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  1. This house gets a custom interior.
  3. I have prepared my list of requests for this interior and am prepared to post it for the mapping team.
  8. Custom house int
  9. chem lab. Hidden room for that, the rest with bathroom, pot growing operation, nothing fancy
  10. Light switches and outlets for all rooms
  11. some of the samp map editor object codes are included.
  13. DD with /lockdoor on chem lab and office
  14. wooden floor but tiled bathrooms, concrete basement floor and lab concrete as well- storage concrete.
  15. Windows placed in layout appropriate for the perimeter of house location
  16. Aquarium in living room
  18. Other doors swing open freely, lab has a normal looking door
  19. Retro tech
  20. Pc
  21. Home office room
  22. Kitchen
  23. Livingroom
  25. Bedroom put pc here too and stereo
  26. 2 Bathrooms
  27. 2 bedrooms with retro electronics. Master bedroom also has computer and super nintendo object
  29. Home office room: An actual office as well, like a computer den.
  30. Office with safe, closed box safe
  31. One wall safe hidden behind a picture in master bedroom but a little exposed so its sort of visible
  32. Office has a computer a desk and dice on the table with a phone and other office and objects
  33. Eight ball on office desk with the dice
  34. Key object
  35. Gun and magazine on office table, pager and cellphone
  36. as well as a corded phone too 19807
  37. Pager
  38. with camera screens in office
  39. Books and bookcases with computers on them, a lived in office. Unorganized but cool looking
  40. 2162 bookcase office
  41. Object 3301 in stolen goods storage and next to office desk
  42. Filing cabinets office
  43. chairs one behind the main computer desk, where i can use the sitonchair animation, fancy office chair
  44. 1742 bookshelf office
  45. 2181 office computer
  46. 2202 office printer in office
  48. Master bedroom
  49. Nightstand near master bed, with gun and lamp -- a dresser for clothes and a closet
  50. stereo and computer with laptop, on a desk...including a corded phone.
  51. 19873 laptop in master bedroom
  52. 2008 desk with pc in master bedroom laptop and office phone with a picture of Johnny zizetik (the one with the asian guy and the black girl)one the desk
  53. dont forget chairs
  54. master bedroom needs the cool looking stereo that looks like a block or cube, its black. like the old 90's stereo sets... include speakers
  56. guest room -- 15037 guest bedroom
  58. Stolen goods storage room --
  59. *all varities of electronics including phones cellphones vcrs tvs and stereos are encouraged, in duplicated stacked on top of each other if allowed.*
  60. Storage room with crates boxes stereos vcrs computers and TVs stacked on top of each other and on shelves
  61. In the junk room with the stolen electronics, add a satellite dish that is not repaired
  62. Stacks of boxes crates with the stereos vcr computer and tv, make it look like back room stolen goods in a room
  63. Phones for sale too, corded and cellular as well as pagers
  64. Slot machines, give me like 2
  65. 2608 bookshelf storage
  66. Object 3301 in stolen goods storage and next to office desk
  67. Storage 1431 and 923 boxes
  68. 1481 bbq grill
  69. One non functioning snack vending machine in the stolen goods storage
  73. Living room
  74. Vcrs, cool tv, cool stereo
  75. Game consoles the one that looks like Super Nintendo in living room and guest room has the fancier game console
  76. Aquarium for custom home
  77. no fancy couches just leather or cheap couches
  78. Fireplace
  80. Basement
  81. basement -- Pot plants 2 small ones
  82. A basement of permissible
  83. grass plant 01 in basement
  84. Make the basement have a small table with sitable chairs that looks like a place where crime business is discussed
  85. 2 plants in basement total, and nothing illegal in basement, few crates and a burrito on the table as well as bottles of beer and soda
  86. TV down there with a couch
  87. 2891 arcade machine basement
  89. Kitchen
  90. Well stocked kitchen with table with food, make it look used
  91. Kitchen- appliances
  93. Chem lab
  94. tables appropriate for "manufacturing chems"
  95. 1010 nos for lab -- it looks like chemical reagents
  96. Jet pack in wall only the tanks exposed in lab -- same reason
  97. Propane tanks in lab
  98. pill bottles
  99. 14604 tv on stand
  100. Money safe in lab
  101. 3390 lab
  102. 3392 lab
  103. 2182 book desk for lab
  104. 934 generator in lab -- reduced in size to look like a lab
  105. 942 box shelf lab
  106. 14686 lab tat machine
  107. 2994 trolley lab
  108. 19903 computer in lab
  110. Bathrooms
  111. decent toilets, sinks, showers. mirrors. tiled floors
  112. palm tree picture in bathroom
  114. Laundry room, small with washer and dryer
  119. Good pictures on walls, plants including weed but nothing fancy and sensible ashy Larry style steros tvs/ drug lab
  120. Satellites telescopes and high tech junk
  125. exterior --
  126. Sat dish outside house with cctv at entrance, with camera screens in office
  127. If possible solar panels on roof of house and satellite dish. Rooftop access with helipad
  132. Clutter and decorations: creativty encouraged -- some of the samp map editor id codes are included
  134. Katana decoration
  135. Various swords
  136. Books
  137. paintings and pictures on walls
  138. Picture of candy suxx
  139. Ship picture, most picturesSprite cup
  140. Padlock
  141. Taser
  142. Flashlight
  143. Burrito
  144. Sprite cup
  145. Padlock
  146. Taser
  147. Flashlight
  148. Burrito
  149. 11142 walkie talkie
  150. 337 shovel
  151. Baseball bat
  152. 349 shotgun
  153. 19873 laptop in master bedroom
  154. 1577 package yellow
  155. Yellow green white packages in lab. big cargo crate *behind a small storage room in the lab behind a caged swingable door. sort of the "finished product"
  156. Pizza
  157. Briefcase
  158. cctv at entrance inside and out
  159. Phones too
  160. One tire in the storage room
  161. All variety of electronics
  162. Sitable chairs in kitchen couch living room office
  163. Computer
  164. Tv
  165. Stereo
  166. Pot plants 2 small ones
  167. Go go space monkey arcade machine
  168. 2232 safe
  169. Fishing pole x2
  170. 2286 picture
  171. Monitors 2606
  172. 2169 desk
  173. 2256 painting
  174. Phone 2967, 19807
  175. Duffel bag
  176. Non fancy couches
  177. No chainsaws no bodies!!
  178. phone in kitchen -- corded
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