The Wumpus and the Tree

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  1. The wumpus and the tree.
  3. The beloved discord wumpus wondered around the discord office. He went to all the work stations, all the bosses, and more. For he was in search of a new friend. The sever moderators told him to go away, the coders told him to look else where, the graphics team told him to bug off so the could continue their work. No one had given the wumpus a chance to befriend him. He sighed as he looked out the window. The wumpus thought and thought and then it came to him! “ There is a world outside of this office!” The wumpus said while having a triumphant smile on his face. So his adventure to find a friend continued. He went down the elevator and down the stairs to be met with the door. ‘ Maybe someone can help me ‘ the wumpus thought. Yet hi thinking was wrong, no one opened the door for him! He sat at the door, waiting, and waiting, and waiting. But then! Someone went of out the door! The wumpus moved as fast as he could and snuck out pass the stranger and went into the outside! He walked around, past the cars, past the people, and past an odd looking tree. “ Hello! Will you be my friend?” Was the question the wumpus asked to every person, yet every person said no. The wumpus crossed the street into a small park and sighed “ no one wants to be my friend!” He leaned against the odd looking tree from before, looking at its bark. At the wumpus’s eye level he saw ‘ hack week discord 2019!’. It was almost dark out now but the wumpus ran! He crossed the street, he walked past the odd looking tree, he walked past the people, he walked pass the cars. He entered the discord building and he went up the stairs and up the elevator. The wumpus realized that everyone was busy with hack week! No one talked to him because they were busy! The sever moderators were helping people with their questions about hack week, the coders were making sure that everything would run smoothly for hack week, and the graphics team were trying to pick out logos for hack week! So the wumpus went to every station, every boss to help them. The wumpus always had friend but his friends were busy and he needed to help them!
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