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  1. This is a notice under an online copyright infringement limitation law (OCILLA), a part of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, requiring service providers to be created by users of their access to copyrighted material.
  3. We found infringing material on your site, which in fact is our 'TITLE OF THE ARTICLE' product released worldwide in 'DATE OF RELEASE'.
  5. The material that is alleged to infringe must be removed or access to which should be disabled and prevent the growth of piracy.
  7. Below is the URL for your reference:
  9. Link address 1
  10. Link address 2
  12. We have good faith and belief that use of the material described in the complaint form is not authorized by the Copyright Department, its agent or the law.
  14. As information contained in the notification is accurate and, under penalty of perjury, which is claimed is authorized in a copyright name of allegedly infringed copyright.
  16. We declare that the information in the notification is accurate to our best knowledge and belief.
  18. Letter of authorization of the Right of the copyright (or person/company that sends): Link for the letter A document proving that the materials are protected by copyright and belong to the owner (or representative of the person/company): Document link
  20. Digital signature for copyright claim: Full information, including address, phone, email and website. Copyright owners: complete information including address, phone, email and website.
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