The Rise of the Shield Hero - Chapter 271: King

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  1. "Hey if it isn't father-in-law. Should I wash your back?"
  2. "It's fine. Rather, it's already been washed."
  4. ...Motoyasu came over.
  5. There is the reason why Firo fled.
  6. Together with him are his three companions. Behind them, Ren is also there.
  8. Are you coming in the bath with that Motoyasu...?
  9. If it were me I'd come up with some reason and enter at a different time.
  11. Huh? The women's bath became noisy.
  13. "Kyua!"
  15. Even Gaelion came over.
  16. Did Ren bring him along?
  17. Which means, Taniko and Female Knight should be in the women's bath as well.
  18. Gaelion came flying over here, then soaked on the bath.
  20. "Among you three, two are female right? Go to the women's bath." [He's talking about Motoyasu 3 companions, the Filo Rials]
  21. "What's with that! Are you trying to separate me from Mokkun!?"
  22. "That's right, no mater what you say, I'll aaalways be with Moーchan!"
  24. The red one declared that while looking agitated, the blue one agreed.
  25. Right now they're in human form.
  26. Looking it over again, though their colors and hairdos are different from Firo, their physiques are similar.
  28. "Even though you're that female's owner, don't push it!" [red one]
  30. For some reason, with a strong-willed expression she raises a shrill voice.
  31. Motoyasu to be liked with this type of strong desire to monopolize, is he releasing some kind of pheromones?
  32. To keep him company is a pain.
  34. "Father-in-law said it's no good. C'mon you two, go to the women's bath."
  35. "That's right. Kuー and Mamire are female so you're going to the women's bath."
  37. And like that, Midori ["the green one"] happily pushed the two other's backs and forcibly drove them away to the hedge.
  38. As I thought, she's a little black-hearted.
  39. However, it's better than the usual noisiness.
  40. Drive them away quickly.
  42. ""Buー!""
  44. As they leave behind the same complaint as Firo usually does, the two jump over the hedge.
  45. After that, a very happy-looking Midori took Motoyasu's arm and walked over here.
  47. "All riーght, I'm washing Midoriー"
  48. "Yes!"
  50. In an extremely good mood Midori was washed by Motoyasu.
  51. Ren was pleasantly watching that scene.
  53. "So Naofumi also came over." (Ren)
  54. "That's right. More importantly, the women's bath sure is noisy."
  55. "There were some who said they wanted to come along so I took them over."
  56. "So that was it after all."
  58. Over there is really a noisy state of affairs.
  59. "Kyaー" those kinds of screams like they're having fun can be heard.
  61. "This is a good water."
  62. "Indeed. How is the situation of the curse?"
  63. "I think it's probably getting better. Just a little but today I got some experience."
  64. "Oh really?"
  66. Me too, I'm confident that since I started entering the hot springs little-by-little I can see my Status Degradation getting cured more rapidly.
  67. Well then... taking a long bath is also good but, is it about time to get up?
  68. Thinking the same, Rishia and Itsuki get up from the spring.
  70. "Then, I'm leaving first. Recover yourself at ease."
  71. "Sure."
  73. It was by the time I was having such a conversation with Ren, I think.
  74. Motoyasu was walking along the hedge and started peeping.
  76. "Motoyasu-san. Stop this."
  77. "What are you saying, Midori. I must confirm Firo-tan's growth with my eyes no matter what. For instance, even if there's a lot of pigs there, enough to make me nauseous, I'm not afraid."
  79. Oh c'mon already... even if Motoyasu comes to the bath his broken state doesn't change?
  80. Something troublesome seems to be starting.
  81. This time, let me get up quickly.
  83. "What are you doing!"
  85. Ren took care of cautioning Motoyasu who started doing that.
  86. Previously, you were aiming for the "cool", lucky lecher act, weren't you?
  87. Judging by appearance, he cautioned him seriously, but.
  89. "Fue~..."
  91. To the Motoyasu trying to peek in right before her eyes, Rishia leaked out her voice.
  92. Indeed, trying to peek with a woman right next to you! That guy is a Hero.
  93. In a different sense.
  95. "Even though I was thinking of how much I want to see Firo-tan."
  96. "Indeed, you would think to want to see Firo-san, right?"
  98. Itsuki gets on board with Motoyasu's words.
  99. What's with that? Why are you getting on board.
  101. "Itsuki-sama! What are you saying?"
  102. "But you heard it how Firo-san has become pretty too, right? That's in that meaning, isn't it?" [the word here is kirei, which means both pretty and clean. Firo became "kirei" when Naofumi washed her in the previous chapter]
  104. Indeed, when I washed Firo she asked 'Is Firo pretty~?', is that what you're talking about?
  105. So you're still a little weird after all.
  107. "All right, then Itsuki, let's go peep in on the women's bath together!"
  108. "Understood."
  109. "Stop Itsuki!"
  110. "Please stop, Itsuki-sama!"
  111. "Understood."
  113. This routine sure is troublesome.
  114. Should I get up already?
  116. "Come on, Midori, become a foothold!"
  118. Now you're trying to make a foothold to peep in!?
  119. It's dislikable isn't it. Midori wanted to come in the bath with Motoyasu after all.
  121. "I don't want to."
  123. Just as one thought, it was rejected.
  125. "Nono, Midori, here you must follow my order."
  127. And so, Motoyaso took off the towel that was wrapping around Midori.
  128. Why did you take off the towel!?
  130. """!?"""
  132. Ren, Itsuki, Rishia all petrified in an instant.
  133. I was looking away as I was leaving so I didn't see it, what's up?
  135. "A... u... It, it's embarrassing."
  137. For the first time Midori went into his Filo Rial form in front of me.
  138. It's huge!
  139. Even bigger than Firo in her Filo Rial form.
  140. While in human form they don't differ much, even though among the 3 she's shortest, in Filo Rial form she's the tallest?
  141. Is it because he's male?
  142. No, in our Filo Rial barn there are other males but they're not this big.
  144. "Huge!" Ren
  145. "It's big." Itsuki
  146. "Fueeeeee..."
  148. Motoyasu jumped on the embarrassed Midori's back and tried peeking over the hedge.
  149. Certainly I also think he's big but... why are you all surprised that much?
  151. "Naofumi also saw it?" Ren
  152. "Saw what?"
  153. "You didn't see it!?"
  154. "Like I say, saw what?"
  155. "Before that one transformed, underneath the towel――"
  156. "Wa, Waaaaaaa!"
  158. Midori flails about and Motoyasu slips off, he sinks into the spring.
  159. Midori then shuts up Ren's mouth.
  161. "Truly a King!"
  163. However, Itsuki ended up giving the continuation.
  164. Don't let your emotions show up only at a time like this!
  165. Was it really something to be that astonished about?
  167. "King? Isn't that because he's a male?"
  168. "That's not it..."
  169. "Waaaaaaaaaa! Stooooooooop!"
  170. "Understood."
  172. Huh?
  174. I don't quite get it.
  176. "Naofumi-sama, did something happen?"
  178. Rafutalia peeks over from the hedge, showing her face.
  180. "Yeah, apparently this idiot tried peeping again but, Midori here――"
  181. "Please. Not one more word, don't cause an uproar!"
  183. Midori who returned to human form and covered his nether regions with the towel supplicated.
  184. What are you so afraid of?
  186. "Is that so?"
  187. "Naofumi-sama... didn't participate, right?" Rafutalia
  188. "Yeah, I was just trying to leave."
  190. Already at the vicinity of the dressing room I wave my hand at Rafutalia as I answer.
  191. Or should I say, don't you peep on the men's bath.
  193. "...A little..."
  194. "A? Come again?"
  196. I'm not particularly going deaf.
  197. The words Rafutalia was muttering, I heard them word for word.
  198. Therefore, I try asking.
  200. "You wanted me to see, is it?"
  202. It's a fact that it's of no interest, but well.
  203. At any rate, Rafutalia saying that kind of thing sure is unusual.
  204. Is there some reason... Ah, is that it?
  206. "Were you playing some kind of game? If you made me peep you'd win, that kind of game?"
  207. "Haa......" [indeed, that was god-like dense]
  209. So it was like that.
  210. That noisy bunch came over to the bath so you ended up playing some weird game.
  211. Those guys seem to have a lot of fun teasing me so Rafutalia too got pulled into it.
  213. The principal offender, is it Melty?
  214. Kiel would also be a strong candidate, but it seems she came into the men's bath previously.
  215. Who else came I don't know.
  216. Well, if they're getting along it's fine.
  218. "Fu...."
  220. Ignoring that situation was Gaelion, who went flying over to the hedge happily.
  221. You're trying to peep, aren't you. Moreover it's the papa Gaelion.
  222. Don't get aroused over humans.
  224. "Muー! Don't come here!"
  226. To the Gaelion who was trying to peep from the hedge, Firo threw a bucked right on his face, a clean hit.
  228. "Kyuaa..."
  230. With a splash, Gaelion sunk on the spring.
  231. Are you an idiot?
  232. Really an incorrigible fellow.
  234. "Anyway, I'm leaving. Rafutalia and everyone else soak up at your leisure."
  235. "Haa... Understood."
  237. Motoyasu sitting in a seiza alone this time is a inconsequential complement.
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