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  1. Ashraf Ghebranious aka @AshGhebranious
  3. Ashraf is a serial internet troll well known to Twitter users, particularly those whose politics’ may lean to the right. He tends to be abusive, scathing & sarcastic; unfortunately, for him, none of his content is original and he relies on out-dated data to prove his tenuous points. When he can’t prove his point, which is the norm, he becomes extremely abusive and rants at those he’s corresponding with. For those skilled in the dark art of Psychoanalysis, this may give something of an insight into the labyrinth that is Ashraf’s mind. Ashraf also seems to have a fixation on LOD Tony Abbott sexually molesting/pimping his daughters or, failing that, molesting other children
  4. The most recent example of Ashraf’s sexual (Abbott) fantasies can be seen here;
  6. pic.twitter.com/Z3sDlCOEmA
  8. Previously, and in conjunction with Judy Woodman (@judyvw2 who we will attend to at a later date), he suggested that Tony Abbott’s daughters go to Indonesia and sleep with Ministers as a solution to the illegal boat problem.
  10. pic.twitter.com/L0ikUmzVKS  
  12. He then defended his comments by saying, “her (Julia Gillard) father was dragged into politics…all on or all off”.
  14. pic.twitter.com/xgxQQPev0Z  
  16. We doubt even the staunchest Labor supporters would agree with or condone these awful comments about an opponent’s young daughter’s; a dog act to say the very least.
  18. Ashraf Ghebranious
  19. McFarlane Drive
  20. Minchinbury NSW 2770
  22. Tel: (02) 9832 3837 – Last known
  23. Email: aghebranious@bigpond.net.au
  25. For your entertainment we have listed some of Ashraf’s blogs & internet publications;
  26. http://www.facebook.com/ashraf.ghebranious - Facebook
  27. http://ashghebranious.wordpress.com/ - Blog
  28. http://www.youtube.com/user/ashghebranious/videos - YouTube (very amusing, particularly his song Come Join The…)
  29. http://www.castingcallpro.com/au/view.php?uid=81679 – Acting (Hilarious)
  30. http://www.change.org/en-AU/users/7709608 - Change.org (view the petitions Ashraf has signed)
  32. This will be updated as and when Ashraf posts more lurid comments.
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