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AWR Best Stats Ever Bug!

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  1. File 'Eassets' loaded!
  2. resources/Ainfo.awr:24 File 'Ainfo' loaded!
  3. resources/Cmisc.awr:91 File 'Cmisc' loaded!
  4. resources/AWAI.awr:21 File AWAI.awr loaded!
  5. resources/Binterface.awr:121 File 'Binterface' loaded!
  6. resources/Dmap.awr:214 File 'Dmap' loaded!
  7. resources/Fportrait.awr:151 File 'Fportrait' loaded!
  8. resources/AWprimary.awr:603 File 'AWprimary' loaded!
  9. VM19:8400 AI neural nets loaded and initialized.
  10. VM19:62726 Ainfo Initialized.
  11. VM19:62726 Binterface Initialized.
  12. VM19:62726 AWprimary Initialized.
  13. VM19:62726 Cmisc Initialized.
  14. VM19:62726 Dmap Initialized.
  15. VM19:62726 Eassets Initialized.
  16. VM19:62726 Fportrait Initialized.
  17. VM19:4048 Completed game variable initialization!
  18. VM19:34001 NPC generation results:
  19. VM19:1440 No PC metadata found in the save. This is normal for saves from the early prologue. If this message appears for saves after the prologue is over, it is an error!
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