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  1. Alright, you have very low conversation rate? Do you want to improve it? Follow the few simple tips below and I'm almost 100% sure that your conversation rate will increase.
  3. Tip 1) Alright so your niche is cracked version of Camtasia but your file is 0.30 KB. That's IMPOSSIBLE, some people are smart and take a look at the file size and once they see that the file is only 0.30 KB they'll just click the X button, you'll get CLICK but you wont get download and then you'll cry why your conversation rate is soooo low. So what i mean? Make sure the files you are offering are real or at least look like real, there's a lot of programs that can help you to change your file size. I don't remember any but if anyone here got one please PM me with mediafire link + virus scan.
  5. Virus Scan:
  6. https://www.virustotal.com/file/8fcc470 ... /analysis/
  8. Download link:
  9. http://www.mediafire.com/?55d9gqlacwyl22c
  11. Thanks to HFpuppies.
  13. Tip 2) Make sure you have professional looking name on your file. For example as I can see most files have name like "xbox generator.exe" or "facebook hack.exe" or something like that, to be honest it looks pretty unprofessional. I recommend you to spent few more seconds and make your file title look professional. For example if my niche is xbox live generator my file name would look like
  15. XBOX 360 Live Codes Generator - Updated May, 2012.rar
  17. Tip 3) As you can see we have option to put description on our files. It's pretty good and it will increase your conversation rate for sure. Make sure you write at least few words about your file. For example, in my descriptions I put this:
  19. "To download "My Niche" hit the Regular Download button. Few offers will popup, please complete one and get your "My Niche" for free! It's free, easy and takes only few seconds to complete!"
  21. Tip 4) Make sure on your blogs you have awesome download buttons. They'll attract people to download and yeah, will increase your conversation rate a lot!
  23. Tip 5) Virus scan. Many people ask for it, many people think that surveys are scam but it will take 2 more minutes from your time to scan your file at http://virustotal.com/ Just scan your file and show your visitors that they are downloading something that doesn't have virus.
  25. Tip 6) Now edit all your files, if needed re-upload them, put nice name/description, provide virus scan and increase your conversation rate!
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