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Oct 5th, 2015
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  1. 1. Kung fu panda and the legend of the electrocuted sex robot
  2. 2. Indiana Jones and the Phantom hand of the nekomimi
  3. 3. The story of half an angel and the land of the three coloured continent featuring playwrights.
  4. 4. DEA's meth campaign and the truth about incest
  5. 5. Sherlock Holmes and the mystery of the mysterious mystery.
  6. 6. Ace attorney, sunflower imouto edition
  7. 7. Mars needs Grim reapers, look out!
  8. 8. The tale of the coward Maou and the gullible yuusha (monster rape included)
  9. 9. Tsukihime?
  10. 10. Seikon no Quaser
  11. 11. Jojo's bizarre adventures: Animal girls in frozen tundra edition
  12. 12. Herbs and fox
  13. 13. Star wars episode 0.1: The return if the tattoo artist
  14. 14. If my heart had wings?
  15. 15. Tokyo magnitude 8.0, now with rapists
  16. 16. No fucking idea
  17. 17. Hooker inu-girl and her orgasm inducing massages
  18. 18. Cannibal girl and her retarded boyfriend
  19. 19. Tear fest 2015
  20. 20. One-punch man?
  21. 21. Duo sex man and his awkward encounters with its step sister.
  22. 22. TUTURU~
  23. 23. Kamidori Alchemy Meister
  24. 24/25. Road trips with a cross dresser and a huge pussy
  25. 26. Haiyore! Nyaruko-san
  26. 27. I'm too lazy to continue now
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