aftsdm2 map picks

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  1. MAP             KEEP?               INFO
  3. AFTS02          YES                 best aftsdom map imo, would convert to dm easy enough
  4. AFTS03          MAYBE               not super interesting but maybe if a bfg were in the middle and with more ways into\out the middle
  5. AFTS04          YES                 75's map could convert easy
  6. AFTS05          NO                  too sprawling, not interesting
  7. AFTS06          MAYBE               basic stuff but could be tweaked and prettied up
  8. AFTS07          MAYBE               machine idea is cool but map is too big, maybe just take that idea and do a new map
  9. AFTS08          NO                  too big, unless you want to convert it for LMS and have LMS maps in this too
  10. AFTS09          YES                 longer sentence ,/,,/
  11. AFTS10          NO                  nothing special
  12. AFTS11          YES                 luca's first map, very cool
  13. AFTS12          NO                  garbage, maybe i'll reuse the spaceship idea
  14. AFTS13          NO                  nothing special
  15. AFTS14          NO                  boring arena for dm
  16. dm01luca        YES                 if we get permission this would be cool to have
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