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  1. [collapse=Ad]
  2. [collapse=Females]
  3. AD #1: Which of you worthless trash whores is hungry for a fat stinking man meat log of HORSE COCK? I know one of you vapid bimbo, reserved sluts, or hot MILFs wants a piece of this thick meaty cock meat. Not only am I going to fuck you, but I'm going to BREAK you, and force you to serve my dick. Once that's done that won't be all either, you're going to get WHORED to my friends like the worthless fuckmeat you are!
  5. AD #2: [color=pink][b]Sluts, Bitches, Bimbos, and Whores. I love them and so does my fucking dick. Let's cut the bullshit and just get to the point: You need a real fucking man to bend you over and fuck you senseless. Not only will I do it, YOU will want it. You can't help yourself. You'll kneel down and slobber over the slab of horse meat between my legs. This thick, throbbing, musky piece of dick meat is pulsing rock hard and needs a good cunt to do its job and fuck it like the little whore it is. I hate to be kept waiting and for my dick to get cold, so best hurry up and sashay that massive, wobbling fat ass of yours over here right the fuck now.[/b][/color][/collapse]
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  8. AD #1: Which of you worthless trash muscular faggots is hungry for a fat stinking man meat log of HORSE COCK? I know one of you slutty bimbois, vapid cunts, or horny DILFs wants a piece of this thick meaty cock meat. Not only am I going to fuck you, but I'm going to BREAK you, and force you to serve my dick. Once that's done that won't be all either, you're going to get WHORED to my friends like the worthless fuckmeat you are!
  10. AD #2: [color=blue][b]Are you buff, big, muscular, and a massive faggot? Maybe you have some lingering thoughts about sucking cock and taking dick up that massive ass and need some convincing? Hell, maybe you need a real man hammering your whore ass every now and then, right? Either way, I have a fat, throbbing, musky and sweaty log of horse meat ready to fuck your ass. I will show you how a real man fucks and when I finish, you will love it. My pulsing, drooling horse cock does not like being cold so best get that muscled ass over here and come keep it warm like the slutty faggot you are.[/b][/color][/collapse]
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  14. [collapse=Mother]
  15. [img=268584]mother[/img]
  16. [icon]Momma_Excellia[/icon] [color=red]Momma_Excellia[/color] sure does love her kids. Including me. She can't get enough of just how much she truly craves her studly stallion son. Even giving me a cockring so that every time we fuck, there'll be a huge cum explosion. I love her and she loves me.
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  18. [/collapse]
  20. [collapse=Sluts]
  21. [collapse=Females]
  22. [collapse=Humans]
  23. [icon]Rosie Steamer[/icon] This slutty MILF sure loves my fat horse cock. Probably addicted to it. Not that I'm complaining. She also loves it when I fuck her completely, making her lose all control. She really does love to be my bitch.
  25. [icon]Ash deseria[/icon] Got this cheating whore out from under her limp dicked husband's nose. But, I know both of them will be happy cause she's with a real man and he can watch.
  27. [icon]Quinn Demacia Wings[/icon] Human slut with a real need for horse dick filling her up and stretching her out with massive amounts of horse cum. Let's hope she gets pregnant so I can fuck the kids, too.
  29. [icon]Yasmeen[/icon] A massive, slutty, filthy and eager arab whore who can't help but be helplessly addicted to horse dick has degraded herself before me and begged me to fuck her up, which I did, and make her mine, which I also did.
  31. [icon]JeanneBunny[/icon] Got this slutty nigger snowbunny to become my bitch while getting her to forget about her husband. God, she's such a slut.
  33. [icon]Jude Saito[/icon] Animal whore needed a true male master to own her like the woman cunt she is.
  35. [icon]Pregnant Gina[/icon] This pregnant whore submitted herself to me fully and has become my broodmare for life.
  37. [icon]Kelly D Alexander[/icon] She came to me, begging like the little slut she is, for massive amounts of cum to get her pregnant and become a broodmare. With udders like hers, I couldn't resist.
  39. [collapse=Niggers]
  40. [icon]Kailyn Long[/icon] Made sure this nigger bitch knew her place: under my fat cock forever and being fucked and bred by a real man. She can't help herself around me anymore, craving this sweaty, musky horse dick for as long as she lives, bringing more cunts to her Daddy.
  42. [icon]Jewel Sparkles[/icon] This little nigger bitch was a hard one to crack, but I wore her down and she finally knows her place: under her Daddy. She'll be fucking her other nigger sisters, but she can't help bending over for a real man's fat cock that she loves so much.
  44. [icon]Cockslut Claudia[/icon] All I had to do with this one was wave my cock around and she submitted like that! Of course, that's what niggers do anyways, but I was surprised at how quickly she fully submitted to being my nigger slut with a wave of my cock in her face.
  45. [/collapse]
  46. [/collapse]
  48. [collapse=Furries]
  49. [icon]Kara Finn[/icon] Probably one of the most amazing little cunts I own. Always willing, always needy, always eager to please her true master, her "Daddy". And I'll always want more from her if she continues to be my slutty little dick bitch.
  51. [icon]ToriMom[/icon] Can't believe this slutty goatmilf is now mine. While she may be kind and loving, she does a lot more when she's alone with me... Trust me, she can do a lot with her fire magic...
  53. [icon]Iris the fuckslut[/icon] This slutty cunt turned herself into a bimbo cow for me and allowed me to brand her. If you don't call that complete and utter devotion, maybe she'll show you herself...
  55. [icon]Buki Sinister Snow[/icon] Lovely snow bunny bitch is in love with this stallion and his massive cock and musky dick.
  57. [icon]HelenaTheCollector[/icon] Another massive mare who's a massive whore. Just be sure to give her lots of cum as that's her hobby.
  59. [icon]Lea Kristal[/icon] What a fucking slutty ass MILF. Fucked her silly like the bitch she is.
  61. [icon]Teresa Sunders[/icon] Impregnated this slutty broodmare cunt and she's addicted to me, my dick and my cum all the time.
  63. [icon]Vivian Dawn[/icon] Slutty whore MILF that's always eager to come crawling to me to take my cum in every hole she has.
  65. [icon]Pyrepurr[/icon] Massively slutty kitty bitch sure does love to be always pregnant with my foals. And I'm always happy to give them to her.
  67. [icon]Tyra MaxXx[/icon] Raptor whore is now my "dino cunt" for the rest of her slutty life.
  69. [icon]Churin[/icon] MILF slut that loves it when I slam away roughly into those tight holes of hers.
  71. [icon]Breeder Brisby[/icon] Mouse MILF who craves to get impregnated in all her holes. And I do mean ALL her holes.
  73. [icon]Ometicaya Vongola[/icon] Fucking slutty and crazy granny bitch loves it when my big fat dick destroys her old cunt and molds it to fit mine. She's always craving it like the complete whore she truly is. And I fucking LOVE it.
  75. [icon]Mama Bird[/icon] Now my breeding whore for the rest of her days. She came to me begging to be fucked up and owned like the slut she is.
  76. [/collapse]
  78. [collapse=Succubus-Demons]
  79. [icon]Stormdra Jagger[/icon] This little succu-slut was first a dominant queen of her kingdom, before meeting me and becoming this slutty bitch you see before you today. Always aching my dick and seed, she'll do whatever it takes to please me. God damn... She's such a fucking cunt.
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  81. [/collapse]
  83. [collapse=Males]
  84. [collapse=Furries]
  85. [collapse=Head Faggot]
  86. [icon]John Magnum Buckly[/icon] Took a while, but finally got him to submit and made him my head faggot. Such a dirty little musclefag bitch, wanting nothing more than master's cock and cum to suck and worship forevermore.
  87. [/collapse]
  88. [icon]Kouga Claws[/icon] Found this tiger crawling towards his true master, begging for me to take him like the proper bitch he truly is. Such a whore.
  90. [icon]Nathan Baker[/icon] Got this buff ram to be mine and mine alone. He knows his place under me and is a great dick polisher.
  92. [icon]Hugo Krueger[/icon] God damn, this slutty faggot of a dog sure loves my dick and cum. Practically begging for it constantly.
  94. [icon]Fayt the Guilmon[/icon] Such a slutty guilmon I have that loves it when I fuck him like the bitch he is.
  96. [icon]Banehallow of Ambry[/icon] Horny and eager lycan faggot always wants my dick and cum deep inside his body. Such a filthy bitch he is.
  98. [icon]Geran[/icon] Older bear who used to be dominant is now my leather wearing faggot bitch. God that ass is so fucking good.
  100. [icon]Wakasa Takasu[/icon] Daddy otter stud is nothing more than a fag bitch under me and my dick.
  102. [icon]DragoMoo[/icon] This stud is reduced to nothing more than a faggot that's always eager to be fucked and owned by his master in every available hole like the proper bitch he is.
  104. [icon]Rut The Bull[/icon] What a specimen of slutty bull he is. Always eager to be fucked like a whore.
  106. [icon]Mattie Boi[/icon] Another stallion to submit to his true master. Another stallion so eager to take my massive dick and gallons of hot cum.
  108. [icon]Andre Hazard[/icon] Got this slutty panther faggot to become my whore by fucking him up with this massive horse cock. He sure does love it.
  110. [icon]Max Perd[/icon] Man, I sure keep getting more stallion faggots. This one is no exception. Loves it when I fuck him full of big, fat stallion cock.
  112. [icon]Bash the Monkey[/icon] Monkey fag who loves it when this dick goes deep into that big, fat, fuckable ass.
  114. [icon]James the Crocodile[/icon] Scaly fag sure does love my massive horse cock fucking his holes and giving him huge loads of cum.
  116. [icon]Arguk Bloodreaver[/icon] This big, dominant orc thought he could get this ass when we first met. Guess he didn't take into account just how dominant I truly am.
  118. [icon]Lato Raduri[/icon] This four armed alien fag sure does love it when his master's dick fucks him up like the dirty whore he is. Even begs for me to piss deep inside him. God damn fag cunt. Still, I'll fuck him up anytime he begs for it like the slut he is.
  120. [icon]Asriel D Dreemurr[/icon] Turned this dominant boy into a royal fag cunt who loves to please his master and his fat, throbbing cock and absolutely loves being a dirty faggot for me.
  122. [icon]Bonedigger[/icon] While under the guise of thinking he'll be studying how to become a better stud, this little faggot is gonna learn that once you're under me, you're nothing more than a worthless faggot who loves nothing more than to please dick and drink cum.
  124. [icon]Soraxus Tomokari[/icon] Got this little folf faggot to fully and completely worship the real man in his life: me. After fucking him up to no end, he practically begged me to own him like the needy whore he was. Of course I obliged.
  126. [icon]Duke Skywere[/icon] Have I told you how much I love older muscular faggots? Well, This DILF of a T-Rex couldn't help himself around a real man and submitted fully to my massive cock and balls, wanting my seed now more than ever, and just aching all over for more.
  128. [icon]Samson Mongo[/icon] Oh look! Another older muscular faggot! My favorite. And this one's in gorilla flavor. He couldn't stop himself when he smelt my massively thick and throbbing horse meat, that musk warping his brain into a slutty little faggot for a real man. Now, he'll let me fuck him nonstop.
  130. [icon]Dissy Discord[/icon] This faggot was absolutely begging to be my bitch. Considering he's been nagging for it nonstop, I felt like I should oblige in owning his sorry ass. Now, let it be known that this whore is mine forevermore.
  132. [icon]Rayane Weaver[/icon] This musclefag femboy bitch of a bat came to me, crawling on hands and knees, begging to be fucked up and owned. Seems like he knew his place, but I wanted to be sure he was truly devoted. Glad I made that decision to test him out. Worth it.
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