Zenkai 1

ChaoticSaiyan Aug 14th, 2019 81 Never
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  1. Key: Gah345
  2. Character : Sharrot Valerian
  3. Skill(or Transformation) : Zenkai Ascension 1
  4. How well do you know the source material?(obviously not relevant if it's a transformation): Very well.
  5. Reasoning: At the King of the Iron Wolf Tournament, Sharrot was defeated by Miriam Sturnst and her bloodthirsty sword, leaving him riddled with many wounds. Afterwards, without time to recuperate, he was attacked seriously by both of his brothers in an all-out free-for-all. He fought hard despite his injuries, but in the end he was taken down and left critically wounded by his own brother's hand, suffering from several different types of trauma. Knocking on death's door, perhaps unintentionally, he was taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment.
  6. What is the moment : Aftermath of the King of the Iron Wolf Tournament
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