Our Last Infinite Moment (Rarity x Celestia)

Mar 10th, 2019
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  1. >Rarity was unaccustomed to being visited in the late evening; most dresses that were going to be bought after nightfall were not the type of dresses she made a business selling
  2. >So, when she received a knock at the door just after eight o'clock, she assumed it was one of her friends, or maybe her younger sister getting herself into some sort of her usual trouble
  3. >She slipped quietly away from her evening's tea and crossed to the front door
  4. >Outside, the sun had just ducked beneath the horizon, leaving a haze of purple-gray light seeping through the windows and settling on the carpet, pooling around Rarity's hooves
  5. >She opened the door, trying her best to conceal how tired she probably looked
  6. "Good eve--"
  7. >She stopped after the third syllable, and her mouth fell open
  8. >The tall, radiant form of Princess Celestia stood silhouetted by the setting sun, her prismatic hair shimmering despite the minimal light
  9. >Not even a muggy spring evening could dull the princess's beauty, and Rarity could feel something akin to the rays of the summer sun filling the center of her chest
  10. "Cell--" Rarity started, slipping into an old habit
  11. >"...your majesty," she corrected
  12. >"Please, Rarity. We're outside of court. You can use the nickname," the princess said with a wink
  13. >Rarity turned a rosy pink
  14. "Yes, your maj-- yes, Celly."
  15. >A soft smile touched Celestia's lips, and she strode into Rarity's boutique
  16. >As diligently as Rarity attended to the plush carpet, it looked horridly drab beneath Celestia's pristine hooves
  17. >Rarity lost her thoughts in a warm haze for a moment, as her eyes preoccupied themselves with trailing along the princess's form, remembering how that warm coat had felt beneath her hooves, so many months ago...
  18. "I, um, never expected you'd be paying me a personal visit."
  19. >"I never thought I would be so fortunate," Celestia said with a knowing smile
  20. "Yes, well, I would never be so presumptuous as to invite you over."
  21. >"Oh, how I wish you had. I'd have lept at the offer."
  22. "I... I'm sorry."
  23. >"No, no! Don't be. I'm sorry if I'm intruding, stopping in like this."
  24. "Your majesty, you never could--"
  25. >"Rarity, please. No formality, not here."
  26. >The hint of genuine sorrow in the princess's voice was enough to silence Rarity for a solid ten seconds
  27. "Yes. Right, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for, for, um... ah, I'm such a dreadful host! I forgot to offer you anything! Hahah, where are my manners..."
  28. >Rarity practically galloped past the princess and into her kitchen
  29. "What would you like? I have some leftover cake from Sweetie's last birthday party, and I just boiled some tea..."
  30. >Celestia chuckled
  31. >"You know me far too well."
  32. "Oh, but of course I do."
  33. >Rarity turned, finding the princess standing in her kitchen, admiring some of the family portraits hung on the walls
  34. >"I don't think I've ever seen you as a filly," she mused
  35. "I suppose it's too late to beg you not to look at those?"
  36. >"Much too late. And you shouldn't be embarrassed. You were adorable," the princess said with a sly smile
  37. "Used to be adorable? My princess, I think... I mean, you flatter me. I sincerely thank you."
  38. >Rarity levitated two small plates of cake and two cups of fresh, steaming toy over to the kitchen table
  39. >Both mares sat across from each other
  40. >Celestia's smile had faded now
  41. >Her eyes reflected, in Rarity's mind, the same soft, gray haze of a spring evening
  42. >"Rarity, you really don't have to be so formal. I wanted us to... to just talk. Like we used to."
  43. "I'm not entirely sure what you mean."
  44. >"I think you know."
  45. >Rarity sighed
  46. >Outside, the light had turned a luminous, stony color as the last of it began to fade
  47. >A faint breeze brushed up against the windows, rifling the ferns growing just outside
  48. "I'm not sure I still know how to. It's been so long."
  49. >"It doesn't feel so long to me. But I suppose nothing much does."
  50. >Celestia looked into her tea, watching the steam curl over the liquid's golden-brown surface
  51. "You told me this was better for us. And I took that to heart, darling. I truly did. I thought that meant it was the end."
  52. >"I did too."
  53. >Celestia raised her head
  54. >"But I can't go on like this. Something in me has changed. The reasons I gave you for... for stopping our meetings, I don't even understand them anymore. I mean, what was I thinking? Controversy in the royal courts? What does that even mean?" Celestia said, laughing to herself. "It doesn't mean much, not compared to the way I feel, when I'm with you."
  55. >Rarity touched her hoof to her chest, which felt swollen and effervescent, like it could burst any second
  56. "Darling, I had no idea you were hurting like this."
  57. >"I'm good at hiding that part of myself," Celestia said with a dry smile
  58. "I don't know what I can do. I'm so sorry."
  59. >"You don't have to do anything for me. Just being with you again is more than enough. Plus, I've always wanted to see your home."
  60. "Well, I suppose I could give you the grand tour, once we finish."
  61. >"I'd like that. This is delicious, by the way. It's taking everything I can muster not to pig out and embarrass myself."
  62. "Darling, please. If you have to pig out, then do so, by all means. I'll take it as a compliment."
  63. >"A compliment? You made this?"
  64. "Oh, well. Yes, I guess. Technically. Heheh."
  65. >"You never told me you could bake!"
  66. "I couldn't. It was something I learned to, erm... well, to surprise you."
  67. >"Color me surprised. This is fantastic."
  68. >Celestia scarfed the rest of the cake down in three quick bites, leaving a bit of pink icing smudged on her muzzle
  69. "Oh, Celly dear, you've got a little bit..."
  70. >Rarity levitated a napkin over and dabbed at the princess's mouth, without even thinking about it
  71. >Celestia giggled
  72. >"Told you I'd embarrassed myself."
  73. "Please, that's nothing. You're just lucky you don't have to see how I get around ice cream. To say I make a mess of myself would be an understatement."
  74. >"Oh? That sounds like a fun mental image."
  75. >Celestia rested her hand on her hoof, watching Rarity with half-lidded eyes
  76. "A-ah, about that tour!" Rarity sputtered, jumping up from the table
  78. >It was a quick tour
  79. >Living room, workshop, showroom, bathroom, and Rarity's own bedroom
  80. >She'd left Sweetie's room untouched, knowing her little sister would throw a fit if she knew Rarity had been in there, let along in the company of royalty
  81. >"I missed getting to see so much of your work."
  82. "Really? Well, you're more than welcome to any piece that strikes your fancy, of course."
  83. >"Rarity, do you sincerely believe any piece here would fit me?"
  84. "Well, maybe with a little, or a lot of modification. Heheh. Okay, I didn't exactly think that one through."
  85. >Celestia laughed
  86. >Both mares were standing near the window in Rarity's room now
  87. >Outside, the last of evening gave way to night
  88. >Celestia shifted her weight ever so slightly, just enough to allow her leg to rest against Rarity's flank
  89. "Will you be returning soon?"
  90. >"I'm not sure. I think that's partially your choice."
  91. "I'm not sure I get what you mean," Rarity said, despite knowing exactly what the princess meant
  92. >"It's quite a journey from Canterlot. Even for me. Perhaps I could rest here? If I won't be imposing, of course."
  93. "Never! You're not imposing at all, it's just... oh, Celestia..." Rarity mumbled
  94. >"Hmm?"
  95. "S-sorry, habit I haven't been able to break."
  96. >"That's something I'll never be able to get used to."
  97. >She leaned in a little closer, lowering her voice to practically a whisper that washed over Rarity's ear
  98. >"But it's something I wouldn't mind hearing again, very soon."
  99. "G-gah..."
  100. >Rarity was suddenly aware of the princess's leg against her body
  101. >Every part of Celestia was unnaturally, delightfully warm, like hugging summer itself
  102. "I wouldn't be opposed to you staying. There's more cake if you'd like and, um, you're welcome to a change of clothes if you'd want..."
  103. >"Oh, that would be *perfect*," Celestia said as if nothing had happened. "You can't imagine how heavy these get," she said, gesturing to the gilded pieces she wore at her neck, and on her forehead and hooves
  105. >Rarity set the princess's jewelry on the finest pillows she had, treating each piece as if it were fine glass
  106. >Celestia herself had practically chucked the stuff off, but Rarity couldn't risk even the slightest bit of harm coming to such fabulous and incredibly ancient jewelry
  107. >She was tempted to admit it, but she found herself drawn back towards the princess, who was lounging quite un-princesslike on the couch
  108. >Celestia watched Rarity enter the room with warm, full eyes
  109. >"This really is a lovely place you have here."
  110. "I'm delighted to hear that. Is there anything more I can offer you?"
  111. >Celestia shook her head
  112. >"I'm feeling pretty satisfied. Though I think I'd feel a bit better if you would join me."
  113. "Ah. Of course."
  114. >Rarity gingerly sat at the other edge of the couch, squished against the armrest
  115. >Celestia sighed
  116. >"Am I doing something wrong?"
  117. "N-no, of course not. Why do you say that?" Rarity asked, knowing exactly why the princess would say that
  118. >Celestia sat up, watching Rarity intently
  119. >"Rarity, I'll make this as clear as I can. I want you. I want us to talk, no royalty business, but like normal mares. I want to hold you again. To wake up next to you. And so much more."
  120. "I... I know."
  121. >"Do you not want me in return?"
  122. "I..."
  123. >Rarity found her eyes were burning, and she squeezed them tightly shut
  124. "I want you more than anything."
  125. >"Then why? Why not enjoy this together?"
  126. "Because you'll leave again soon. And it'll tear me apart. I can't live like what we have is a lie."
  127. >"I won't ask you to do that. That's why I... I'll abdicate the throne. And because of that, I'll give up my power, my immortality. I want to stay here with you, Rarity. Not Celestia the princess, just Celestia the pony. Living a mortal life with the mare she loves."
  128. >Rarity could have dissolved into pure sugar and glitter right then and there
  129. "Abdicate the throne? For me? Darling, that's... you could never... really, for me?"
  130. >"For you."
  131. >Celestia took Rarity's hoof
  132. >"I can't bear eternity without you."
  133. "But, what about the sun?"
  134. >"It will rise. If not by me, then by... by something. So many ponies need it, it couldn't abandon us, simply because I myself am gone."
  135. "Do you know this for sure?"
  136. >"I... I don't. But I need it to be true."
  137. "Darling..."
  138. >Celestia met Rarity's gaze, and Rarity could see an iridescent tear shimmering in the corner of the princess's eye
  139. "I can't ask you to do this for me."
  140. >"But I will. For you, Rarity, only for you would I ever consider something like this. I know it would hurt Equestria, and my sister most of all, but..."
  141. >Celestia squeezed her eyes shut, and a miserable smile stretched across her lips
  142. >"I truly am horribly selfish, aren't I?"
  143. "You aren't, darling. Not at all. I wish there were something I could say. I wish there were anything I could do."
  144. >"Just let me hold you again."
  145. >Rarity let Celestia pull her against her chest, and she felt the princess's forelegs close around her
  146. >Warmth folded around her, and for a moment Rarity was somewhere else, in the princess's own bedroom, first hearing Celestia's confession
  147. >"It's a stupid plan. It's the worst, most selfish idea I've ever had," the princess said. "But if you ask me to, I'll leave everything for you."
  148. "I can't ask that of you, darling."
  149. >"I know. It was a foolish hope."
  150. >Celestia ran a bare hoof through Rarity's mane, her touch so gentle that not a single strand ended up out of place
  151. >"But maybe, tomorrow morning, the sun will still rise. Maybe the heavens will decide to let us be together. Maybe, somehow, this can work"
  152. "You think so?"
  153. >"There's always a chance. But maybe, for tonight, we could..."
  154. "Oh?"
  155. >" we used to..."
  156. >Rarity wasn't sure who started the kiss, it just happened
  157. >Suddenly her mouth met Celestia's, and the princess's hooves were wrapping tighter around her, cradling her as a series of impossibly soft, warm kisses met her lips
  158. >She opened her mouth, letting herself taste the princess's tongue
  159. >Rarity's whole body seemed to thrum in delight; she'd wanted to experience this again for so long, in the secret parts of herself
  160. >They kissed in a frenzy, until Rarity was panting
  161. "Celly, please."
  162. >"I'm sorry. If this is too much, I can stop."
  163. "No. I want to do more."
  164. >"Oh, thank... me, I suppose," Celestia said, looking relieved. "I was terrified to push things that far."
  165. "I was hoping you would."
  166. >Celestia giggled
  168. >She lifted Rarity up in her magical aura and carried the unicorn up to her bedroom, where they fell in bed together
  169. >Like the kiss, everything simply seemed to happen
  170. >Love flowed freely between the two mares; their mouths met again, and their tails curled around each other's legs
  171. >Rarity lost herself in the princess's scent, in her taste
  172. >She forgot about any notion of Celestia leaving her again, letting herself be filled by Celestia's cries of pleasure as Rarity trailed her mouth down the princess's body, towards the sweet spot Rarity had dreamed of for months since the two had parted
  173. >Rarity's mouth was watering when she finally let her tongue meet the princess's sex
  174. >Beneath her, her lover writhed, her godlike power useless against Rarity's gentle touch
  175. >And when Rarity received her reward, and licked the princess's wet love from around her muzzle, she found herself rolled over and pinned down on the bed by magic, while Celestia's hot breath washed between her buttocks
  176. >Rarity let out a yelp that gradually built into a moan
  177. >It was a sin, she was sure, to enjoy how it felt to have the princess's own tongue on *that* unspeakable part of her body
  178. >Rarity writhed in the magical bonds, nearly losing her mind as such filthy pleasure rolled through her
  179. >Only when she was a weak, shuddering mess did the princess release her
  180. >Weakly, she crawled into her lover's forelegs, and they lay shuddering and exhausted, together, trading kisses
  182. >They slept as they had only a few times before
  183. >Celestia awoke first, still holding a gently snoozing Rarity
  184. >Outside, the night sky was still a deep, velvety purple, dark except for the stars and the light of her sister's moon
  185. >Celestia was terrified to look at the clock
  186. >She shifted slightly in the bed, and Rarity's eyes fluttered open
  187. "Celly?"
  188. >She looked confused for a moment, then settled down, snuggling against the princess's soft chest
  189. "This is wonderful."
  190. >"Yes. It is."
  191. "Is it morning yet?"
  192. >"No. But it will be soon."
  193. >Celestia kept her eyes on the window, watching for any hint of the sun coming over the horizon
  194. >She made a silent wish that it wouldn't abandon her
  195. >She wanted to see it rise, to fill Rarity's bedroom with warm, friendly light for the two to share
  196. >She wanted to spend another day with the mare she loved, walking into town like a regular couple
  197. >She wanted to buy Rarity something stupid, like a teddy bear or an impossibly large sandwich, just because she could
  198. >She wanted them to have a date together
  199. >Or even just a day together, free of the subtle innuendo and secrecy their lives required of them
  200. >Most of all, she wanted to know that this relationship wasn't temporary
  201. >Celestia stared desperately at the horizon, begging the heavens for a glimpse of sunrise over the horizon
  202. >Rarity stirred, mumbling something in her sleep
  203. >To Celestia, this moment seemed to stretch infinitely outwards, perfect in every way, yet marred only by her own desperate desires that it would never have to--
  205. End
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