Magia Record -- Yozuru MSS Ep. 3

Oct 14th, 2020
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  1. Magia Record
  2. SASAME Yozuru
  3. Mahou Shoujo Story #3
  4. "Protagonist: Yozuru"
  5. (release 1.0, translated by Sforzando, edits by Shirayuri)
  7. Yozuru: Oof... oof...
  8. I loved my mother.
  10. Loved my gentle mother.
  12. Nothing in particular caused me to.
  14. I loved her from before I could remember.
  16. Simply because, she was my mother.
  18. Yozuru: ...Phew. Guess that's enough for today.
  19. Yozuru: .....
  20. Yozuru: Yup, I look just like her --
  21. Yozuru: Like my mom!
  22. <One week until mother's birthday>
  24. I, her loving daughter,
  25. decided to gift her a picture portrait.
  27. I did so because I was relatively good at drawing,
  29. And because my mother let me take a movie-making class.
  31. And I'd make her a present with the techniques I studied so hard in that class.
  33. I thought it was a pretty great present idea.
  35. Yozuru: Oh, but tomorrow is my piano lesson.
  36. Yozuru: And swimming the day after that...
  37. Yozuru: I wanna go to sleep... but I guess I'll do a little more first.
  38. My mother had me learn many things.
  40. <On mother's birthday>
  42. Yozuru: Hey, mom!
  43. Yozuru's Mom: Goodness, what's all this? Somebody's in a good mood.
  44. Yozuru: I got something to show you!
  45. Yozuru's Mom: Whatever could it be?
  46. Yozuru's Mom: Oh, I know! The test you just had?
  47. Yozuru's Mom: You got it back today, right?
  48. Yozuru: Huh? H-how'd you know...?
  49. Yozuru's Mom: Nat-chan from next door mentioned it, remember?
  50. Yozuru's Mom: I hear Nat-chan got a 100..
  51. Yozuru's Mom: Nat-chan's was really thrilled too.
  52. Yozuru: Oh, right...
  53. Yozuru's Mom: And you got...
  54. Yozuru's Mom: Well, with those high spirits, I bet it's a 100, right?
  55. Yozuru: Um! Uhh... for now, look at this!
  56. Yozuru: Ta-da!
  57. Yozuru: Happy Birthday!!
  58. Yozuru: It's a portrait of you! I worked really hard on it!
  59. Yozuru's Mom: Oh? Thanks...
  60. Yozuru: Hee hee!
  61. Yozuru's Mom: But my nose isn't this high...
  62. Yozuru's Mom: and my lashes are shorter.
  63. Yozuru's Mom: Hmm....
  64. Yozuru's Mom: I saw your classmate Rit-chan's drawing of her mother...
  65. (Ricchan is more natural I guess)
  66. Yozuru's Mom: and it looked just like her. Much better than this.
  67. Yozuru: W-well, Rit-chan's good enough to win prizes in competitions...
  68. Yozuru's Mom: So you're saying you're satisfied NOT winning prizes? I didn't hear you whining just now, did I?
  69. Yozuru: Huh...?
  70. Yozuru's Mom: But enough of that. Show me your test.
  71. Yozuru: ...Okay...
  72. Yozuru's Mom: ---?!
  73. Yozuru's Mom: What kind of socre is this?! This is your worst yet!
  74. Yozuru: Eek...
  75. Yozuru's Mom: Don't tell me...! When did you draw this picture?!
  76. Yozuru: I started ten days ago...
  77. Yozuru's Mom: That was right before the test!!
  78. Yozuru's Mom: Why would you do such a thing?!
  79. Yozuru's Mom: You had more important things to do than this picture, did you not?!
  80. Yozuru's Mom: There’s so much you can’t do compared to the other children --
  81. Yozuru's Mom: You've got to at least learn how to manage your time properly.
  82. Yozuru's Mom: You won't be able to go on living at this rate!! Why can't you get that through your head?!
  83. Yozuru's Mom: ARGH! I'm so pissed off!!
  84. Yozuru's Mom: This is the worst birthday ever!!!
  85. *RIP*
  86. Yozuru: What...?
  87. Yozuru: Stop it!
  88. Yozuru: STOP IT!!!
  89. Yozuru's Mom: God damn this picture!!!
  90. *RIP RIP RIP RIP!!*
  91. Yozuru: A- aa--...
  93. I loved my mother.
  94. Loved my gentle mother.
  96. For no reason.
  97. Simply because, she was my mother.
  99. But my mother was hard on me.
  100. Simply because, I was her precious daughter.
  102. Yozuru: I'm going now.
  103. Yozuru's Mom: Okaaay, give it your best shot...!
  105. My mother was gentle.
  107. She divorced my father before I could remember,
  108. And raised me as a single mother.
  110. She raised me gently, not throwing me away.
  111. She was simply, slightly passionate about schooling.
  113. She simply wanted me to be like the other children.
  115. *music playing*
  116. Yozuru: Ta-da!
  117. Yozuru: What do you think? It's a song I just learned!
  118. Yozuru's Mom: Very well done!
  119. Yozuru's Mom: Is that for your next recital?
  120. Yozuru: Yeah!
  121. Yozuru's Mom: I'm looking forward to it!
  123. My mother was never one for
  124. unreasonable "Seize the World!" type talk.
  126. She made me practice, not so I could turn pro,
  127. But simply as part of my education.
  129. Perhaps because of my father's absence,
  130. And the way her job kept her out of the house until late at night,
  132. Making me practice so much was, in part,
  133. Her way of keeping me from feeling lonely.
  135. That why, the moment I could play a new song according to the sheet music,
  136. she would be very happy.
  138. It's just that...
  140. Yozuru: W-what's wrong...?
  141. Yozuru's Mom: isn't it obvious?! Your piano practice!!
  142. Yozuru: What...?
  143. Yozuru: But I just played so much at the recital...
  144. Yozuru: I wasn't gonna play today...
  145. Yozuru's Mom: The rehearsal's the whole point!
  146. Yozuru's Mom: There were so many kids there who were better than you!!
  148. It's just that, every so often...
  150. She would compare me to other children
  151. And become suddenly anxious...
  153. And turn into a strict mother.
  154. Like Jekyll and Hyde.
  156. Yozuru: It hurts! Please, stop!!
  158. At length, my mother's outbursts of strictness
  159. Became accompanied by pain.
  161. When the young me -- No, it's not just me.
  162. When a young child is subjected to pain,
  163. That terror and anxiety fills their mind.
  165. That terror and anxiety filled my mind.
  166. The young me became, simply, quiet.
  168. Quietly doing what she told me.
  169. Becoming my mother's good little girl.
  171. ...But that didn't last long.
  173. Yozuru's Mom: What's with that attitude?!
  174. Yozuru: Look, you're the one who's wrong here!
  175. Yozuru's Mom: I'm not wrong at all!!
  176. Yozuru: ...God, this is exactly why he divorced you!
  177. Yozuru's Mom: ---?!
  178. Yozuru's Mom: Why would you say such a thing?!?
  180. As I entered middle school and my body matured,
  181. Within my heart, my personality began to grow the first buds of rebellion.
  183. This led to me talking back to my mother.
  185. And on this day, I would realize something important.
  186. Yozuru: Urgh.... Stop it!!
  187. Yozuru's Mother: Eek?!
  188. Had I not realized it then,
  189. Perhaps I would have remained her convenient child forever...
  190. Yozuru: Mom...
  191. I was a middle schooler
  192. At the top end of my class for physical prowess.
  193. And my mother was a middle aged woman whose physique was in decline.
  195. There was no way I could lose in a physical contest.
  197. In that moment...
  198. I had gained the spirit and body to fight against
  199. Her unfair, stifling tyrrany.
  201. But looking back, I don't know what's right.
  203. What I can say for certain is:
  205. The tragedy could have been averted,
  207. And had I not rejoiced in my long-sought freedom,
  208. Freedom would have been the only thing I lost.
  209. ---
  210. Yozuru: Oh, look at the time. Guess I'd better go.
  211. Yozuru's Mom: N-now you just wait a moment, Yozuru!
  212. Yozuru: What?
  213. Yozuru's Mom: You've got cram school today! What're you carrying that for?
  214. Yozuru: Look, you signed me up for cram school without asking me.
  215. Yozuru: I don't plan on going there. I've never ever wanted to go.
  216. Yozuru's Mom: I'm... I'm your mother!! I'm doing all of this for your future!
  217. Yozuru: Yeah, and your hurting me in the process. Why can't you see that?!
  218. Yozuru: You're just trying to turn me into your property, aren't you?
  219. Yozuru's Mom: How can you say that?!
  220. Yozuru: .....
  221. *SLAM*
  222. Yozuru's Mom: Noo... Yozuru... Why....?
  224. I had my freedom from my mother's grasp,
  226. Surely ceasing to be the ideal child she envisioned.
  228. Ceasing to be the obedient, darling little girl on rails
  229. Heading towards my mother's vision of a bright future.
  231. Yozuru's Mom: Yozuru...
  232. Yozuru's Mom: What was my mistake...? Where did I go wrong...?
  234. Eventually my mother would mutter such things to herself
  235. Almost every day
  237. Only now do I understand:
  238. These weren't criticisms of me,
  240. But lamentations for the future that I,
  241. Who strayed from the rails of her vision, would never see.
  243. But shackles were her only method...
  245. And I understood it well,
  246. Fearing a return to being under her thumb
  247. Despite having the means to resist.
  249. However, before long...
  251. My mother died.
  253. She had been walking, gazing at the skies above,
  254. When a distracted trucker ran her over.
  256. That said, it was an unobstructed road.
  258. The driver or the pedestrian --
  259. Had either one noticed the other,
  260. Such an accident should never have happened, they said.
  262. I had finally obtained my freedom,
  263. But strangely, when I thought about it,
  264. I couldn't help but cry.
  266. (man): Here is the amount of money you can withdraw.
  267. Yozuru: .....
  268. Yozuru: This much...?
  269. (man): Yes, your mother had an unusually large insurance policy --
  270. (man): -- for the case of accidental death.
  271. (man): I believe she was concerned for you, her only daughter's wellbeing.
  272. (man): She must have been a fine parent...
  273. Yozuru: .....
  274. (man): Well, this concludes my business here.
  275. Yozuru: ...Thank you for your time.
  276. Yozuru: ...I guess I should deal with mom's things...
  277. Yozuru: After all, I'm moving in with my uncle next week...
  278. Yozuru: I wonder if I can sell these clothes. They're nice, after all...
  279. Yozuru: ...I think this is what she wore to my piano recital...
  280. Yozuru: ...I'll think about it later.
  281. Yozuru: Hmm...? This is...
  282. Yozuru: ...A diary...? Mother-Daughter Journal...?
  284. OO/XX
  285. The baby kicked my belly a lot today.
  286. She must be in a hurry to get outside.
  287. Be patient, okay?
  288. I'll give you so much love.
  290. OO/XX
  291. The told me you were a breach baby, coming out feet first.
  292. You must have wanted to run around as soon as possible.
  293. Don't worry, you'll get better with a little exercise.
  294. Your mom'll do her best for you.
  296. OO/XX
  297. Hello, baby!
  298. I want you to be swaddled in love,
  299. So I named you after the symbol of motherly love: the night crane.
  300. The world is overflowing with so much love, you know.
  302. OO/XX
  303. Stop the presses! Today, Yozuru turned over in her crib
  304. For the first time!!
  305. Now that she can move, her mom has that much more to worry about.
  306. Great stuff, bring on the worrying!
  308. I began reading this mother-daughter journal, which I'd never seen before.
  310. In it were records of my mother and me, from before I could remember.
  312. OO/XX
  313. Looks like we made someone at Nursery School cry again today...
  314. I guess one year old is a bit early for Yozuru to go to Nursery School.
  315. It's my fault as the mother.
  316. Guess I'll go with her tomorrow and apologize.
  318. OO/XX
  319. Got called to Nursery School again today.
  320. Maybe if I could look after her more things would go better?
  321. Sorry for being such a stupid mother.
  322. Yozuru, it's not your fault.
  324. According to the mother-daughter journal...
  325. I was a bit rambunctious as a small child --
  326. A bit irritable sometimes.
  328. OO/XX
  329. Your mother just quit her job today.
  330. Now you won't have to go to Nursery School.
  331. Your daddy says he'll work extra for me too,
  332. So you can relax and be with me.
  334. OO/XX
  335. Your daddy says he's tired.
  336. But he's still sending money, so don't you worry.
  337. ...I know there's stuff to worry about, but your mom will give it her all.
  338. I promise you'll never be looked down on for having a "single parent".
  340. To let me live normally, like the other children...
  342. Yozuru: .....
  343. Yozuru: ...Is that what it was...?
  345. Even after I got older,
  346. It seems my mother continued the diary.
  348. It contained her fears for my future,
  349. And her regret and apologies for letting those fears
  350. Turn into outbursts of strictness.
  352. On the final page,
  353. that portrait I'd drawn and she'd ripped up that day,
  354. was tucked inside.
  356. It had been taped back together with care,
  357. and by it were words of apology and a sloppy portrait of me.
  359. Yozuru: I'm so sorry... Mom...
  361. All of it was my fault.
  363. She loved me when I was irritable.
  364. She shielded me from the eyes of those aroud us,
  365. Trying to give me a normal life when our home was falling apart...
  367. And all I did was take it for granted, like nothing was wrong...
  369. Of course, not everything she did was forgiveable.
  371. Yozuru: (Mom, you really were a fool...)
  372. Yozuru: (A hopeless parent...)
  373. Yozuru: (...So why is it...)
  374. Yozuru: (...I want to see you so badly...?)
  375. Yozuru: (To see you just once, to apologize and thank you, and praise what you've done.)
  376. Yozuru: (I'll really... never see you again, will I?)
  377. Yozuru: (...No, I *can* see you!)
  379. I had a moment of clarity.
  380. And in it, devised the best possible solution.
  382. Yozuru: All I have to do is die...!
  383. Yozuru: I mean, everything was my fault from the start...!
  384. Yozuru: How could I let my mother die, while I -- the root of all evil --
  385. Yozuru: go on living?!
  386. Yozuru: And when I die, I'll get to see my mother in Hell...!
  387. Yozuru: I can apologize there.
  388. Yozuru: When I'm dead, it'll be so easy to make amends...!
  389. Yozuru: She'll be at peace...! Everything solved all at once!
  390. Kyuubei: Hi there, Sasame Yozuru. Pleased to meet you.
  392. I had the perfect plan at the perfect time
  393. when Kyuubei appeared.
  395. Yozuru: ...Anything I want can come true...?
  396. Kyuubei: Sure, I can even bringing back someone you've lost from the dead.
  397. Yozuru: ...Really? That's amazing.
  398. Yozuru: But there are things that can't be fixed just by coming back to life...
  399. Yozuru: ...So, I guess I'm not interested.
  400. Yozuru: ...What about the other way around: can you kill someone I hate?
  401. Kyuubei: Of course I can. Easily.
  402. Kyuubei: And far more certainly and effectively than human means could, I would say.
  403. Yozuru: Now THAT is convenient.
  405. And so I Wished...
  407. Yozuru: I want to die, right now.
  408. Yozuru: I want peace in death so much I can barely stand it.
  409. Yozuru: I want to die and make amends.
  410. Yozuru: So what I want you to do to me is...
  411. Yozuru: ...make me so I can go on living.
  415. My means to an easy death was right before my eyes,
  417. But to die as an attempt to apologize to my mother
  418. would be cowardice, not any sort of penitance.
  420. I mustn't forgive myself, no matter what.
  422. I am the Night Crane, bearing a full measure of her mother's love.
  423. And so I must live on.
  425. cried out the innermost me...
  427. And so I wished not for death... but for life.
  429. Kyuubei: So that's your wish?
  430. Kyuubei: I see. True, you do seem liable to die at any moment.
  432. I must have been crushed under so much guilt
  433. that I was wavering between life and death...
  435. And the result of my wish:
  436. The loss of the guilt that sought to end my own life.
  438. And instead of killing the whole of myself,
  440. I killed only that part that is "gentleness".
  441. And lived on.
  442. ---
  443. Livia: Yozuru, you're doin' great.
  444. Livia: Plenty'a Magical Girls contracted under heavy wishes can't fight.
  445. Yozuru: Us included?
  446. Livia: Right. That's why we chose to live as Coordinators.
  447. Livia: But you're missin' the ability to pick up on an emotion all Coordinators need.
  448. Yozuru: ...It'll take more than that to make me drop dead, though.
  449. Yozuru: My mother trained me better than that.
  450. Livia: That a fact?
  451. Yozuru: It is. Now that my life has been saved, I intend to live it to the very fullest.
  453. And so, at the summit of the freedom and blessings I grasped...
  455. Yozuru: I intend... to go on living.
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