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Aug 20th, 2019
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  1. Aug 19 at 6:23pm
  3. Basemental Drugs
  4. Yay! The first proper Drugs update since my paternity leave ended. It feels great to be back at it again in full force. And it's a sweet one! Before we get to the changelog stuff, I just wanted to take the time to let you all know that I truly appreciate your support, and to let you know that I am sorry that the updates have been lacking of late, that is subject to change back into normal again now, though. Love each and every single one of you!
  6. -Basemental
  10. Changelog
  12. Tobacco
  14. Added tobacco to the mod
  15. Different animations for males/females
  16. Cigarette pack with 20 cigarettes
  17. Cigar pack with 20 cigars
  18. Purchasable from vendor stalls
  19. Purchasable from tobacco dispenser
  20. Added settings to set smokers/non-smokers
  21. Unpleasant buff the first time Sims smoke
  22. Second hand smoke buff for non-smokers
  23. Added addiction
  24. Added addiction remove/add to console cheats
  25. Bunch of new unique buff icons
  26. Other
  28. Added exception logging for injections
  29. Added version log file
  30. Tidied up a bunch of script stuff
  31. How it works
  33. Tobacco
  35. This must be one of the most requested features ever, so I am pleased to finally have an in-development version ready for you. A bunch of you have been aware for a while that I have been taking over necrodog's smoking mod, and this is the first version of the "takeover". (Boy, that sounded like I took it over against his will, which certainly isn't the case"). I am not done with building upon this, and will be working on adding more to it this upcoming week. In any event, let's get right to how it works.
  37. Purchase Tobacco
  39. There are several ways you can go about acquiring some smokes. I'll just list them:
  41. 1. Buy/Build mode. Search for cigar or cigarette and you'll find the Cigarette or Cigar Pack.
  43. 2. Tobacco Dispenser. Find that in Buy/Build mode and place it on a community lot. Interact with it to buy cigarette or cigar packs.
  45. 3. Stalls. The grocery stall in San Myshuno, or all the various festival stalls sell tobacco.
  47. Use Tobacco
  49. Simply click on the cigar or cigarette pack and smoke. The cigarette pack comes with 20 cigarettes, and will disappear once you've smoked all of them, whereas the cigar pack comes with 10 cigars. The animations differ from female and male smokers, and there are new animations for both standing and sitting for both genders (courtesy of mike24).
  51. The first time your Sim smokes will not be a pleasant experience, but once your Sim has smoked for the first time, this will enable him/her to autonomously smoke if there are any cigarettes or cigars nearby.
  53. Effects
  55. Even though the first time might be unpleasant, once your Sims gets hooked on this stuff, they will be graced by some happy emotions. They can get a stronger happy moodlet if they smoke more, these moodlets are quite shortlived however, and nicotine is highly addictive.
  57. If your Sim has recently smoked and find themselves in the proximity of other Sims, they might get a Secondhand Smoke buff that makes them feel uncomfortable (unless they themselves are addicted to nicotine, or clubbers.. those clubbers don't give a damn).
  59. Assign Smokers
  61. To assign a bunch of smokers to your game world. Click on any Sim, then go to the Drugs menu, Settings, and "Assign Smokers". Once you assign a smoker they will be able to smoke autonomously (note: Autonomous Drug Use must also be enabled for them to do so), and they will get one pack of smokes in their inventory.
  63. To remove smokers from your game world, go to the same settings menu and select "Remove Smokers".
  65. Addiction
  67. Nicotine is highly addictive, and once your Sim gets hooked on it, he or she will crave it. Much like other addictions with this mod. However, there is no rehab for smokers, so they have to cold turkey it (or use cheats, but you aren't a cheater, are you?)
  70. Installation Instructions
  72. Delete all the old Basemental Drugs files from your Mods folder.
  73. Download this Basemental Drugs zip file.
  74. Unzip this Basemental Drugs zip file.
  75. Place the unzipped files in your Mods folder
  76. Remember to delete your localthumbcache.package
  77. Stuff not showing up properly? - place the files directly in your Mods folder.
  78. Any other issues, get in touch at my Discord Server
  79. Enjoy the drugs
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