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  1. Manu's bedwars' strategy:
  2. This guide is possible in 4v4v4v4
  3. There are 4 roles:
  4. #1 Builder
  5. #2 Diamond Collector + Builder helper
  6. #3 Emerald Collector
  7. #4 Emerald Collector
  8. ===================
  9. First role "Builder"
  10. has to store at the beginning irons,and gold
  11.  his mission is to cover the bed as fast as possible by using 4 layers ,
  12.  the first should be "END STONE" this is breakable only by using a pickaxe;
  13.  second layer should be made in wood; [COSTS 4 GOLD - 16 pieces ]
  14.  third layer should be made in glass , glass is blast-proof [COSTS 12 IRON - 4 pieces ]
  15.  fourth layer should be made in wool [COSTS 4 IRON - 16 pieces ]
  16. After doing this he can help whoever he wants.
  17. ===============================================
  18. Second role "Diamond collector + Builder helper"
  19. Has to collect as many diamonds has he can, and make upgrades such as "Sharpned Swords" which gives permanent sharp 1 [COSTS 8 diamonds] then protection upgrade that cost 5-Protection 1 then 10-Protection 2 then 20-Protection 3 then 30-Protection 4
  20. He has also to help builder in his mission , and help if someone attacks.
  21. ==========================================================================
  22. Third and fourth roles are the same
  23. They must collect 12 emeralds a person for a total of 24 emeralds, by starting they stay in base and make atleast a Stone sword , and chain armor or iron one , then they go in middle map and start doing pvp while collecting emeralds , when they took 24 they return and give 6 per player so they can buy diamond armor.
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