Maidens-in-Law - 01

Apr 29th, 2020
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~ Maidens-In-Law ~

사돈 처녀들 --- Publisher Link

By 만지작

TAGS: #Beauty #Female_Friend #Married_Woman #Temptation #First_Love #Other_Women #Secret #Childhood_Friend #Sisters #Romance #Drama

Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Relationship Description
Park Hyungsoo / 박형수 Single Kyutae's younger brother, he grew up hating his big brother
Jung Eunkyung / 정은경 In a Relationship A charming girl who only look at Kyutae, Hyungsoo childhood's friend
Da Boyoung / 다보영 Married Kyutae's wife, she's stimulating Hyungsoo's desire
Da Bojeong / 다보정 Single Boyoung's younger sister, she is secretly having an affair with Kyutae
Da Bohye / 다보혜 Single Boyoung's youngest sister, fan of idol, she's a kind and naive woman
Da Bojin / 다보진 Single A sly and ambitious woman, she's working as prosecutor. Kyutae's coworker and sister-in-law
Park Kyutae / 박규태 Married Acting like a predator over his family, twisted feeling over his younger brother

Synopsis: After 7 years of unrequited love towards Jung Eunkyung who was only interested in Park Kyutae, Park Hyungsoo started to have feelings for his older brother's wife.
Besides Jung Eunkyung and Da Boyoung, Hyungsoo felt also attracted towards other women... His sisters-in-law...
What choice will he make in a forbidden relationship where everything should be kept secret?

Chapter - 01

Kyutae is giving a mathematics lesson to Hyungsoo and Eunkyung, his younger brother is listing to him carefully while taking notes meanwhile Eunkyung is only staring at Kyutae like an idiot. Kyutae notices her stare and tells her to pay more attention to her mathematics lesson and book rather than him, the teacher.

Hyungsoo looks at Eunkyung who is only paying attention Kyutae, he narrates how this is girl he's interested in. He accepted a lecture from his bastard of brother only to be able to see Eunkyung.. He explains how he fell in love with her thighs but today there is something who is attracting his attention more than her beautiful legs.. It's the way she's gazing at his elder brother.

MC is narrating how his elder brother looked rather dependable for him when he was seven years old.. He explains how he doesn't have much memory of his father and his brother was the one raised him instead of his dad.
He narrates how always felt dissatisfied with the way his brother was raising him because he was always beating him up into a dead dog for no reason.. One day Hyungsoo finished 20th of his school and nothing happened (great grade).. But another time he was beaten by Kyutae while he finished 10th.. Because of this treatment Hyungsoo started to hate his brother and school.. One day a boy reported to Kyutae he was secretly smoking.. So when he came back from school he was slapped and scolded..

Hyungsoo narrates that he took his decision that day.. To wait patiently before taking revenge on his brother.. He thinks out loud saying his brother in a fucking psychopath. Kyutae makes him notice everyone heard him, Hyungsoo is forced to apologize in front of Eunkyung.. Hyungsoo narrates he'll keep waiting until he's sure to be able to win everything his brother has.. Firstly, growing taller and bigger than him.. Then at this moment he'll start to fight back against him and wants to see who will beat who.

Kyutae stands up and head towards the restroom, he tells them to finish the problem before he leaves the bathroom. Eunkyung takes in hurry Kyutae's pen and starts to sniff it.. Hyungsoo tells her she's disgusting him and tells her it's dirty to do something like this.. She denies this statement telling him Kyutae's scent is making her drunk.. He's surprised and asks her what's so good about his elder brother, she tells him a child like him would not understand even if she was explaining him.
She says he's tall, handsome, smart and strict.. She tells him she doesn't know why she's so attracted to him but says she could do whatever he'll ask her to do.. She now proceeds to lick Kyutae's pen making him feels goosebumps.. He tells her how she was right he really doesn't get it.. She looks at him telling him the same sentence, how she doesn't understand him.. She asks him why he's always looking at her with such strange eyes.. and wonders if he's liking her.

Her sudden question freaks him out.. He hurriedly denies this statement asking her if she's joking, she warns him to give up on her because she'll never feel something for him and will consecrate her whole being to his elder brother.

Later she's now on the couch.. She points at Hyungsoo with her hands forming a gun, she says bang, bang, bang. He's feeling rather septic towards her action and asks her why she's doing this. She tells him she missed his head and hit his heart.. She is getting impatient and asks him why his brother is taking so long.. Hyungsoo proposes her some milk but notices she fell asleep on the couch while holding Kyutae's pen.

He carefully covers her body with a blanket and pats her head.. He narrates how sadly, he didn't grew any taller since that day..

7 years later

Eunkyung and Hyungsoo are sitting on a bench during night, facing the river.. She talks about Kyutae's saying when his brother was combing her hairs she felt a feeling of comfort but when she heard the news about him getting married, she felt like her whole world was collapsing and heart stopped to beat.. Hyungsoo is getting angry about this fact and asks her why she still didn't turn the page after so long and how it's already been 7 years.
She tells him she can't help it since Kyutae was her first love.. She asks him how Boyoung his looking and thinks she must be rather pretty to be able to marry someone like Kyutae. Hyungsoo is asking her why she's saying this and how she already saw her since she came to the wedding ceremony.

Eunkyung suddenly asks him who is prettier between Boyoung and her, he doesn't answer right away wondering why she's asking such a question. She repeats her question asking who is prettier between his sister-in-law and her, he ponders about this for a moment and remembers his first meeting with Boyoung before telling Eunkyung she's way more prettier than Boyoung (not true). She calls him a liar before telling him she got dumped by her boyfriend, he's rather surprised by this piece of news and asks her if it's the reason behind her sudden visit. She agrees.

He asks her the reason behind this sudden breakup and she tells him her boyfriend was feeling bored of her.. Hyungsoo notices her sad expression and thinks it's the first time he saw such an expression on her face.
She turns her head towards him asking him if he ever got tired of her, he doesn't answer and thinks about what happened 7 years ago.. When she learned the news about the marriage of his brother, he narrates how she felt like the world stopped turning.. She was crying and he didn't find a solution to comfort at this time.

He thinks how nothing changed in 7 years because aside talking and listening to her he doesn't know how to help her.. (It's fine enough)

He asks her if her ex boyfriend was an asshole and why she's feeling only attracted towards this kind of bastard.. She doesn't answer him and bursts into tears.. He doesn't know what to do and takes a sip of his beer.. He wonders what would happen if the person next to Eunkyung was Kyutae and not him.. if this bast would be able to comfort her. He's pissed just by thinking about this possibility and instinctively combs her hairs like his brother used to do.
He thinks he shouldn't have done this because she's just feeling some tickling when it's him who is doing it.. She turns her head towards him and stares at him silently.. He apologizes saying her hairs were falling done so he just wanted to fix them. She asks him if he remembers his brother was used to this to her when he was tutoring them..

She says how she felt the exact same feeling than back then during their high school days.. How it's normal since the same is running through their veins.. He doesn't like this comparison at all and retrieves his hands from her head but she grabs it and rests her head on it, asking him to touch her more with his big hands. How they're are making feel safe and comforting her..

Hyungsoo looks at her rosy cheeks and glossy lips thinking he felt it, it was his moment.. They start to kiss each other, he narrates how he felt multiple feelings this night.. Staring by the feeling of accomplishment to finally share a kiss with his unrequited love after 7 years.. How the moment was pure, intense, warm, soft.. But, Eunkyung grabs his head and forcefully sticks her tongue inside his mouth.. He narrates how her aggressiveness interrupted this blissful feeling but it wasn't bad either.

They went to the nearest hotel, Hyungsoo is feeling rather anxious while Eunkyung is feeling comfortable and already started to take off her clothes. He narrates how he wanted to conserve his chastity for her back then and explains how his love for her was always pure and never thought about tainting her, at least not in this kind of situation..
He thinks how they should stop now because he doesn't want to break this friendship over something random.. How he waited during 7 years for this moment but shouldn't take advantage of her feeling sad.

His meaningless thoughts are interrupted by Eunkyung asking him why he's looking so anxious and didn't take off his clothes. He's surprised to see her bare chest and can't say a word, she tells him to stop looking at her like an idiot and to hurry to take off his clothes.

He is narrating what friendship is and if it's really that important..

To be continued...
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