Blackmail Comment by Brett Kimberlin sympathizers

Jun 7th, 2012
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  1. "Yo, Ali, you are a liar– you did a years long crime wave, and there is more going to come out. You fucked me over three years ago, and you are getting your dues now. Dude, you need to resign and go off and hide. Man, the Feds gonna expand their investigation into your crime wave. And you know what I am talking about. I do feel sorry for Mama Lydia, but for you to invoke her on your FB page is disgusting. She is not proud to have a felon turned Uncle Tom and she has told you that many times. If you don’t resign, this is going to keep dribbling out and will cross into what you did in other states, and involve drugs — yeah, come on Ali, it was not just some booze. And it could bring down others close to you and you know what I am talkin about. Remember those pictures, or were you too stoned to remember. Well, I remember and I’ve got the pics. Ali, we used to be tight. You need to walk away dude, now or it’s all going to come out. Peeps already talking about you, and they looking to drop some dimes. Walk away now — think of yourself and your family. You already fucked up enough things. Dude, you ain’t gonna win this one – all the shit that you, Mama Lydia and your bro been trying so hard to hide under the rug is gonna come out. You ain’t gonna be able to stand no federal investigation."
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