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  1. The list begins……..
  2. Today's Advice:
  4. Tell yourself this:
  5. 1. I will start to exercising tomorrow. I will lose weight or gain weight in
  6. a healthy way. I'll start little by little even they doubt me and have small goal.
  8. 2. Don't be scared, moving past fear is essential to success. Always dream.
  9. Make yourself a priority and believe that you can reach your dreams and make it.
  11. 3. No more trust issues, no more regrets. Accept the fact that you commit
  12. 3. Dream high is possible. Do not give up on your dreams.
  13. You must make it and always smile.
  14. Don't overthink, it just destroys everything.
  15. Speak out your ideas loud without hasitating.
  16. Stay physically, mentally and socially active and well informed.
  17. No more cakes.
  18. Quiting when it's needed.
  19. Stay motivated.
  20. Don't panic.
  21. Ignore stupid social media notifications.
  22. Have patience while debugging.
  23. The most important one - focus on a single thing at a time.
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