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  1. r29464 - Fix returning to wps from a plugin.
  3. r29503 - Switch off ATA DMA for all PP targets. There is sufficient evidence that ATA DMA causes sporadic lockups and static noise on several PP based players. This change is expected to fix FS#11746, FS#11764, FS#11775, FS#11846 and FS#11863.
  5. r29514 - Fix FS#11973. iPod nano1G needed reboot after entering record mode to have audio again.
  7. r29549 - autoresume: Manual: Clarify precedence rules for resume positions
  8. Resume positions stored in bookmarks take precedence over autoresume.
  9. Technically, the resume position for the "Resume Playback" function
  10. (which is also saved across power-off/power-on) also takes precedence
  11. over autoresume.  However, there is no way for a user to tell as it is
  12. identical to the autoresume position for the last-played track, so
  13. don't highlight it in the manual.
  15. r29599 - Fix FS#12012 - Radio Art broken since r29259 - Embedded album art support. Forgot
  16. to adapt radio art to the new bufopen user_data argument.
  18. r29623 - Headroom in AAC SBR HF-generator's fixed point implementation of autocorrelation was too small. Fixes FS#12019.
  20. r29641 - SD AMSv2: Restore access to the last 0xF000 sectors of internal drive. Fixes FS#11965 and FS#12001.  Backports r29625, r29637, r29638.
  21. Repairs r29169.  Thanks to saratoga and funman!
  23. r29643 - Fix FS#12024. Scroll acceleration did not work -- at least reported for iRiver H10 -- caused by too short duration for button repeat recognition.
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