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  1. Issues I've currently run into:
  3. Characters in offline mode are randomly deleted, especially in Act 2. This is not fixed by the fix in their discord that claims it's a path problem with specific characters, as many people (myself included) on English Windows builds have experienced it. When this happens your character's .json file is filed with binary data (normally it's plaintext), which makes me suspect there's a serialization bug here.
  5. You can trivially exploit endgame expeditions. Every time you go down a set of stairs, you get +100% magic find. If you just go up and down the same stairs, you can get as much magic find as you want, to the point where opening a chest spews out loots for minutes. If you expect online to have any form of trade economy, or ladder, don't. Appears fixed on 2/16!
  7. Expeditions do not properly set item levels. If you enter a level 40 zone, then a 60, your items will be locked at 40. You need to reset your game to fix this.
  9. Your progression through the game in online can be randomly reset at ANY time, including when playing the endgame (even after the "hotfix")
  11. The game does not allow you to perform actions while performing another one. This is not necessarily a bad design decision, but because there's zero input buffer when you're animation locked, it makes the game feel massively clunky.
  13. Many passive tree nodes are completely broken. I accidentally literally one-shot the A1 final boss because a node was giving me +1000% damage. There's a few that do this. There's also a few keystones that do nothing. They say they do something, but they don't actually have any effect.
  15. There's ~.5 seconds of input lag on all actions, even offline. You can especially see this when trying to rapidly sell items to a vendor.
  17. Many skill "runes" simply do not function.
  19. Acts 2 and 3 essentially have no real content outside of the main story quests. Act 3 is full of placeholder text in the main story too. It's clear Act 1 was finished while these others were not.
  21. Aspects of the Apocalypse do not scale with pretty much anything and are useless past Act 2.
  23. If you play with someone online, only the host progresses. For example, if you run through Act 1 with a friend, and your friend is the host, once you leave the game you will be back at the prologue.
  25. Flying monsters often simply cannot be targeted
  27. If you mash potion while attacking, you triple your attack speed for each potion attempt, allowing you to delete the game with no skills equipped.
  29. You can infinitely dupe gems by stacking and unstacking them.
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