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  1. #OpTarheel
  2. What up dood!
  4. 1. Coordinated hacks and DDos attacks throughout the DNC: I don't have das skiilz for this. We have some haxors, but the big dogs should be around. This is where we will need mucho support.
  6. 2. News Truck Rumor: lulzy lulzy Already underway. Disinformation to keep the popo guessing. Some help herr could be fun too. Trying to get Social media buzz about some outlandish things that Anons might do at the DNC. Remember #OpFacebook, that kept the FBI busy for a bit. lol
  8. 3. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-Bank-of-America-Headquarters-Charlotte Remember this site, think you created it... We should use BOA HQ in Trade St. during the convention to strategize and such. An easy place for those traveling to meet up and plan.
  10. 4. Livestream and Social Media Networking: We are gathering info on Livestreamers traveling to DNC. We will post them all over the place.
  12. 5. Positive Mainstream Campaign: This has been and will continue to be ongoing. Coming up with ways for mainstreamers to occupy or be Anon without even knowing ie: www.facebook.com/BikePowerWeekend
  14. I should have a script for a vid soon, it's harder than I thought lol. Almost there.
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