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Do not trust ninjashogun.

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Oct 27th, 2014
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  1. Claims to be a business-person, will talk in depth about business/VCs/investing/building relationships, but will not identify himself. However, he feels it is okay to ask me who I am:
  3. 19:12:28 < ninjashogun> does anyone here know you?
  4. 19:13:05 < ninjashogun> have yu skyped with any of htem, or met them in person or anything like that
  5. 19:23:38 < ninjashogun> jason, so how come you're on here if nobody actually knows you
  7. ......
  9. 19:54:01 <@Jason> ratings should be based off of actual performance
  10. 19:54:04 < ninjashogun> but I think I can be part of the community by building relationships.
  11. 19:54:07 < ninjashogun> I mean again think of VC's.
  12. 19:54:19 < ninjashogun> they never write checks for a few hundred dollars or something
  13. 19:54:32 < ninjashogun> the first time a founder gets a check (wire transfer) from an investor, it will be for $200K-$600K
  14. 19:54:44 < ninjashogun> (recently, as high as seven figures, but that's very rare historically for a 'seed' round)
  15. 19:54:55 < ninjashogun> that means until that very moment the only thing they have is long-term relationshiip-building, updates, due dilligence, etc.
  18. 19:54:56 <@Jason> what's your name?
  20. All of a sudden, he accuses me of being a scammer for asking for his name. If he were really interested in building trust through relationships, he should expect this question.
  22. 19:55:06 < ninjashogun> Jason, I am not going to tell you anything and would ask others not to as well.
  23. 19:55:23 < ninjashogun> i am going to drop the subject of you thinking that the rihgt thing for oyu to do is to scam.
  24. 19:55:33 < ninjashogun> but you have to stop talking to me. sorry.
  25. 19:55:39 < ninjashogun> I would prefer for oyu to realize there are better uses of your time.
  26. 19:55:57 < ninjashogun> you're an intelligent, smart person. You could build a business instead. Something to make your mother proud of you.
  27. 19:56:07 <@Jason> i thought you were going to stop talking?
  28. 19:56:12 < ninjashogun> fine.
  29. 19:56:38 < ninjashogun> But don't talk to me or about me please and I will return the favor. You are not getting a rating from me :)
  30. 19:56:45 <@Jason> i wish i could say the same
  32. Sends me a private message immediately:
  34. ~User@unaffiliated/ninjashogun (freenode)
  36. 19:57:08 -!- Irssi: Starting query in freenode with ninjashogun
  37. 19:57:08 <ninjashogun> please don't be mad
  39. I ignore him:
  41. 19:57:16 -!- Mode change [+g] for user Jason
  42. 19:57:16 -!- ninjashogun ~User@unaffiliated/ninjashogun is messaging you, and you have umode +g.
  45. Begs for ratings:
  47. irclogs/2014/freenode/#channelname.10-27.log:19:25:33 < ninjashogun> dignork will you rate me on wot
  48. irclogs/2014/freenode/#channelname.10-27.log:19:25:54 < ninjashogun> i'm sick of these troll ratings. it's so bad I can't add my own ratings any more (not alloewd). Meanwhile I use the WoT just fine
  49. irclogs/2014/freenode/#channelname.10-27.log:19:27:00 < ninjashogun> would you please rate me so I can do it :)
  50. irclogs/2014/freenode/#channelname.10-27.log:19:37:53 < ninjashogun> I literally have ratings like "us government agent."
  51. irclogs/2014/freenode/#channelname.10-27.log:19:42:12 < ninjashogun> anyway, a "1" form anyone glancing through the ratings certainly helps.
  52. irclogs/2014/freenode/#channelname.10-27.log:20:07:16 < ninjashogun> anyway about the 1 ratings. . . :)
  53. irclogs/2014/freenode/#channelname.10-27.log:20:10:14 <@HoMM> you don't trade, you don't need to use the WoT
  54. irclogs/2014/freenode/#channelname.10-27.log:20:10:20 < ninjashogun> final request. you're here talking with me, I've been open with you (check logs, incl with the fndr alias), etc.
  55. irclogs/2014/freenode/#channelname.10-27.log:20:10:30 < ninjashogun> I do trade though. I've had two deals that I ultimately didn't end up using.
  56. irclogs/2014/freenode/#channelname.10-27.log:20:11:26 < ninjashogun> luke-jr for one and the other one I would prefer not to mention, as I believe he was not genuine with his source of money etc.
  57. irclogs/2014/freenode/#channelname.10-27.log:20:11:54 < ninjashogun> I'm not here to be on a witch hunt. which is why positive ratings are all the more meaningful (when I'm able to make them.)
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