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  1. ~Megumi's Channel Disclaimer~
  2. For anyone offended or server auth that are mad:
  4. 1) This channel is a place to hang out and chat. The rules here are more loose than Tohjo, but there is still some form of conduct. You are NOT forced to come here BY ANY MEANS. Don't come here if you don't like what's going on.
  6. 2) If you get offended, it's YOUR fault. No one in this channel is purposely trying to offend you. Everything here is serious discussion or jokes. Jokes are meant to be humorous, not offensive. Taking offense at something not intended to be offensive is like taking offense at your neighbor for watering his garden. It's pathetic. It's stupid. Just like how your neighbor isn't doing anything to you, the jokes in the chat are not meant to harm you.
  8. 3) I can and probably will give out mutes/bans/kicks without warning. Do not whine if I do. You should have read and agreed to the rules. If I think it was an accident, I'll warn you. Not reading the rules and not being informed does not count as an accident. Not knowing is one thing, but not WANTING to know is something else. I'll simply dismiss that as neglect to read the channel rules.
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