CMC Poop Contest Day 2 (SCAT)

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  1. >Applebloom’s body worked its natural rhythms, and she twists and turns awake.
  2. >After being woken up time and time again at daybreak, her body had a natural alarm clock.
  3. >That, and there was another alarm going off inside her.
  4. >She needed to use the bathroom.
  5. >Looking outside the window, she saw the suns rays just glancing over the orchard.
  6. >*Gurgle*
  7. >Another rumble from her stomach makes her get out of bed, carefully though, as she didn’t want to wake her friends.
  8. >She wouldn’t be able to empty her bowels today, but at least she was permitted to pee.
  9. >Heading downstairs and outside, she starts out for the outhouse.
  10. >Having an actual toilet in the house was mostly there for the guests.
  11. >The apple’s used an outhouse, which every other week they would empty and fertilize the orchard.
  12. >This was one of those weeks.
  13. >She walks up to the door, and tries to push it open.
  14. >”Ocupado.”
  15. >’Drat. Applejack is in there.’
  16. >Waiting patiently outside, she began to think about her situation.
  17. >If nature would have had her way, she would be currently pushing a turd of her body.
  18. >Her insides rumble in agreement, as if they were trying to convince her to let go.
  19. >”Phblllllltttt.”
  20. >Applebloom turns her ears to the outhouse, doing so, she can hear her sister relieve her body.
  21. >”Hnnnngggggggg… sphlt!”
  22. >Bowels shaking, she decides to avoid listening in. It would be torture to hear the relief and yet receive none of it.
  23. >She hears the sound of urine on fecal matter, before pooling with the rest of the gunk.
  24. >It only takes about a minute or two before applejack steps out, and she steps in.
  25. >After a bit of practice from yesterday, she is able to relieve her bladder without her colon doing the same.
  26. >Not needing to wipe, she shakes her rump, causing the few drops of urine on her to be flung everywhere.
  27. >Opening the door, she sees applejack, this time dragging a wheelbarrow with a shovel in it.
  28. “Is it time already?”
  29. >”Yep, cmon, we need to clean this place out. Its starting to decompose too much.
  30. “Right.”
  31. >She removes the lid, and you can get a proper look at what's inside.
  32. >A mountain of crap sits just as the sun rises over, almost like a thing of beauty.
  33. >Applebloom grabs the small shovel in her mouth, and her sister grabs the bigger one.
  34. >Scooping up the fetid matter, she brings it to the wheelbarrow, dumping it in.
  35. >The difficulty of this task was not something you could learn quickly, for as you picked up a load, your center of mass would change.
  36. >When your center of mass changed, you had to do one of two things to stay balanced. hold the shovel closer to the scoop, or rotate your head to bring the feces closer to the center of mass.
  38. >Applebloom learned both these methods the hard way a few years ago.
  39. >Slowly, they fill the wheelbarrow up. As applebloom digs the shovels into the ground for later use.
  40. >Her job done, Applebloom turns to head back inside, and maybe get another hour or so of sleep.
  41. >Something stopped her though, maybe its the pain in her gullet, maybe it was the smell, but she wanted to continue helping applejack.
  42. “Hey sis, is there anything ah can do ta help ya?”
  43. >”Heh, not for now, but that doesn’t mean you can't stay and keep your sister company.”
  44. >The fertilizing consists of Applejack taking the shovel and putting a small amount of the poop, and putting it around the treebase.
  45. >Applebloom walks beside her sister for a while, observing her before she asks a question.
  46. “Why is it so important to fertilize ta orchard? Ah mean, there are plenty of farmers who don’t fertilize, and yet they seem to grow just as fine.”
  47. >”Heh, well, when you eat food, it goes through your body. Have they taught digestion in school yet?”
  48. “No…”
  49. >”Well, lets say for example you eat an apple. You munch it into little bits and swallow. Once you swallow, it goes into your stomach.”
  50. “Ah know that much!”
  51. >”Alright alright, just wanted to be clear.”
  52. >”Now, in yer stomach acids break down the food into mush. This much goes into yer intestine. Now, Ah’m not sure how it does it, but yer intestine takes all the nutrients and puts them in yer body.
  53. >Anyway, with the nutrients taken out, the mush gets sent into a different kind of intestine. This one removes the water from the mush.
  54. >And thats pretty much it. after tat yer ready to poop it out.”
  55. “But if the nutrients are taken in by our body, and the nutrient less mass becomes poop, why do we fertilize the plants with it?”
  56. >”Well, we only use a little part of that food, after tat it gets returned to the trees, so they can get the nutrients.”
  57. “So wait, I’ve been eating poop this whole time?” Applebloom asked in horror.
  58.  >”Well, If ya want to think about it like that, then yeah. You kinda have.”
  59. >Applebloom gags, and runs off to the house.
  60. >”Heh, circle of life kiddo.”
  61. ...........
  62. >Applebloom had gone upstairs and woken up sweetie belle, looking at the sleeping pegasus still asleep.
  63. >Sweetie had gone to the bathroom, while applebloom was waking up scootaloo.
  64. >The first thing sweetie did is sit down on the toilet, letting her bladder empty.
  65. >She was really tired, and not quite sure how to go about the day without her coffee.
  66. >While sitting on the toilet, she felt her bowels ready to forgive her about the night before.
  67. >Curiously, she pushes a little bit, and just as it starts to poke its head, she squeezes shut.\
  69. >The feeling exhilarated her, and she tries it a few more times.
  70. >Pushing it too a certain point, she now has a lean brown head poking out.
  71. >It takes a little effort, but she gets on top of the toilet and looks back at herself.
  72. >The brown head stands out against her white fur, and she starts to push a little more
  73. >What was initially a small head turned out to be something much bigger, as her anus starts to open a lot wider.
  74. >Everything seems to switch to automatic, and it starts coming out on its own.
  75. >Not wanting to take a chance, she clamps shut, and the poop retreats back into her bowels.
  76. >Something about that made her excited. She began to feel the contents of her intestine with more interest. The contest was no longer about who could last the seven days, it was now about who could last the longest.
  77. >Seven days was seven days, and when they reached it, they would relieve themselves.
  78. >The plan had changed, and she now needed a way to get as much food inside them as possible.
  79. >Applebloom knocks on the door, asking to get in.
  80. >She has a bucket in her mouth, and Sweetie is curious as to what she will do with it.
  81. >Not wanting to miss her chance, Sweetie runs downstairs, and puts the food on each plate.
  82. >3 pancakes on each plate, more than enough to speed up the processes in their guts.
  83. >*Splash!*
  84. “Ack! Okay! I’m up!”
  85. >Scootaloo and applebloom walk downstairs. Scootaloo is noticeably wet.
  86. >No longer waiting for your friends, you dig in.
  87. >Applebloom eats slowly, while Scootaloo doesn't stop for a second.
  88. >Once you’re finished, you begin the trek to school.
  89. >School is another uneventful day, Cheerlie is talking about lagrange points or something. None of you understand the lesson.
  90. >Its when lunch starts that things get interesting.
  91. >For starters, Sweetie seems to have extra food, and she gives it out to her friends.
  92. >Although it seems a bit weird, nopony makes the connection.
  93. >Applebloom goes for the bathroom first, leaving scootaloo and sweetie belle waiting outside.
  94. >Scootaloo's stomach starts rumbling, twisting and turning.
  95. *Gurgle*
  96. >’Yeah I hear you stomach, I know you want relief. But I promised the girls.’
  97. *Guuuuuuurgle*
  98. >’Stop it. Its not happening.’
  99. >Her stomach explodes nearly the same way as it did 2 nights ago when she took the laxatives.
  100. >Immediately she clutches her stomach and sits on the floor.
  101. >Every digestive organ in her starts screaming, and she can only hope to weather the storm.
  102. >She was half expecting to explode at any moment, and was silent whimpering to herself.
  103. >Applebloom exits the bathroom and Scootaloo rushes in, ahead of sweetie belle.
  104. “Hey!”
  105. >No regrets, she squats over the toilet and stops resisting. She didn't even care if she lost, her stomach was in hell.
  107. >Unlike what she was expecting, her bowels do not heed her call to empty themselves, and they remain thoroughly shut.
  108. >Pushing yields no better results.
  109. >Something lurches in her belly, and she turns around, dry heaving into the toilet.
  110. >After a few unsuccessful tries, she finally hacks her lunch.
  111. >He stomach feels a little better, but she feels too weak to exit the bathroom.
  112. >The bell rings, and a conclusion comes to her.
  113. >She can’t exit the bathroom, she feels like she could blow at any moment.
  114. >When she finally does feel better, she won’t be able to exit the bathroom without everypony noticing she was in there for so long.
  115. >So she is forced to wait it out, and hope her body deals with the problem on its own.
  116. >Sweetie bell had been waiting outside to use the toilet when scootaloo ran in.
  117. >She had originally felt a huge urge to poo in her body, and wanted to act on that feeling.
  118. >There had to be a way to show her friends what she was feeling without grossing them out.
  119. >She also had to pee quite a bit, and with the bell ringing, it meant her schedule had already started to fall apart.
  120. >With no other option, she returns to her seat, bladder full.
  121. >Another 3 hours later when school ends, she makes her way to the bathroom.
  122. >The urge to urinate was ever present, and you wanted to remove it.
  123. >Knocking on the door yields no results.
  124. “Scootaloo?”
  125. “…sweetie? Please help.”
  126. >The door unlocks, and she makes her way inside.
  127. >Forgetting about her bladder, she stares at the scene inside
  128. >Scootaloo is lying on the floor, her stomach is distended and she looks sick.
  129. >Theres a bit of vomit dried to her mouth and on the floor.
  130. “C’mon Scoot. We need to get you some help. Applebloom, come here”
  131. >Applebloom shares Sweeties reaction, and she puts scootaloo on her back.
  132. “Where do we go?”Sweetie asks.
  133. “Twilight will know what ta do.” Applebloom responds.
  134. >Walking to twilight's house takes a few minutes. Scootaloo does little during the journey.
  135. >After showing scootaloo to twi, She runs a few tests on her.
  136. >Twilight returns scootaloo to Applebloom, and retreats downstairs to get something.
  137. >Applebloom is pacing around the room, and sweetie is just sitting down and waiting.
  138. “You think she will be okay?” Sweetie asks.
  139. “Ah hope so.” Is all Applebloom has to offer.
  140. >Twilight comes back upstairs levitating something.
  141. “How long does she have to live?”
  142. >”Cut it out you two, she’s fine. Just a little constipated and some food poisoning.”
  143. >She puts down two bottles next to scootaloo.
  144. >”Take her home, and give here these. This one will deal with the poisoning, and this one is a laxative.” She says, pointing to the respective containers.
  145. “Right, Thanks twi.”
  147. >Neither of them knew where scootaloo actually lived, and they made a point of it to ask her about it tomorrow.
  148. >For now Rarity’s house would do.
  149. >They had decided to give her the medicine for now, knowing scootaloo would get mad at them if they made her lose the contest.
  150. >There was no crusading today, only sitting around, waiting for their friend to get better. [?]It was all >>204956's fault[/?]
  153. Day 3:
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