Oran Mini: The Egg Fixer-Upper-- Or Something

Jul 23rd, 2011
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  1. [03:26:39] * KujiUn is wrapping three eggs in warm blankets... they look comfy.
  2. [03:27:53] * Ricki waddles into the daycare, holding not one, but TWO . . . No, wait. That second one's just a bird sitting in an eggshell. Silly Vullaby, looking like eggs. He looks just a little bit clueless.
  3. [03:28:57] <KujiUn> "Ah, Ricki! How are you- oh, you've come here to have me take care of your egg?"
  4. [03:31:43] <Ricki> "Hai! I saw these pieces of papers with eggs that kinda looked like these two... Kinda."
  5. [03:32:23] <Ricki> "There were a lot of 'em, and I thought it was like a trail... You follow 'em all, and it leads you to the treasure!"
  6. [03:32:35] <KujiUn> "Well, what I do is turn them into Pokemon!"
  7. [03:32:48] <KujiUn> "Well, not the egg looking Pokemon. Just the eggs."
  8. [03:33:33] <Ricki> " . . . " The grin on Ricki's face grows to astronomical proportions... Like, you'd think his mouth would tear open if it went much further. "You can turn the eggs into Pokemon?!?"
  9. [03:33:39] <Ricki> "That is . . ."
  10. [03:34:01] <Ricki> "SO COOL!"
  11. [03:34:24] <KujiUn> "That's what I do. Do you want me to turn your egg into a Pokemon?"
  12. [03:35:37] <Ricki> BOOM! Joanna suddenly finds both of the eggs thrust into her arms... Or her chest, depending on how well-prepared she was. But they're there now, though the bird squawks a bit angrily at Ricki.
  13. [03:36:07] <KujiUn> "Um... only one of these is an egg, Ricki."
  14. [03:37:02] <Ricki> "Well, she's in the other egg. Can't you take her out and turn that egg into a Pokemon, too?"
  15. [03:37:38] <KujiUn> "Um... well..." Joanna takes out her notebook and...
  16. [03:38:05] <KujiUn> "Yes, I can, but it'll be faster if you did it yourself."
  17. [03:40:14] <Ricki> "Okay!" Ricki takes the Vullaby back and . . . Begins tugging on- Oh GOD, is he trying to remove the Vullaby from the shell?
  18. [03:40:31] <KujiUn> "Oh, wait! I didn't mean THAT!"
  19. [03:41:40] <Ricki> "But you said . . . It'd be faster if I did it myself!" *tug tug* The poor bird squawks in pain.
  20. [03:41:55] <KujiUn> "No! I meant... stop doing that first."
  21. [03:42:50] <Ricki> "Oh... Okay." And with that, the Vullaby no longer finds itself being tugged on. Who knows how much worse that could have ended up for it?
  22. [03:43:25] <KujiUn> "Alright. If you want to get that one out of its shell, you have to use it more often.
  23. [03:44:43] <Ricki> "I can do that!"
  24. [03:44:58] <KujiUn> "Alright. Now as for this one..."
  25. [03:46:42] <KujiUn> "I'll take care of the egg. If you come back tomorrow, it will turn into a Pokemon, right before your eyes!"
  26. [03:48:30] <Ricki> "Come back tomorrow... I can do that... I think."
  27. [03:49:14] <KujiUn> "Alright, then!" And with that, Joanna fetched a blanket for the egg, wrapping most of the egg up in the blanket.
  28. [03:52:05] <Ricki> Ricki waddles out with the bird under his shoulder, heading off to to GOD knows what before coming back . . . Eventually to pick up the egg.
  29. [03:55:02] <KujiUn> "Ah, Ricki, you're just in time."
  30. [03:55:05] <Ricki> He returns the next day (miraculously enough) with a further disgruntled bird.
  31. [03:55:41] * KujiUn has the egg wrapped up on the counter. She's watching it intensely.
  32. [03:55:51] <Ricki> "You're gonna make the egg turn into a Pokemon now?!?" He's kinda jumping up and down excitedly to see what's gonna pop out of it.
  33. [03:56:19] <KujiUn> "Yep." And with that, a crack formed on the top of the egg.
  34. [03:57:31] <Ricki> " . . . " He watches the egg. "Is that what's supposed to happen? I thought you said it was gonna turn into a Pokemon."
  35. [03:58:06] <KujiUn> And the top flew off. "You might want to cover your eyes now." she said to Ricki, doing so.
  36. [03:59:34] <Ricki> "But the egg... I think it just broke! We gotta fix it!" He drops the Vullaby and runs over to the fragment of the egg shell, picking it up in an attempt to put it back in place.
  37. [03:59:53] <KujiUn> "Don't do-" FLASH BANG!
  38. [04:00:40] <Ricki> "But I gotta fix- WHOAAA!!!" Bright flashes of light and Ricki don't mix well, and he runs into something as a result.
  39. [04:01:20] <KujiUn> And that something is the counter. Joanna uncovers her eyes and sees...
  40. [04:03:36] <Ricki> Ricki pulls himself up and off of the floor... Still holding the piece of egg shell, and looks over to where the egg once was...
  41. [04:03:53] <Ricki> "Aww, I couldn't fix it..."
  42. [04:04:14] <KujiUn> A Lillipup. "Alright, there's your Pokemon!"
  43. [04:06:07] <Ricki> " . . . " Ricki looks at the Lillipup, and the egg shells around it . . . " . . . How'd that get in there?!?"
  44. [04:06:51] <KujiUn> "Like I said. I turn eggs into Pokemon."
  45. [04:09:34] <Ricki> "Oh . . . Okay!" That seems just a little bit too easy. "But why can't you turn her egg into a Pokemon? It's an egg too, right?"
  46. [04:09:59] * Ricki points over to the Vullaby, which is kinda rolling around on the floor. Silly eggshells, why you so hard to move around in?
  47. [04:10:44] <KujiUn> "Well, that Vullaby came out of an egg. The egg is actually their skin.
  48. [04:14:11] <Ricki> "Okay..." That kinda went in one ear and out the other.
  49. [04:14:41] <KujiUn> "That egg is already a Pokemon."
  50. [04:15:50] <Ricki> "It can't be both. That's just silly..."
  51. [04:16:14] <KujiUn> "You're right. It isn't an egg anymore."
  52. [04:18:21] <Ricki> " . . . " Ricki stops looking at the bird, or thinking about it for that matter, because it's making his head hurt, and redirects his attention to the little puppy.
  53. [04:18:40] <KujiUn> "So, what are you going to call it?"
  54. [04:20:30] <Ricki> He goes to pick up the Lillipup and stares at it a moment. "It's... It's FLUFF-AY!" And he begins cuddling with and basically feeling up the puppy's soft fur.
  55. [04:21:26] <KujiUn> "You're going to name it Fluffy?"
  56. [04:22:19] <Ricki> "Just feel it! It's SO FLUFFY!" Again, violent thrusting into Joanna's arms.
  57. [04:22:59] * KujiUn feels the Lillipup. "Yeah, it is fluffy."
  58. [04:25:22] <Ricki> "How did you turn the egg into something so fluffy, though? 'cause, it was like a hard rock at first, but then you took the egg and made it into this fluffy little puppy!"
  59. [04:25:58] <KujiUn> "Um... well, the fluffiness was already inside the egg."
  60. [04:26:34] <Ricki> " . . . Then who put it there?"
  61. [04:26:45] <KujiUn> "...magic."
  62. [04:28:59] <Ricki> " . . . Magic? I wanna learn that magic! I'll use it to stuff all kinds of cute, fluffy things into eggs!"
  63. [04:29:26] <KujiUn> "Um... you'll need to find someone else to teach you that magic."
  64. [04:30:17] <Ricki> "Do you know who can teach it? 'cause I REALLY wanna learn how to do it!"
  65. [04:30:58] <KujiUn> "No. I have no idea. It's a secret magic that only Pokemon can do."
  66. [04:32:05] <Ricki> Ricki picks up the Vullaby. "Can you teach me how to stuff cute, fluffy things into eggs?!?"
  67. [04:33:09] <KujiUn> "I said only Pokemon can use that magic. People can't do it."
  68. [04:34:44] <Ricki> "I'll get your secret one day..." He says to the Vullaby, who had just been giving Ricki a glare.
  69. [04:35:18] * KujiUn holds out the Lullipup for Ricki to get. "Anyways, do you have any money with you?"
  70. [04:36:19] <Ricki> "Money? I got a lot of that, I think..." He starts digging through his pants pockets before emerging with a lot of things. Some lint, some pretty string, and then a bunch of shiny coins.
  71. [04:37:02] <KujiUn> "I need come of the coins. Making eggs into Pokemon is pretty tiring."
  72. [04:38:51] <Ricki> "I think you should take a nap." He sounds so cute when he thinks he's beinghelpful.
  73. [04:39:50] <KujiUn> "I will, but first I need some coins."
  74. [04:40:55] <Ricki> "Alrighty... Is this enough?" He dumps a BUTTLOAD of coins on the table.
  75. [04:41:50] <KujiUn> "Um, yeah. That should be enough." Joanna takes the coins and puts them behind the counter. "Is that it?"
  76. [04:43:26] <Ricki> "I... Think so." He scratches the back of his skull... Because he can actually do that.
  77. [04:44:04] <Ricki> "Thank you, Lady! Me and Fluffy the Orange are gonna be best friends forever!"
  78. [04:44:36] * KujiUn nods. "You're welcome! Goodbye, Ricki!"
  79. [04:45:28] * Ricki waddles off and out the door with his puppy, snuggling it and being all adorable and stuff. Joanna can see a Diglett at the entrance of the door, shaking its head as Ricki walks out.
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