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  1. 004. // nour is mute, he communicates through his phone, allowing the other to read off the screen rather than text-to-speech. his dialogue will be formatted using <pre>.
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  4. ( 001. author. every man pays his price in blood. )
  5. ( 001. prose. & these are the legends i burnt. )
  6. ( 001. nour iskander. father of lies‚ this is your legacy. )
  7. ( 001. reverie. earthly beast‚ the world recoils in the light of your true face. )
  8. ( 002. paradise. songbird‚ bright—eyed‚ rosy—cheeked. they made you a masterpiece. )
  9. ( 002. repose. order threatens & wanes‚ the bones scatter under their own weight. )
  10. ( 002. necrosis. no star to follow‚ no light to guide my path‚ i return to dust. )
  11. ( 003. amir shenouda. in your name‚ i sire a legion. for your love‚ i give my life. )
  12. ( 003. nina moreau. sweet saviour‚ take my brood‚ my blood‚ my blessing. )
  13. ( 003. wahah. blackest nights‚ brilliant moons‚ i will swallow you whole. )
  15. <p><strong>001. // </strong><em>basics.</em><br />nour malati kerylous iskander. the <em>beast</em>. 6th unhallowed divinity. <strong>(</strong>&nbsp;10th divinity. <strong>)</strong>&nbsp;<em>brood father</em> of the insurrection. songbird.&nbsp;<strong>//</strong> october 13th, 3261. 119 years old, appears 23. <strong>//</strong> born a human in sopro, heliopolis. he has since ascended into a <em>kruxsa</em>. <strong>//</strong>&nbsp;dmab, nonbinary. he, they. aroace spectrum. <strong>//</strong> chaotic neutral. intp. melancholic. <strong>//</strong>&nbsp;<em>fragmented </em>binding. <strong>//</strong> coded to be coptic egyptian.</p>
  16. <p><strong>002. //</strong> <em>physical.<br /></em>185 cm, 6'1" ft. <strong>//</strong>&nbsp;79 kg, 175 lbs. <strong>//</strong> slender, ectomorph build, wiry strength. <em>androgynous</em> frame. does not look particularly lanky due to narrow shoulders but has a notably slight build. chin length, luxuriant, <strong>snow white</strong>, loose curls. no real part or fringe but hair tends to frame and fall across the face. though typically cut at home, due to the curls the uneven strands are not obvious. hair is naturally a dark chocolate colour but it is rare that his roots are showing, though he does not bleach his eyebrows. narrow face, sharp jaw and cheekbones, giving a very <em>angular</em> appearance. full, soft, wide lips with a <strong>prominent</strong> cupid&rsquo;s bow. upturned, syrup brown irises and black pupils with full, dark eye lashes and a deep crease. his gaze is notably <em>empty</em> or <em>absent</em>. small point to the ears and elongated, pointed incisors. light-medium, cool toned with light freckling along the arms and shoulders. no notable scars. calloused hands despite their thin, delicate appearance. not distinguishable from a human unless one catches a glimpse of his incisors but its unlikely, however, he does have a <strong>cold</strong> and <strong>melancholic</strong> air that is almost palpable. he purposefully aims for an angel-like appearance, in his soft, white curls and white-gold fashion choices, typically loose and draping shawls and robes with deep v necks. he is notably beautiful and his appearance can cause a fascination. while nour does <em>not</em> speak, it is due to <strong>trauma</strong> so he is still capable of things such as humming or laughing but he will not do so in the presence of most others. his voice is a baryton-martin baritone, <em>silvery</em>, gentle.</p>
  17. <p><strong>003. //</strong> <em>mental.</em><br />nour is polite under <strong>all</strong> circumstances, he does not respond to any sort of mistreatment, he has no temper and also no real care for others nor their opinions. he only values the words of those close to him but even more negative interactions don&rsquo;t illicit a <em>reaction</em> out of him, he will simply <strong>lament</strong> on it in his own time. while this can make him agreeable in a way, his lack of emotional expression or acknowledgement and complete detachment makes him quite difficult to get close to. he does not express most of his feelings or thoughts, mostly because he has no interest in doing so and is rather private. he has no <em>need</em> to be heard nor acknowledged and due to his involvements and his nature, finds it easier to keep to himself. he only explicitly expresses anything with amir due to their bond. he does not push conversations but rather waits for information to be given and nudges it along so that he doesn&rsquo;t have to give too much of himself or involve himself too heavily. it can be <strong>manipulative</strong> under certain circumstances, particularly when interacting with his iyh and allowing them to feel affection for him as they tend to believe their talks are bringing them closer but do not realise nour has divulged virtually <strong>nothing</strong> to validate that bond. nour&rsquo;s empty gaze and melancholic air can be <em>unsettling</em> or <em>upsetting</em> but many can find a fascination in his appearance and he tends to communicate quite gently which only feeds the fascination. though its just as likely to to dislike his aura or gaze or even how he holds himself as it tends to be with a high head and elegant movements which can come across <strong>arrogant</strong>. he tends to push aside his needs and desires for the progress of the insurrection and while not inherently evil, has partaken in rather <em>unsavoury</em> things. the insurrection is not his dream but rather amir&rsquo;s, as nour has no will of his own, he has dedicated his life to fulfilling amir&rsquo;s wishes down to every <strong>horrific</strong> deed required. however, he is rather pacifistic and dislikes violence and prefers not to fight, he merely sees violence as an unfortunate necessity at times. otherwise, he does not typically follow what others ask for him and has will not partake in things that do not in some way aid with the insurrection ultimately. nour can be easy to <em>converse</em> with but he does not leave much space for befriending him or getting to know him. he is <strong>intensely</strong> quiet, reserved, repressed and withdrawn. his most glaring faults are that he is manipulative, apathetic, weak-willed and dependent. in terms of mental health, he certainly has some evident<em> ptsd</em> as well as his <strong>co-dependency</strong> with amir. being forcibly separated from amir, as a result, is the only thing that will result in an emotional reaction from him. and while he has a<em> flat affect</em>, no facial or verbal expressions does not imply he will not react physically to the separation. in terms of his <strong>binding</strong>, it fragments his thoughts quite frequently, this is the reasoning as to why he can become quite absent at times. when he communicates via text, he does <em>not</em> use coarse language nor any type of emojis, he types quickly and in a formal tone but without too much of an emphasis on grammar. his tone and way of interaction tends to be neutral, not excessively cold nor warm but notably placid.&nbsp;</p>
  18. <p><strong>004. //</strong> <em>abilities.<br /></em><strong>inhumane durability, endurance, agility and strength. </strong>nour, as is typical of most supernatural tropes, has natural abilities that surpass a humans. this extends to keener hearing, sense of smell, sight. the whole supernatural package. <strong>blood manipulation.</strong> this only applies to his <em>own</em> blood and the blood of his iyh as long as they have his blood in him. he cannot make any use of anyone else&rsquo;s blood outside of drinking them to sustain himself.&nbsp;<strong>master archer.</strong> as nour has a rather petite frame, despite his inhuman durability and strength, he is<em> not</em> physically strong as far as other supernatural beings go and as such has mastered a long range archery that takes advantage of what strength he has, as well as his immense aptitude for agility and stealth. arrows are <em>strictly</em> made of his own blood, as he prefers not to to leave a trace of any scuffs he gets involved in. due to how he is equal parts <em>manipulative</em> and <em>passive</em>, he rarely if ever is required to fight, it is more so a self-defense when needed. due to advanced technology, his bow sits in the form of a solid, gold ring on right middle finger, it forms a small archery glove as well as the bow and string and very easily collapses on itself. <strong>creation.</strong> not every kruxsa can create iyh, which is why nour provides all the iyh to the insurrection while amir cannot. <strong>weaknesses.</strong> he is no use at close range combat and while hard to kill, can take time to regenerate based on the injury. he requires much more blood than the average kruxsa. sunlight.</p>
  19. <p><strong>005. //</strong> <em>history.</em></p>
  20. <p><strong>006. //</strong> <em>amir apraxios younan shenouda.</em><br />the <em>serpent</em>. 5th unhallowed divinity. <strong>(</strong> 9th divinity. <strong>)</strong>&nbsp;<em>figurehead</em> of the insurrection.&nbsp;<strong>//</strong>&nbsp;july 25th, 3257. 123 years old, appears 27.&nbsp;<strong>//</strong>&nbsp;born a human in tantatho, heliopolis.&nbsp;he has since ascended into a <em>kruxsa</em>.&nbsp;<strong>//</strong>&nbsp;dmab, cisgender. he, him. bisexual biromantic.&nbsp;<strong>//</strong>&nbsp;chaotic neutral. esfp. sanguine. <strong>//&nbsp;</strong><em>starved </em>binding. <strong>//</strong> coded to be lebanese-egyptian.&nbsp;</p>
  21. <p>amir is an incredibly notable player in nour&rsquo;s life, nour has essentially <strong>dedicated</strong> his life to amir. they grew up together and amir&rsquo;s father was the source of nour&rsquo;s introduction as a member of the media industry as a child, though, this was <em>short lived</em>. they had always been bound to each other, never seen without the other if they could help it, however, this connection was truly solidified when they left their homes in search of the key to <strong>ascension</strong>. they shared the sentiment that current state of powerful world players needed to be undone and agreed to take apart the<em> corrupt</em> and <em>dystopian</em> society that had marred them both. a noble cause in children&rsquo;s eyes that became <strong>twisted</strong> throughout the years, resulting in a movement that caused harm to those they were seeking to free believing that the ends <em>justified</em> the means. nour and amir are severely co-dependent and while they are capable of doing things on their own and often do to keep up with the needs of the insurrection, these absences cannot extend too long without <strong>severely</strong> upsetting and stressing the both of them. as they had often found themselves strictly relying on each other growing up, it developed to a dependancy. they are romantically involved, however, it does go deeper, they were always <em>fated</em> and are literally cosmically bound. two sides of the same coin, soulmates, what have you. while there is no real sense of sexual exclusivity, nour has no interest and amir is really the only one that tends to have other sexual partners, however, nour has no issue with it. he is well aware of what he is to amir, they have been together over a <strong>century</strong>, after all. while amir is the face and the voice of the insurrection, nour is the intelligence and the one with the real power as he has created their entire brood so the iyh technically only serve him and feel an affection for him. of course, since nour is <em>fiercely</em> loyal to amir, as are the iyh. amir is the charismatic face, voice and personality of nour&rsquo;s ideas and intelligence. however, as it is chiefly amir&rsquo;s dream to go about <strong>revolution</strong> in this way and while he typically follows nour&rsquo;s advice, he does not necessarily have to and if here were to ignore nour&rsquo;s input, nour would simply <em>concede</em> and <em>obey</em>.&nbsp;</p>
  22. <p><strong>007. //</strong><em> navigation.<br /></em><a href="">every man pays his price in blood</a>. <strong>//&nbsp;</strong> <em>out of character</em>.<br /><a href=";%20these%20are%20the%20legends%20i%20burnt.%20)"><strong>&amp;</strong> these are the legends i burnt</a>. <strong>//&nbsp;</strong> <em>in character</em>.&nbsp;<br /><a href="">father of lies, this is your legacy</a>. <strong>//&nbsp;</strong> <em>headcanon.</em><br /><a href="">earthly beast, the world recoils in the light of your true face</a>. <strong>//&nbsp;</strong> <em>aesthetics</em>.<br /><a href="">songbird, bright-eyed, rosy-cheeked. they made you a masterpiece</a>. <strong>//&nbsp;</strong> <em>arc 001. childhood</em>.<br /><a href=";%20wanes%E2%80%9A%20the%20bones%20scatter%20under%20their%20own%20weight.%20)">order threatens <strong>&amp;</strong> wanes, the bones scatter under their own weight</a>. <strong>//&nbsp;</strong> <em>arc 002. insurrection</em>.<br /><a href="">no star to follow, no light to guide my path, i return to dust</a>. <strong>//&nbsp;</strong> <em>post amir&rsquo;s death</em>.<br /><a href="">in your name, i sire a legion. for your love, i give my life</a>. <strong>//&nbsp;</strong> <em>fated partner</em>.<br /><a href="">sweet saviour, take my brood, my blood, my blessing</a>. <strong>//&nbsp;</strong> <em>revered messiah</em>.<br /><a href="#mce_temp_url#">blackest nights, brilliant moons, i will swallow you whole</a>. <strong>//&nbsp;</strong> <em>world-building</em>.&nbsp;</p>
  23. <p><strong>008. //</strong> <em>glossary <strong>&amp;</strong> notable players.&nbsp;</em><br /><em>antoine moreau.</em> priest, husband of the 3rd&rsquo;s oracle. father to an idealist and also the largest threat to the insurrection.<br /><em>apraxios younan saif shenouda.</em> father to amir, an iskander family friend and television celebrity.<br /><em>ascension.</em> when a human crosses the threshold into a kruxsa. this process will take several nights while the body rejects its humanity. young kruxsa are incredibly fragile and volatile during this process.&nbsp;<br /><em>binding.</em> a divine punishment from the gods. essentially a curse. these are the result of becoming or attempting to become a kruxsa. as such kruxsa have godlike powers without the ability to be gods or be on par with gods. nour&rsquo;s binding is his fragmentation while amir&rsquo;s is his starvation.<br /><em>brood father.</em> the kruxsa responsible for multiple iyh. the only limitation on the number of iyh one may have is how much blood they have to give to maintain the human&rsquo;s iyh status.<br /><em>c&eacute;leste moreau.</em> an oracle to the 3rd god, wife to a priest and mother to the saviour.<br /><em>heliopolis.</em> a world business and media center. with majority of governments having merged or giving up liberties to adjust for debt, heliopolis became a rather dominating world power in just under a hundred years.&nbsp;<br /><em>iyh.</em>&nbsp;coptic for demon. colloquially referred to as broodlings. since kruxsa cannot be made, the result of feeding kruxsian blood to a human is an iyh. though, technically still human, they receive inhuman endurance and longevity as long as they have a regular kruxsian blood source. typically iyh imprint on the kruxsa responsible. while iyh will keep the physical benefits if they drink from a different kruxsa they will not form the same bond or feel the same affection for the second.<br /><em>kruxsa.</em>&nbsp;bastardisation of the coptic phrase &lsquo;crux ansata&rsquo;, another name for the ankh, a symbol that represents life. the kruxsa are at times referred to academically as unhallowed divinities or flesh-made gods. technically vampires though a play on the wendigo folklore where humans are thought to achieve godlike powers through the consumption of human flesh, though the terms vampire and wendigo do not exist. they remain the same age as the day of their ascension until they no longer maintain divine status or are killed. kruxsa are only created after actively cannibalism other humans in excess and later sustain themselves on human blood. kruxsa cannot be made and most do not survive the process mentally or physically. all kruxsa are receive a divine punishment for attempting to surpass a human status, these are known as bindings.<br /><em>nina moreau.</em> the lagest threat to the insurrection. daughter to a priest and an oracle.<br /><em>oracle.</em> they are born in cycles, only one existing at a given time and only one to each god so that gods may not over interfere with human life. oracles are in part messengers of their god&rsquo;s will but more so are giving muddled insights into the future just revered as the only tangible connection between humans and gods. they become separated from society once invited under the god&rsquo;s wing for their own protection and only appear twice a year to give the god&rsquo;s will and their insights. they are not permitted to interact with humans nor their family once inducted.<br /><em>qinqovj.</em>&nbsp;coptic. waning of the moon.<br /><em>sopro.</em> coptic. the name of the capital of heliopolis and nour&rsquo;s birthplace.<br /><em>tantatho.</em> coptic. a city just outside sopro and amir&rsquo;s birthplace.<br /><em>unhallowed divinity.</em> an academic name for the kruxsa. to classify them alongside the gods or simply to label them as godlike. the academic name flesh-made god is for the same purpose, much to the chagrin of the actual gods.&nbsp;<br /><em>wahah.</em> coptic. wahah means oasis but is the name of their planet.</p>
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