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  1. fs/spiffs_cache.c
  2. // returns cached page for give page index, or null if no such cached page
  3. static spiffs_cache_page *spiffs_cache_page_get(spiffs *fs, spiffs_page_ix pix)
  4. // frees cached page
  5. static s32_t spiffs_cache_page_free(spiffs *fs, int ix, u8_t write_back)
  6. // removes the oldest accessed cached page
  7. static s32_t spiffs_cache_page_remove_oldest(spiffs *fs, u8_t flag_mask, u8_t flags)
  8. // allocates a new cached page and returns it, or null if all cache pages are busy
  9. static spiffs_cache_page *spiffs_cache_page_allocate(spiffs *fs)
  11. fs/spiffs_check.c
  12. // copies page contents to a new page
  13. static s32_t spiffs_rewrite_page(spiffs *fs, spiffs_page_ix cur_pix, spiffs_page_header *p_hdr, spiffs_page_ix *new_pix)
  14. // rewrites the object index for given object id and replaces the
  15. // data page index to a new page index
  16. static s32_t spiffs_rewrite_index(spiffs *fs, spiffs_obj_id obj_id, spiffs_span_ix data_spix, spiffs_page_ix new_data_pix, spiffs_page_ix objix_pix)
  17. // deletes an object just by marking object index header as deleted
  18. static s32_t spiffs_delete_obj_lazy(spiffs *fs, spiffs_obj_id obj_id)
  19. // Scans all pages (except lu pages), reserves 4 bits in working memory for each page
  20. // bit 0: 0 == FREE|DELETED, 1 == USED
  21. // bit 1: 0 == UNREFERENCED, 1 == REFERENCED
  22. // bit 2: 0 == NOT_INDEX,    1 == INDEX
  23. // bit 3: unused
  24. // A consistent file system will have only pages being
  25. //  * x000 free, unreferenced, not index
  26. //  * x011 used, referenced only once, not index
  27. //  * x101 used, unreferenced, index
  28. // The working memory might not fit all pages so several scans might be needed
  29. static s32_t spiffs_page_consistency_check_i(spiffs *fs)
  30. // searches for given object id in temporary object id index,
  31. // returns the index or -1
  32. static int spiffs_object_index_search(spiffs *fs, spiffs_obj_id obj_id)
  34. fs/spiffs_nucleus.c
  35. // djb2 hash
  36. static u32_t spiffs_hash(spiffs *fs, const u8_t *name)
  38. dns/captdns.c
  39. //Function to put unaligned 16-bit network values
  40. static void ICACHE_FLASH_ATTR setn16(void *pp, int16_t n)
  41. //Function to put unaligned 32-bit network values
  42. static void ICACHE_FLASH_ATTR setn32(void *pp, int32_t n)
  43. //Parses a label into a C-string containing a dotted
  44. //Returns pointer to start of next fields in packet
  45. static char* ICACHE_FLASH_ATTR labelToStr(char *packet, char *labelPtr, int packetSz, char *res, int resMaxLen)
  46. //Converts a dotted hostname to the weird label form dns uses.
  47. static char ICACHE_FLASH_ATTR *strToLabel(char *str, char *label, int maxLen)
  48. //Receive a DNS packet and maybe send a response back
  49. static void ICACHE_FLASH_ATTR captdnsRecv(struct sockaddr_in *premote_addr, char *pusrdata, unsigned short length)
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