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  1. [22:54:07] <Scuttlebug> It is a dark and mysterious night on the mount overlooking Partizania.  While the others are resting or otherwise making their preparations for the final battle, a seraph now in the form of a little girl (to better fit in with this loli-loving world) is dangling her legs over the cliffside, angelic wings nonresponsive to the breeze.
  2. [22:54:19] <Scuttlebug> In her moment of contemplation, an orange round insect approaches.
  3. [22:54:53] <Scuttlebug> "Ah, 'tis thee," the loli speaks to it in her new voice.  "The other dimensional traveller, art thou not?"
  4. [22:56:17] <Scuttlebug> The bug walks closer and raises itself into the air.  Although it appears impossible for its mouth structure to do so, it speaks in response.  "Yes, that's right.  I didn't expect an Employee to show up in this place when I was merely connecting the temporal strings to complete this fractured PU.  Not on my tail for that, are you?"
  5. [22:56:51] <Scuttlebug> The Little Queen shakes her head.  "Nay.  'Tis merely coincidence, and as it makes our own job easier, I've no plans to report thy deeds.  Consider it that I'm merely 'looking the other way.'"
  6. [22:58:10] <Scuttlebug> "Very well, then.  You've my thanks," replies the Scuttlebug.  "Then let's see this through together, and maybe we'll be able to meet on another job.  Of course there's always the possibility we may be enemies then, but if I'm in a preferable form for it maybs we could have a cup of tea.  Or coffee.  Or whatever the preferential beverage in that world may be."
  7. [22:58:39] <Scuttlebug> Issy ponders, wings fluttering behind her as she brings a tiny finger to her chin.  "Say... What's thy opinion on 'Mead?'  Just curious."
  8. [22:59:37] <Scuttlebug> "Ah," Scuts scuttles further into the air to be at eye level.  She doesn't bat an eye at the comical appearance of his googly eyes.  "The choice drink of Valhallans?  You don't say?  I had a hunch that's where you were from, but color me surprised."
  9. [22:59:41] <Gustav> Yeah Raitaki, Bob/Nell whens
  10. [22:59:51] <Scuttlebug> "But art thou not colored orange?"  She teases, poking it in the middle of the face.
  11. [23:00:36] <Scuttlebug> "Cute."  It keeps walking in circles in midair.  "They called me 'Loki' then.  But you were actually one of the Asgardians, huh?  Or just a god in service to them?"
  12. [23:01:11] <Scuttlebug> "Above them, actually," She haughtily upturns her nose.  "But, I've no influence in this world not.  There's no need to fear me.  Well, besides for my natural prowess, I doth suppose."
  13. [23:01:41] <Scuttlebug> "Yeah, only a little bit," says the bug.  "I'm laying low, but I think I'd be able to save myself from anything in a pinch.  Well, nice talking to you."
  14. [23:01:44] <Scuttlebug> "Indeed."
  15. [23:01:59] <Scuttlebug> The bug scuttles away, and Giantree's players are reminded why they should never actually request stupid shit like this.
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