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  1. Movement speed increased to 5.6 m/s (was 5.2 m/s)
  2. Successful kills activate a 1.5-second cooldown
  3. Greatly increased how long a body can be dead for before resurrection is no longer possible (now 10 seconds)
  4. Resurrection time decreased to 7 seconds (was 10 seconds)
  5. Resurrection time no longer increases with lost HP
  6. Introduced a text popup when attempting to revive players after their bodies are no longer usable
  7. Tweaked the HUD icon displayed while reviving players
  9. HP reduced to 300 (was 400)
  10. Damage per hit reduced to 40 (was 60)
  11. Movement speed increased to 6.5 m/s (was 6 m/s)
  12. Attack windup sped up to 0.2s (was 0.65s)
  13. Attack speed and windup are no longer dependent on health
  14. 1s cooldown on all attacks remains in place
  16. 939's change will be having his sprint speed bumped up to 7 m/s (equal to humans sprinting) but having his speed boost while shot removed
  17. 106 will have a longer cooldown but it'll only trigger on successful hits
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