best team win
  44. DeadlyFamous: who
  45. DeadlyFamous: I said yes
  46. DeadlyFamous: almost 1v3
  47. DeadlyFamous: no
  48. DeadlyFamous: hoenstly thought I could 1v3 haha
  49. DeadlyFamous: almost
  50. DeadlyFamous: Viktor, I encourage you to report me please. If I have been toxic, please report. Thank you.
  51. DeadlyFamous: Hey morg, thanks for at least being amazing player! Im glad you won! u deserve it. I bet you was very positive! remember the summoner codes!
  52. DeadlyFamous: do u guys want surrender vote or no
  53. DeadlyFamous: didnt mean to do that in all chat
  54. DeadlyFamous: yes or no
  55. DeadlyFamous: ill play if u want
  56. DeadlyFamous: if not then whatever
  57. DeadlyFamous: mmk
  58. DeadlyFamous: play next game
  59. DeadlyFamous: gg!
  60. Post-Game
  61. DeadlyFamous: GG, thanks for the amazing game, I didnt do so well early but it happens.
  62. DeadlyFamous: Viktor I encourage you to please report me if I was ever toxic, and if I somehow offended you I am sorry.
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