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  1. BlueVivacityToday at 12:08 PM
  2. If you dun answer my invite, you're going into time out
  3. @lunα
  5. lunαToday at 12:08 PM
  6. im on phone
  8. BlueVivacityToday at 12:08 PM
  9. Fine we'll speak here then
  10. Why are you being rude to Naiv?
  12. lunαToday at 12:08 PM
  13. i wasnt trying to be
  15. BlueVivacityToday at 12:09 PM
  16. You teleported away from her when she was trying to show you that she was preggos
  17. If that bothered you then you TELL her
  18. If you are upset then TELL us
  19. You need to stop with this hun
  20. These Lunibursts? Idk where they come from but everyday you're upset about something and you dun even tell us so we can help you
  21. Instead you backlash it on the rest of us
  23. lunαToday at 12:10 PM
  24. i feel invisible to the family
  26. BlueVivacityToday at 12:10 PM
  27. How?
  28. We talk to you hun
  29. Everyday we talk to you, especially me
  31. lunαToday at 12:15 PM
  32. i juat feel invisible to everyone
  33. just*
  35. BlueVivacityToday at 12:15 PM
  36. He sighed and sat criss-crossed, patting his lap signaling for her to come sit
  38. lunαToday at 12:16 PM
  39. sits on his lap
  41. BlueVivacityToday at 12:16 PM
  42. Luni, look at my crazy gayish eyes OwO
  44. lunαToday at 12:16 PM
  45. looks at daddy with dull eyes
  47. BlueVivacityToday at 12:17 PM
  48. You are loved, hear me? LOVED. I want you to stop this crap that no one gives a damn or thinks you're invisible to the clan; we do notice you hun, and you know deep down that that is true
  49. Also
  50. You need to stop with the Lunibursts as well, instead of locking yourself away and keeping things inside; come to your fam about it so we can HELP you get past whatever happens
  51. :heart:
  53. lunαToday at 12:19 PM
  54. okie
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