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  1. SissySeneen  leans over, planting her plump lips on Haji's cheek in a sweet smooch
  3. HajimeMitsuyoshi  nuzzles sissy's cheek as she smooched him
  5. SissySeneen  smiled to him, chuckling a little
  7. SissySeneen  leans over and gives Haji another smooch to his cheek
  9. HajimeMitsuyoshi  his ears perk up a bit as he got smooched again and turns his head to lick her cheek back
  11. SissySeneen  chuckles at the lick "Careful now, dont want to get into a licking war with me, because I would win~♥"
  13. HajimeMitsuyoshi: oh?
  14. HajimeMitsuyoshi: i say i beg to differ on that note lol
  15. SissySeneen: I say that because I have 3 tongues~♥
  16. HajimeMitsuyoshi: and i know how to use my one very , very , very~ well ;)
  17. HajimeMitsuyoshi: xD
  18. SissySeneen: And i know how to use my 3, very very very well~♥ ;o
  19. HajimeMitsuyoshi: and in retort to that heh , dont start nothing you cant finish~♥ heh~
  20. SissySeneen: I always finish what I start~♥
  21. HajimeMitsuyoshi: is that so?
  22. HajimeMitsuyoshi: guess that nap earlier did you some good then xD
  23. SissySeneen: Indeed it did~ xD
  25. HajimeMitsuyoshi  lightly shrugs his shoulders as he leaned in towards sissy's face and would plant a kiss on her cheek dangerously close to her lips while licking her softly afterwards
  27. SissySeneen  tilted her head slightly at the kiss to her cheek, then chuckled feeling the lick. Shed part her plump lips, and allows that unnaturally long tongue of hers to slip on out and lick him right back on his cheek, then it gives his lips a lick before sliding further up to lick his nose
  29. HajimeMitsuyoshi  he'd smirk as soon as he felt her tongue lick his maw's lips and would nip at her tongue before it reached his nose , his own flat, yet wide tongue attempting to catch it in his maw as hers would lick up to his nose
  31. SissySeneen  chuckled again flicking his nose once again with her tongue before it slips on back down to his maw lips and tongue. Her own smooth tongue teasingly rubs against his a few times, while it does so she turns her head so she is facing him and leans in closer a smirk on her parted plump lips
  33. HajimeMitsuyoshi  his eyes narrow with a loving gaze as she would turn her head to face him while feeling their tongues rub and flick against each other , seizing the moment as it were; he would slurp up her tongue into his maw while at the same time pushing only a bit of her tongue's length back into her own mouth as his would curl and wrap around hers , drawing his maw's lips in closer and closing the gap between them as he planted a deep and passionate kiss on her lips , his tongue swirling around in her mouth when they made contact
  35. SissySeneen  a smirk remained on her plump lips as she mets his gaze with a loving one of her own, giving him a little wink while she was at it. Her tongue continues to rub against his, shed then 'Mmn' when he slurps her tongue into his maw it draws back some into her mouth at his push. The length of tongue he took into his maw playfully wrestles with his, all the while leaning in more also closing the gap between them, a shiver of delight runs down her spine to between her legs when their lips met, she deeply kissed him right back, matching his passion. Shed move even closer, leaning forward more, pressing her large breasts more firmly against him, while her tongue continues to wrestle with his, using its prehensile nature to its advantage, and fully wrapped around his, essentailly pinning it
  37. HajimeMitsuyoshi  he'd let a soft moan escape his maw as they deep in a passionate kiss feeling her unnaturally long tongue pin his within his maw yet still not giving into her tongues form, using the diferent tricks at his disposal his tongue would condense itself into a narrow tube like shape while being between their lips and maw, wrestling back for controll and advantage as it slips from her coiling hold of it soon to then quickly change its shape again and use its wide width to fully wrap and hug what length of her tongue was inside his maw. feeling her full formed breasts press into him hed instinctively wrapped his arms around her waist , pulling her up into his lap having her straddle his lap facing him. his handpaws soon to travel still along her nice thicc and curvy body down to rest upon the top of her cheeks , tenderly squeezing them between his large digits as he gripped her up pulling and grinding her closer into his lap, smooshing her boobs against his chest while he'd continued to kiss her deeply and passiaonately  
  39. SissySeneen  shed 'mmn'd' once more in her throat as they continued to share a deep passionate kiss, her tongue coils even tighter around his trying to keep it pinned but finds that it had escaped, her tongue tries to gain control once again but only finds itself wrapped within his, where it just gives in and allows his to have control, rubbing against it while its wrapped up. Meanwhile, feeling him wrap his strong arms around her waist, she trails her hands up his chest digging her nails in some, all the way up to his neck, then just wraps her arms around his neck while he pulls her on his lap which she happily straddles. Once somewhat settled on his lap, shed press her large breasts against even more firmly on his chest, then wiggled her wide hips, making those plump cheeks jiggle and wobble in his grip, the wiggle motion of her hips also causing her to grind right on his lap, all the while still locked in a kiss with him
  41. HajimeMitsuyoshi  feeling her wiggle her hips and her jiggling rump in his lap would have his unsheathed member react in kind; quickly growing and unsheathing itself to its full massive and pulsating glory, rising up from underneath her and sliding against and in between her exposed slit as its length continued to slide up even being exposed between her jiggling cheeks. rubbing and nudging its heat against her folds while his knot would then begin to press into her. his pawhands still firmly yet tenderly gripped into the plumpness of her wiggling hips as it rode out the waves of her motions in his lap , grinding her more intensely in his lap while his maw was still connected to hers in a passionately deep and tongue tied kiss , moanong a bit more against her lips as his full growth brushed against her wet folds , feeling the dripping heat of her sex against his
  43. SissySeneen  shed continued to teasingly wiggle those wide hips, making those cheeks continue to wobble and jiggle in his grip but pauses when she feels his length unsheath and brush and rub against her already damp slit and that knot press against her sensitive nub makes her shiver very hard, and lets a moan escape from her throat into the kiss they were sharing. She presses her hips down more on his lap, and shifts slightly so that his throbbing length would wedge between those phat ass cheeks, hot-dogging it, which also allows her damp slit to press more against his shaft then she proceeds to grind on his lap, rubbing that length with not only with her asscheeks, but her slit as well coating it in her wetness, never breaking from their kiss
  45. HajimeMitsuyoshi  as he would continue to kiss her deeply and passionately as their tongues were swirling and coiling around the other between their lips and maw while experiencing his lengthy shaft and girth be practically sandwiched between the plump and busty buns which would be her ass cheeks he would raise a single one of his pawhands and would quickly drop it back down on her ass cheeks , smacking it harshly yet still tenderly making her ass make a loud clapping sound having it echo and travel through out the room , gripping fimrly and tightly upon impact when it made contact once morre with her plump flesh , lightly moving his hips in an upwards motion into her rubbing and digging the girth of his shaft more into her dripping wet folds , rubbing and teasing her clit in the process. his head jerking back only a little while his maw was still deeply connected with her lips
  47. SissySeneen  jumped just a little in surprise at the impact of his handpaw to her phat cheek in a harsh tender smack, then lets out another moan from her throat into their locked lips from it, those cheeks wobble, jiggle, and bounce from the smack for a second before it stops when he grips on it again. Those wide hips of hers never stopped from grinding on his lap, his length had slipped free from being wedged between her phat asscheeks when he delivered the smack to one but her damp slit continued to rub and grind against it, her body shuddering in pleasure when he grinds right back against it getting another moan from her throat. She leans her head up more following his when he jerks his head back so their lips are not disconnected, and their kiss is not ended just yet
  49. HajimeMitsuyoshi  he'd smirk against her lips as his ears perked to the sensual sounds of her fluttering moans escaping her throat into his maw~ , leaning in towards her to deepen the already tongue locked kiss, he would take both of his pawhands and grip tightly into her soft and plump cheeks , squeezing them sensually before parting them to wedge his shaft between them once more , his hips now moving a bit more faster but not yet with intent to insert as he rubs and grinds his girthy length into her moistening folds and sensitive clit further coating his member in the hot sweet juices of her sex while clapping her cheeks around the shape of shaft and knot giving her wettest dry hump experience ever , intentionally teasing her til the right time would arise itself. inhaling her sweet intoxicating scent while doing so as a low pleasurable growl of pure dominance escaped his maw into her throat as they kissed
  51. SissySeneen  her gold eyes gaze at his own, and locks onto them as their kiss is deepened even further feeling that smirk on his lips she bites and nibbled on his bottom lip, then smirks herself. She paused her hip movents a moment so he can wedge that cock of his back between them, once he does she clenched those cheeks around his cock tightly then resumes grinding and rubbing on it for a bit longer, starting to let out more consistant moans into his lip as the pleasures builds even quicker with all the humping and grinding, but she soon starts to get rather impaitent. She pulls back from this kiss that has lasted quite a long while, breaking the contact of their lips, drawing her tongue back into her maw and just leans into his neck and bites down on it, while she haults all movements of those hips lifting them up again to reposition and put the tip of his cock at her entrance and in a single hard slam of those hips back down she shoves every bit of his length all the way down to his knot, but not shoving that in just yet, into her tight depths
  53. HajimeMitsuyoshi  he would chuckle lightly as she began to nibble and bite on his maw's lower lip , his body almost tingling from the excitement not only he was feeling but what sissy was feeling , getting more of a high off of their shared and intimte experience together as they wers kissing deeply and grinding into each other like the dogs in perpetual heat they were , his ears wiggle in rhythm to the ascending sounds of her moans as they continued their grinding and rubbing into each others sex, until hed noticed sissy would raise her hips and ass from his lap only to quickly and in one successful motion drop the weight of her hips and rump onto his length , her greedy and wanting wet entrance accepting all but of his knot inside herself , his head tilting back from the sudden feeling of his cock being wrapped inside the warm moist textured walls of her pussy, the instant he had realized that his knot wasnt also being enveloped by her lower lips he would slip and wrap his arms under and around her legs and in the same motion lift himself from the seats of the sofa , lifting her up into the air while still being connected to his cock , adjusting and turning them around wo where her back was facing the couch and he would proceed to drop her into the cushions of the couch back first. slamming his hips and weight down into her shoving the entirety of his length into her knot and all , his tip making a nice and cozy home within the deepest and wettess depths of her womb as his bulging mass would make a more than noticable imprint of its shape in her stomach. giving her only but a brief moment to savor every last throbbing inch of his length inside her before slowly starting to move his hips into her
  55. SissySeneen  shed nuzzle into his neck, biting down onto it rather hard, digging her teeth in while her hips start to grind once more when they settle for a moment after slamming down, her insides happily accepting his cock inside, squeezing very snuggly around him while also grinding and rubbing against him with the motion of her hips, but that is soon paused with her biting of his neck when she feels herself being lifted up, her arms tighten around his neck, her legs wrap more around him squeezing those strong thick thighs around him briefly. She turns to look to see where he was going only to find herself dropped onto her back on the couch, she lets out a small grunt when she hits the couch cusion with her back then she lets out a loud gasping moan and jerks a little shortly after when he slams his length all the way inside, including that knot. She takes a moment to enjoy being fully filled up, and rubs on the small bulge on her belly from his cock, grinning up at him. After that moment she lifted her hips higher as she felt him start to move, she shudder in antichpation biting on her lower hip her gold eyes looking right up at him
  57. HajimeMitsuyoshi  whild still having his arms wrapped around and under her legs feeling her lift her own hips up into his thrusts hed help a bit with her angle and lift her up just a bit more as he brought his right leg up to the sofa cushions amd adjusts and angles his own hips into her more so that his cock would reach an even deeper depth than before as he begun to slam his pelvis into her , his knot making sloshing and light popping sounds each time it would leave and then be roughly shoved back in between the folds of her inviting pussy lips , each thrust into her making her thicc and plump thighs and asscheeks wiggle and jiggle upon impact , clapping loudly against her wet and juice covered flesh , the girth of his cock seemingly getting bigger with each thrust he laid into her with his thick pulsating throbbing wolf cock , digging and bracing his feetpaws into the carpet and sofa seats to get a better grip of her bouncing body slamming back into him , his groans and grunts of pleasure getting to be more louder by the passing second as he looked up from beyond the visage of her flailing boobs that were also jiggling with each thrust looking back into her golden hue eyes with a conifdent look and a satisfying smirk on his maw
  59. SissySeneen  shed wiggle her hips as he angles and positions himself better, to hit even deeper into her depths, then she jerk in pleasure letting out a loud moan from her throat as the rough slamming, that she greatly enjoys, begins. She reaches up grabbing ahold of her bouncing, jiggling breasts so they wont smack into her face to much, since they do often when shes in this position, then she starts to pull, and twist on her stiff nipples making them even harder and more sensitive while they bounce, her legs wrap around him the best they could since he already had a good grip on them, to try and further brace herself from bouncing to much. She continued to look up at him with her gold eyes, a smirk on her own lips while loud moans continue to errupt from them
  61. HajimeMitsuyoshi  showing off a bit of his fangs in his toothy grin as he looks into the golden hued eyes of sissy as he practically assualts her insides with his pulsating , veiny , rock hard throbbing wolf cock , increasing the strenth of each rough and strong stroke of his cock he laid into her; his ears perking and wiggling to the escalating sounds of her moans of pure extacy and his cock violently bashing against the back of sissy's womb as if he were trying to personally mold her insides to the form and shape of his cock while it would continue to leave an impressional imprint into her stomach . his thrust getting faster and faster as he was building up for an epic climax in itself , his massive throbbing wolf cock twitching with each thrust getting closer to completely over fill her womb with his hot wolf milk , his grip around her legs tightens as the clapping sunds between them get louder and begin to echo across the room , nudging and moving out of place the couch they were on, his growls of pleasure escaping more from his throat
  63. SissySeneen  grins up at him, showing a little of her own fangs while panting rather heavily between all her moaning. Her legs tighten even more around him as the strength of his rough thrusts increase more and more, her insides squeezing and clenching even more around his throbbing cock trying to already milk the pupper batter out of him. Her nails start to dig into the flesh of her breasts as she grips harder on them as they continue to bounce and jiggle with all the motions. Shed start thrusting her hips roughly back to meet with his, starting to get just a little more aggressive herself as her own epic climax builds and grows
  65. HajimeMitsuyoshi  feeling her begin to clench tighter around his cock was all the sign he needed as he haults his motions for a full 5 seconds , within that time his eyes would begin glow a bright golden yellow and his body would bulk up in mass and size as well as his cock growing along with him , he'd start to grip even more tighter into sissy's flesh as his claws grew out from his finger tips , digging and damn near piercing into her soft and plump flesh, his fnags increased in size as well as he kept his still loving gaze into sissy's golden hued eyes , his knot swelling and twitching as if it were ready to burst and his growling pleasurable grunts would grow louder , more intimidating dominant as he he narrowed his eyes on her , as the 5 seconds were up his pawhands would slip to her asscheeks raking his claws along her soft flesh as he did so leaving marks , lifting her up from the cushions of the couch with nothing but the effort of him moving his arms up and would lift her on to his chest having her rest souly on the stiffness of his hardend cock as he then proceeded to lift about bounce her on his now over sized massive length. the force of each thrust into her making a loud thunderous clapping sound as his rod would scrap, pull , mash and mangle the inside of her textured walls as he was now molding her innards to his shape , his claws digging and spreading her asscheeks apart futher and further while his cock would drill deeper into her. her womb?; becoming nothing but a messed up gooey flesh toy to his assualting spearing cock head , leaning his head forward he woud bite into her neck hard enough to leave his mark on her with out drawing blood and would growl out his moans into her flesh as he delivered the final exploding thrust that would begin to fill her up quickly with his hot thick and creamy pupper batter juice , pouring seemingly gallon after hefty gallon of his cum into her what remain of her battered and bruised womb ~ digging his claws and fangs even deeper into her as he continued to pump his hips into her , his knot only being able to hold so much of the flooding wolf milk back before it began to spill from her tightly clenched yet leaking hole all while releasing a satisfactory growling moan into her neck as he bit down even harder into her , his hot and creamy gift to her inflating her stomach like a ballon ready to pop, holding her closely against his chest as he rode out his explosive and errupting climax
  67. SissySeneen  Shed blink a little in surprise when she feels him hault, her eyes widen as she watched him as he grew larger and changed. Her body shuddering hard with delight feeling his new claws dig more into her plump flesh as his grip tightens, her gold eyes lock once again back on his now glowing eyes shed bite on her plump lower lip with a fang letting out a soft moan feeling that large knot swell and twitch, the sound of his growling grunts growing more dominate, also makes her shudder more all within this short pause. Shed let out a small moaning grunt when she feels his claws leave marks on her rump, and as he lifts her up once again, shed lay her hands on his chest sinking her sharp nails into his fur down to his flesh hidden underneath as he started to lift and bounce her on his cock, her lips part more as her moans of pleasure, and her hard panting get even louder adding to the already thunderous noise of each impact, her tongue slipping out drooling down all over her bouncing breasts. Her toes start curling from all the sensations of pleasure and delight, while her insides happily takes this aggressive and rough assault of his cock, shed tilt her head right back at his bite too it, which just heightens her pleasure even more, and sends her even closer to her own climax but when he delivers that final thrust, and she feels that first spurt of his puppy batter, that is what sends her reeling right into her climax. A small howl of pure pleasure and extacy leaves her throat while she clenched and impossibly tightens even more, her body leaning very heavily forward into him while her body jerks and twitched with every pump of his milk into her, small moans and groans follow her howl as she is filled to the brim, and inflated with even more. As they both ride out their climaxes together, she just stays in place leaning and partially laying on him while he holds her up, not minding the big mess they have both created on the floor and couch below them, that continued to drip from them
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