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Joining the Church

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  1. [20:26] Back to the Church they went!
  3. Deeper into the building, his heel pivoting as he led the way towards the stairs. Pericles's movement came to a pause as he took a stand on the first step, smiling over towards Sparrow as he spoke.
  5. "Well Sparrow, with permission gained. Let's start, if you're ready to be sworn in that is. A ritual to be 'chosen' by a star, to reflect your future."
  7. The Keeper's hand moved to open up the Codex, flicking through pages as he awaited a reply from the potential acolyte.
  8. (Pericles Vitalis)
  9. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. [20:27] Romani would give a nod to Sparrow and to the man leading them as they once again entered the church. The Codex would be lightly tucked under his arm.
  13. "Good luck, Sparrow. I'm going to see if I get in later but there's going to be a priest meeting first." In high spirits, Romani thence forth began to head off to the south.
  14. (Romani Cos Montclaire)
  15. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. [20:28] With a giant grin on his face, the youth returned to the church, following right behind Pericles. Though the moment he opened his lips to tell of his grandfather's approval.
  19. Pericles beat him to it.
  21. "Aww... I wanted to be the one who said it." The youth would pout for a moment, before quickly breaking out into a small chuckle. Seems like he couldn't keep the façade of being disappointed up for long. "But yes, like he said Robin agreed to let me join!"
  23. Which he'd knew he'd do.
  25. "-Oh a meeting first?" The youth blinks before shrugging. "Good to know, I suppose. I'm a pretty patient guy, so I'm more than willing to wait!"
  27. A simple nod follows afterwards.
  28. (Sparrow cos Queen)
  29. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31. [20:28] Nina Gracia says, "No, no. You may be inducted first."
  32. [20:29] Sparrow cos Queen exclaims, "Oh? Well that's good to hear!"
  33. [20:29] Inante Arl Salis says, "Yes theres no need to wait we can get started right away."
  34. [20:34] Pericles paused with his flicking through the pages of the Codex, his attention turning towards Inante and Nina as he stared.
  36. "A meeting? Allow me to induct Sparrow into the Faith first, and then we can get started with the meeting."
  38. Smile upon his lips as he turned his head to nod towards the duo, before getting to the page he desired, index-finger idly skimming across familiar words as his head rose back towards Sparrow.
  40. "Come closer if you don't mind, Sparrow."
  42. "There's two routes within the Faith later on in your path. The Priest's are more focused in study, research. Administrators you could say. While the branch I am apart of are more involved in the defence of the faithful, the church, and the stars."
  44. A long winded explanation soon sounded out, hand motioning for Sparrow to come closer towards the Keeper as he awaited.
  45. (Pericles Vitalis)
  46. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  48. [20:38] Oh, so there were two branches of the faith? The priests, and then whatever the heck the name of the particular group that Pericles belonged to. He knew what that group did, he just wasn't certain of the name.
  50. OH well, he'd find out about it sooner or late.
  52. "Well... More than anything I'd like to be like my grandfather. He's my hero, y'know?" The youth spoke simply, as he took a step closer towards Pericles. "But, I don't want to be exactly the same as him. I wanna follow my own path, but I still want to protect, and help people."
  54. The youth's hands move out from his pocket, until they folded across his chest.
  56. "So...If at all possible, the group you belong to sounds the most ideal for that? At least that's what I think."
  58. After that, he'd simply fall silent, and let the Keeper to start this initiation ritual.
  60. Whatever the heck it was.
  61. (Sparrow cos Queen)
  62. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  64. [20:43] "The Keepers."
  66. Throughout his explanation he had actually forgotten to include the name of said group, chuckle lightly leaving his parted lips as he shook his head to himself.
  68. His interest piqued after Sparrow's own aspirations were said, hand coming to hold the Codex more tighter as an index-finger tapped against the page in thought.
  70. It seemed he would be getting an Acolyte for himself, if Sparrow proved himself.
  72. "I see, an admirable vision you have, and I'll do my best to assist you in reaching your goal Sparrow."
  74. "Let's begin. Kneel, and begin to channel your mana throughout your magical circuits. Afterwards, begin to pray towards the Stars, towards a star you've specifically chosen out, or towards the Constellation itself."
  76. A step was taken forward after he had spoken, cosmic-codex shuffled within his hand as he awaited for Sparrowto kneel, his palm coming to rest upon the teenager's head as his own mana was channelled.
  78. Blessing.
  80. Holy light soon appeared, enshrouding the Acolyte's form as he prayed towards his chosen star. Vitality no doubt filling the Queen's form as light continued to shine.
  81. (Pericles Vitalis)
  82. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  84. [20:45] Inante would bow his head in prayer towards the stars as the ritual commenced.
  85. (Inante Arl Salis)
  86. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  88. [20:51] * You have been awarded 15 Roleplay Points! *
  89. [20:51] The Keepers.
  91. Now that was a rather neat name for a group. Though he wouldn't dwell on the name for too long. He had a job to do now. So silently, the noble lowered himself down, resting his knees on the red carpet of the church, as he clasped his hands together in prayer.
  93. Oh, and as instructed his mana would begin to idly flow around him, forming a sort of second layer of clear skin around him, as he continued his prayer.
  95. The youth knew a fair amount about the constellation Leonaus. After all, his grandparents were masters of cosmic magic, and during his many visits to them, they gave educated him about the stars. His grandmother Vanamir had formed a connection with the Three Ringed Planet, Vrona. Which could have been an option for the youth to pursue, but... Well, there was one star that meant more to him than that.
  97. Leo.
  99. The brightest star, the one that Robin had attuned himself to. So that would be the star that he reached out for. The one that he directed his prayers to, and surprisingly the star that would answer said prayer.
  101. As Pericles Holy light spread over him, it would find itself promptly joined by the youth's own light. Months of training with the hero Galynn, as well as his own desire to protect forming a small beacon of light around the youth.
  103. That, and Leo almost certainly contributed to that. Though no sooner had it that light appeared, it had faded away. Silently, the youth continued to kneel, awaiting the rest of the ritual.
  104. (Sparrow cos Queen)
  105. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  107. [21:01] A small amount of his own vitality left his form, infused within the teenager as holy light continued to shine. Soon a short sigh sounded out from Pericles.
  109. He would never get use to that instant drain that came with the Blessing that soon followed. Then came the waiting, patience long refined coming into play as the Keeper watched on as Sparrow communicated with the Constellation within the sky.
  111. A smile soon appeared on his lips as that spark of cosmic energy was briefly felt, a response no doubt from the chosen star that Sparrow had formed a connection to.
  113. It was a start for the acolyte.
  115. And then came Sparrow's own holy light, a flicker of interest gleaming across his eyes for a moment.
  117. "You can stand now, Acolyte Sparrow. I welcome you with open arms into the Faith, I hope you never lose that giving nature I briefly got the chance to witness out in the market."
  119. "If you have any questions, or merely wish for guidance youonly need to ask me."
  120. (Pericles Vitalis)
  121. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  123. [21:02] The Priestess seemed to be smiling placidly, watching the man perform the ritual, which as a rite of passage to any Acolyte wanting to join. Feeling the small spark of cosmic power, she chuckled.
  125. Biblos felt near, the blue energy circling her fingertips for a moment, before sparkling away into fading mana.
  127. "Congratulations, Sparrow. Welcome, as well. You can also ask myself and Inante if you need guidance when Pericles is not available."
  128. (Nina Gracia)
  129. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  131. [21:08] His prayer reached its peak, Praying that the young initiate would find a star to call his own and without question there was a response, A smile appeared upon Inante's face as he elevated his head to the stars.
  133. "I thank you star Leo for blessing this young man on his journey within the faith, May you give him strength, Understanding, Courage and Leadership. As he makes his journey towards Paradise."
  135. His own patron star was within the same unit so he felt some affinity towards young Sparrow in that regard. Alpha reacted in tune with Leo's approval of the Acolyte.
  137. "Congratulations Sparrow, and may you find all the comfort, knowledge and experience in joining us, Have you ever any need of council never look to far than us priest and we shall help you in any way we can on your path towards understanding the stars."
  139. He'd flash a smile towards the His brother and sister of the church before giving a finally applause. "Lets begin the meeting shall we? We have an abundance to discuss on how we can move forward with the Church...Are you both prepared?" He'd ask arching an eyebrow it was the first time the appointed priest of the last Stellus would convene.
  141. And it was certain on the tip of everyone mind what topics would be discussed.
  142. (Inante Arl Salis)
  143. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  145. [21:11] "Thank you Leo..."
  147. Those were the first words to leave the youth's lips. They were quiet barely audible by most, but only one thing truly needed to hear it, and that was Leo.
  149. The youth remained silent for a few moments after the ritual had finished. Until at long last, he'd reopen those emerald eyes of his, resting them on Pericles. His usual wide grin returning, as he gently pushed himself back up to his feet.
  151. "Thank you, all of you." The youth brought his hands to his sides, letting them rest there, as he took a step back from Pericles. "Questions... Can come later, you have a meeting to attend to now, don't you?"
  153. As the youth spoke, he'd make his way over towards one of the pews, plopping himself down onto it, as he pulled out a book from his bag.
  155. "Like I said when I first came in here. I'm pretty patient, so I can wait until that's over."His cheerful grin would be flashed once more, before he continued to speak. "Though Pericles I do have questions about the keeper, and that light that surrounded you."
  157. Once more he nods. "But yes, you have a meeting. Please don't let me keep you from that any longer than I already have." With that, he'd flip open his book, beginning to read it as he waited.
  158. (Sparrow cos Queen)
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