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  1. Let me be as direct as possible, the current wave of cloud consolidation is great for entrepreneurs, bad for customers. By now you’ve probably heard about the CA’s acquisition of 3Tera. So purely from the stand point of an entrepreneur the 3Tera acquisition is great for Enomaly from both a valuation point of view as well as a sales and marketing one. Effectively in the short term (while the logistics of the deal are worked out) we have one less competitor in a space where the vendor selection was and is — fairly limited.
  3. Already this morning our sales team has seen an uptick in interest from ex or soon to be ex-3tera customers looking for a true Elastic Computing platform. At the end of the day most hosting customers seem to rather work with a smaller customer driven company that can still offer a personal touch as well as direct influence over the roadmap and features of the product. Something that a much larger company just can’t do. With Enomaly you can still talk to the founders and our customers like this.
  5. On the bright side, CA’s acquisition is further proof of the booming opportunity in the Cloud Service provider market. If you’re a regional telcom, data center, or hosting provider without a cloud offering today, simply put, you’re being left behind. Assuming 3tera’s pipeline looks like ours, there is a tremendous amount of interest in this space. Actually amazing might be a better adjective. And unlike other areas of cloud computing, there is real money being to be made now, not tomorrow. CA’s M&A team obviously sees this opportunity, the real question is CA the best company to capitalize on this opportunity?
  7. This brings us to the logical question, is Enomaly next? When we started the company more then 6 years ago we did this with the goal of building a unique and different kind of company (An Anomaly if you will), something we had direct control of, something that was ours. Our heart and soul have gone in this company and we will continue to put our blood, sweat and tears into our products. Our goal has always been to build an independent, sustainable world class company. A company that has arguably been in the middle of one of biggest shifts ever seen in technology. I can’t tell you if someday Enomay will be bought or may we’ll start doing the buying, but what I can tell you is today we’re focusing on what we do best, building an innovative and unique platform for service providers. Simply put, our mission is to make you successful.
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