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Sep 15th, 2019
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  1. ArcticRage: Im going to be keeping to myself for awhile
  2. ArcticRage: may not be in rooms
  3. ArcticRage: Since last night has offended everyone and you guys went behind my back and ratted me out
  4. ArcticRage: Thanks
  5. GhoulKandi: i didnt go behind your back i did it right in front of you and you had no right in talking about kimmy that way behind her back
  6. ArcticRage: Oh right thats why Kim said all 3 of you said that last night
  7. ArcticRage: She messages me at 3am
  8. ArcticRage: So obviously you were still talking about it
  9. GhoulKandi: stop running your mouth then
  10. ArcticRage: You dont know my reasons for doing what I did....Tell me if you had a friend that you had a 1v1 convo with and that convo went out and she denies it wouldnt you question that a bit?
  11. ArcticRage: Or would you play stupid?
  12. GhoulKandi: i dont care to know but i know i like kim and i trust her you on the other hand cant be trusted
  13. ArcticRage: Trust is earned and that abused my trust
  14. ArcticRage: it was a convo she brought up
  15. EvilZero: Is this all because i said rage asked how you are ? damn
  16. ArcticRage: i talked to her about it and she outed it
  17. ArcticRage: No Evil
  18. GhoulKandi: try going to the direct person ^^
  19. ArcticRage: Yeah and get told they didnt do it when its clear they did
  20. ArcticRage: who else but us was here to out it
  21. GhoulKandi: you clearly couldnt talk about it last night so why does it matter now you had your chance and you chose to wait until kim was gone
  22. ArcticRage: Because I didnt think everyone would get a stick up their ass about it
  23. ArcticRage: But apparently you all are for shit whether its true or not
  24. GhoulKandi: thats our friend what did you expect artic honestly
  25. GhoulKandi: we dont talk shit about one another behind one anothers back
  26. ArcticRage: Oh right I guess Im not
  27. EvilZero: Guys guys
  28. EvilZero: can you just calm down
  29. ArcticRage: I see whats happening here
  30. EvilZero: And tell me what has happened ?
  31. EvilZero: Slowly
  32. GhoulKandi: evil this has nothing to do with you no offense
  33. ArcticRage: Protect the friend backstab the bitch I get it
  34. EvilZero: I know
  35. EvilZero: But i would like to help
  36. GhoulKandi: xD the only backstabbing bitch i see is you right now
  37. EvilZero: That's why i want to help
  38. EvilZero: :)
  39. ArcticRage: Oh right and i defended you when ppl were trying to say you scam
  40. ArcticRage: but im such a backstabbing bitch
  41. ArcticRage: Ok
  42. ArcticRage: Cool
  43. EvilZero: Calm down girls
  44. EvilZero: Calm down
  45. GhoulKandi: how would you feel if no one could say anything to your face but had a better time talking about you behind your back thats what fake people do you had every chance to say something and you didnt
  46. GhoulKandi: while i am grateful for that artic what you did to kimmy was fucked up
  47. ArcticRage: Besides you all want to talk like I did something horrible yet you BASICALLY DID THE SAME THING to me
  48. ArcticRage: So
  49. ArcticRage: Whos to talk
  50. EvilZero: Can you calm downnnn
  51. KimKandi has joined the chat
  52. ArcticRage: you sound like a hypocrite
  53. EvilZero: And let me help
  54. GhoulKandi: what did i do to you
  55. EvilZero: Better than just talking like that
  56. GhoulKandi: please explain what did i do that was such a backstabbing move of me
  57. ArcticRage: You keep bringing up that I went behind her back but what exactly did you all do to me last night?
  58. ArcticRage: Went behind my back
  59. GhoulKandi: you did!
  60. ArcticRage: you're hypocrites
  61. GhoulKandi: no were not
  62. ArcticRage: Yes you are
  63. GhoulKandi: no were not
  64. ArcticRage: you waited until I left
  65. EvilZero: Kim
  66. ArcticRage: then you talked shit
  67. EvilZero: Please a little help here
  68. KimKandi: bro
  69. GhoulKandi: we gave you a chance to speak up
  70. KimKandi: do we have a fucking problem
  71. EvilZero: Yes we do
  72. GhoulKandi: kimmy gave you a chance and you said i ooop and left
  73. ArcticRage: Hypocrites
  74. KimKandi: well what is it
  75. KimKandi: oh
  76. KimKandi: how so
  77. ArcticRage: Okay
  78. ArcticRage: So
  79. KimKandi: because they stuck up for me
  80. ArcticRage: Kim
  81. KimKandi: im listening
  82. ArcticRage: they claim i was wrong for asking when you left the room....Yet last night they did the same exact shit and went behind my back to tell you about what I said
  83. ArcticRage: Fucking hypocrites
  84. ArcticRage: Because this wasnt said in front of me so what makes you ANY better than me
  85. GhoulKandi: kim spoke up and asked you about it and you were dead quiet
  86. KimKandi: i mean if u had a question u shoulda asked me. they are my friends. of course they gonna tell me they didnt like what u said
  87. KimKandi: i came in
  88. ArcticRage: You want to down me for what I did yet you turn around and do the same fucking thing
  89. KimKandi: and asked
  90. KimKandi: no
  91. ArcticRage: YES
  92. KimKandi: they just didnt like u askn that shit
  93. ArcticRage: It wasnt said in front of me
  94. KimKandi: they are my friends
  95. ArcticRage: so they did the same exact shit
  96. ArcticRage: and I'm not?
  97. ArcticRage: Is that what this is?
  98. KimKandi: u are well
  99. KimKandi: but u didnt come too me
  100. KimKandi: 1st hand
  101. ArcticRage: Yeah and the last time I came to you you denied it even though it was just me and you in a room
  102. KimKandi: because it wasnt me
  103. ArcticRage: How else did that convo get out Kim
  104. ArcticRage: IT was just me and you
  105. KimKandi: did u know people can make shit up
  106. ArcticRage: who else could of
  107. ArcticRage: You brought that convo up then used what I said
  108. KimKandi: not exactly
  109. KimKandi: but okay
  110. ArcticRage: Yeah how can people be so exact on our conversations Kim
  111. ArcticRage: when they aint here
  112. KimKandi: she said one word
  113. KimKandi: that was the same
  114. KimKandi: bro
  115. KimKandi: chill out
  116. ArcticRage: No
  117. ArcticRage: I see what this is
  118. ArcticRage: You want to talk to me ill be on discord
  119. KimKandi: what
  120. ArcticRage: but now I know who is real and who isnt
  121. KimKandi: u obviously
  122. ArcticRage has left the chat
  123. KimKandi: bye then
  124. KimKandi: tf bitch
  125. KimKandi: get out my face
  126. EvilZero: I don't know the whole drama but is it worth losing a friend ?
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