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[f4m] [series] The Bad Therapist 1/5 - Welcome let’s get sta

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  1. [f4m] [series] The Bad Therapist 1/5 - Welcome let’s get started [gentle fdom] [therapy] [comforting] [enocuragment] [seduction] [joi]
  3. Welcome! Come on in take a seat.
  5. Oh don’t worry about that, what happens in here I will never disclose with anyone even your significant other, so just relax we can talk about what ever you’d like but I guess we should get started with what brought you here in the first place and from the paperwork you submitted hmm *flipping through a paper* ah yes so you are having some issues with your significant other.
  7. So that seems like as good of a place as any to get started here. So what issues are you two having?
  9. Oh. really? Geesh I figure it would be the other way around, i mean in all honesty you’re one of my more handsome patents.
  11. *chuckle* I’m not hitting on you I am just stating my surprise. *sigh* anyways continue, she doesn’t seem to get turned on anymore like when you two first started dating?
  13. So if you don’t mind me asking, have you asked her why directly?
  15. Oh you have, and what did she say?
  17. Hmmm… really…?
  19. (slight pause to process what he told you)
  21. All the years I’ve been a counselor I’ve never heard that one.
  23. No, no. Don’t worry, don’t worry. That doesn’t make you pathetic.
  25. You know I usually deal with the opposite issue of the guy being to dominant but in your case you are lucky I think I know exactly what we should do about your … submissiveness.
  27. *laugh* Babe I’m not going to ask you to change, that’s not the issue. I’m just thinking maybe we can come up with a few ways to surprise your significant other.
  29. So… *chuckle* could you maybe describe a situation in which this was an issue?
  31. Really? That’s so adorable, she really didn’t like that?
  33. Well I’m starting to think maybe she should be the one coming in to talk this issue. *laugh* No but seriously you did that for her?
  35. *breath out* you look so tense I know it’s awkward talking to a complete stranger about your relationships and sex life but just relax for me, please?
  37. Here you know what why don’t you scoot over a little and I can give you a back massage, would that make you feel, more…. comfortable
  39. Ah yay! Such strong shoulders by the way *laugh* so how’s the sex?
  41. That’s my job silly, it’s not too personal I’m just trying to fully understand the circumstance.
  43. Lousy? What do you mean by that?
  45. Well sweetie have you expressed your feelings about a little more playful sex?
  47. That’s something that you should do for sure um … So when you say it seems like she doesn’t really get much pleasure um… you don’t think it has anything to do with physical elements *quietly giggle then mumble* like your penis.
  49. No! No! I wasn’t suggesting it was small I just thought I would ask? *kinda flirt* Do you know how big it is though?
  51. Fuck? really. Well that’s definitely not the issue then. Hmm okay well I feel like I’m understanding this a little better.
  53. Does your girlfriend ever do anything romantic like you do to her in return.
  55. No, okay. Do you feel like she gives you the attention you deserve?
  57. No, I’m sorry to hear that. By the way you seem to be getting comfortable with this massage if you’d like you can lay back and put your head back on my lap if you’d like.
  59. We’ve still got plenty of time so just relax… yes just rest your head on my thigh like it’s a pillow.
  61. Are you comfortable?
  63. Do you and your significant other cuddle much?
  65. Oh really? You know that cuddling is an important part of a strong romantic relationship, having the physical touch of someone you love is so important to combating stress and providing a level of trust between partners.
  67. I’m sorry I just couldn’t help my self your hair looked so soft it just kind of came naturally I’ll stop if you’d like.
  69. Oh no? You don’t have to ask me twice.
  71. So it sounds like she doesn’t show a lot of affection and you are the opposite. Have you ever suspected she might not be faithful?
  73. No I’m not accusing her of that it just is odd that you aren’t sexually satisfying enough for her.
  75. Do you usually finish before she does?
  77. Never? Not even once? *sigh* Let me be frank with you.
  79. You are really adorable and sound like a real good boy, do you masterbate often?
  81. Yes. And let me guess you like to watch beautiful confident women in control?
  83. *laugh* I asked because I can’t stop thinking about your size! Like I can’t help myself anymore I keep looking down at you laying here on my lap and imagining how fucking hot that is.
  85. You know what. Fuck it. Babe you can leave when ever you want to but I’d strongly advise you to stay, I have a confidence exercise I’d like to do with you but it is a little unorthodox, are you good at following instructions?
  87. I don’t know why I asked, of course you are. Alright. So you really want to do this?
  89. okay! Let me just go over here and sit in my chair and then we can start!
  91. Alright so to begin I just want you to look at me and just stare into my eyes until I tell you otherwise.
  93. Fuck you have such sexy eyes *laugh* I feel aroused just looking into your eyes how the hell does that girl of yours not!
  95. *clear throat* Hey look down a little.
  97. *laugh* Oh did I uncross my legs? *sarcastically surprised* oh my god I forgot to put panties on this morning! silly me!
  99. Do you like looking at that?
  101. Again I don’t know why I asked I know you’re too polite to say anything pervy.
  103. *laugh* I’m just going to take that as a yes seeing how your eyes can’t stop looking at where my fingers keeps scratching.
  105. *sigh* so when am I going to get to see that cock of yours?
  107. *laugh* don’t blush, you said you could follow orders so do it.
  109. No I’m not joking I am ordering you to take off those pants and then show me what’s on the other side of those undies.
  111. No body will know. Remember? what happens in this room stays in this room?
  113. *getting a little frustrated* Oh my god, just fucking do it.
  115. *excitingly gasp/laugh* holy shit you were not joking.
  117. *light moan* I’m sorry that was just my finger slipping inside of me, it’s getting a little slippery but that’s your fault for getting me wet.
  119. Now what? what kind of question is that, Isn’t it obvious?
  121. I’m going to play with my self and you are going to stroke your cock how I tell you too.
  123. That’s it. Here you know what. I think I can do one more thing to maybe make that get hard a little faster.
  125. *take off clothes*
  127. Oh! it worked! Do you like my body baby?
  129. I asked because I wanted to hear you say it. So answer me do you like my body baby?
  131. Naughty boy. What do you mean I’m the sexiest woman you’ve ever seen, I mean it’s flattering but silly you aren’t supposed to admit that when you are dating someone *laugh*
  133. Now place that hand on that cock and show me how you stroke it and I want you to just stroke while I sit over here and jill myself a little *giggle*
  135. *play with yourself a little teasing him*
  137. Fuck do you seriously stroke it that fast normally? *moan* Normally I’d say slow it down baby but it’s kinda hot and you only signed up for a short session so next time you should maybe rethink that a little. *moan* Fuck. Alright, I’m going to count to ten and when I reach 1 I’m going to cum and right then I want you to cum. I don’t care where it goes but I want that back against the couch and I need to hear you moan otherwise I might have to consider recommending a change in counselor for the next appointment.
  139. Oh shut up I know you’ll be good I just have to put some stipulations down so I can insure that though.
  141. *start playing with yourself and improvise your way counting down as fast or as slow as you’d like*
  142. 10
  143. 9
  144. 8
  145. 7
  146. 6
  147. 5 please please please please just please close your eyes like that again oh my god that was so fucking hot
  148. 4 good boy just like that
  149. 3 Oh my god your body really likes listening to me doesn’t it
  150. 2 fuck I’m about to cum sweetie are you ready
  151. *hold out a little longer and give him a little tease before you orgasm at 1*
  152. 1 *orgasm and then calm down for a little bit*
  153. *exhaustedly* well. *nervous laugh* that was a little intense. *clear throat a little* So um. wow. you really are a handsome boy *laugh*
  155. *sigh* we’ve only got 5 minutes left so. I guess we should wrap this up. So I’ve got a few little assignments for you for next time. When you get home maybe try being a little bit more *swallow* intense *laugh* like you just were and well see what your girl is into and give her what she wants. You’ve got the physic so I think you should just focus on the sexual tension. Um. Other than that though. Next week? Maybe a little longer?
  157. *laugh* well we’ll have to see how you make me feel that day, now you focus on that girl of yours and I’ll see you in a week. Alright goodbye *kiss then laugh* sorry I couldn’t help myself *clear through* see you next week *door shut*
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