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  2. - Egyptian people rally in support for Gaza and say they want to storm in and act as human shields. Russia says they will back Egypt in whatever they do.
  3. - Gaza's hospitals are completely exhausted, Egypt has opened borders and if offering 24/7 hospital treatment to all Palestinians
  4. - Israel has done 600 raids, Gaza fired over 700 rockets back
  5. - Iraq proposed all muslim countries embargo oil from the US and Israel
  6. - Al-Hezbollah, an Islamic group, has called for a jihad against Israel and warned them to expect surprisingly strong retaliation.
  7. - Israeli media has told iranian citizens to prepare for a 7 week war
  8. - Hamas unveiled a new rocket called the m75, capable of hitting Tel-Aviv
  9. - Iran has removed fuel from one of their reactions, prompting concerns over possible weapons
  10. - The resistance shot down an Israeli F-16, confirmed by press TV
  11. - Government has given the greenlight for full land invasion
  12. - UN meeting soon
  13. - Arab council meeting soon
  14. - Iran president meeting with Palestinian leaders soon
  15. - NATO members meeting soon
  16. - 3 Israeli Soldiers/Pilots taken hostage
  17. - Netanyahu prepares 75.000 soldiers for ground Invasion, confirmed
  18. - Protests in Tel Aviv protesting for an end of the war
  19. - Witnesses saying israeli bulldozers/tanks getting closer
  20. - Major government buildings destroyed in Gaza
  21. - EU will discuss the situation on Monday
  22. - Gaza hospitals full and out of supplies
  23. - 39 dead, 400 injured Palestinian civilians confirmed
  24. - Government of Ireland demanding Israel to stop the attacks
  25. - Liberals flipping their shit all over the world
  26. - Al Qassam started operation #ShaleStones
  27. - Harry is confirmed to be immortal and demonic
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