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  1. <color=#00ff00ff><b><size=30><align="center"> [LF]</color><color=#008000ff> Lime Facility </align></size=40></b></color>
  2. Lime Facility ~ Newly Work In Progress Server
  3. <color=#00ffffff><size=15><align="center"> We'd appreciate it if you could join our discord <link="</color></size></link>
  4. <color=##ffa500ff>~ Rules ~
  5. Follow all instructions given by staff.
  6. Do not disrespect anyone within the server.
  7. Racism is not tolerated within the server.
  8. Cheating or hacking will result in a ban from the server and also possibly reported.
  9. Try not to spoil other users fun.
  10. More rules are being added~! Please checkout discord for more.
  11. Have fun~! </color>
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