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  1. i like it!
  3. it's a rly cohesive album, obv, i think that's the first thing anyone would say about it. which is...idk how to explain my awful music tastes, but even tho teen,age (affectionately known as garb,age) was so disjointed...the individual songs on that album were some of my absolute faves. lilili yabbay, nal ssogo gara, and flower/pinwheel are all in my top 10 (https://curiouscat.me/nisakomi/post/565533207) and as of right now there's no song on the album that i think has displaced any of my top faves? so my impression of the album is that it's good overall but nothing is especially strong...?
  5. i was saying this to alissa earlier but i tend not to really like the songs with all 13 of them but i really like holiday and usaenatddeu the most and i'm not feeling the unit songs as much. it was disappointing to me about moonwalker bc i saw a lot of people really like the song? but even in the highlight medley i was not holding out much hope for it...i like jun's parts and it's growing on me i think but this is, in comparison to lilili yabbay, swimming fool, and highlight such a let down to me...i guess i shouldn't have expected too much lilili yabbay is rly my idea of a perfect song lmao. i also just made a tweet that was like:
  6. "i keep thinking to myself i don’t really like the vocal unit song and then i hear it and i’m like eh it’s not bad
  7. but i also keep thinking the hhu song isn’t that bad and then i hear it and i’m like oh it IS that bad"
  8. i didn't rly think i'd like the vu song from the medley but it's not that bad when i listen to it...but i guess that sums up my feelings on those three songs...
  10. i REALLY like holiday tho. it was my fave track coming out of the highlight medley and it's really different from what i was expecting but it's still my fave track. i LOVE the flute part so much...i talked in my other post about liking the individual uses of certain instruments in svt songs and the flute part can now be number 4 on that list. i also rly liked usaenatddeu from the highlight medley and i still rly like it i think the melody for it is really pretty...also the choreo for it is great!!! in a weird kind of way that i can't explain but it's so satisfying...svt's dancing is so satisfying to me in general like wooz is >20cm shorter than mingyu but when svt do moves that bend down they're the same height it's SO pleasing...i used to think i liked dance groups as a sm stan but man i didn't know what good dancing was at all back then...but i guess that's also what attracted me to svt in the first place/that action dance cover in january 2013 was so sharp even back then and they were really rough still at that point...
  12. and then eojjeona!!! i love it...idk where it fits into my ranking yet, i don't think it's beating yeppeuda or ulsipa (I KNOW I HAVE SHIT TASTE) but i'm not sure...i think it's just that all songs that have this sort of sound have kind of become one song to me and it's making it hard for me to remember them...but when i'm listening to the song i like it a lot. i really liked the mv too even tho it looks cheap af there are some really cute moments in it...and i love the choreo for it, if you got 13 members, you best be using your formations, and they totally dooooooo. also there's a lot of choreo that moves through the beats and i LOVE that, i'll be curious watching them play any sort of dance games with other music because i think it's that much tougher when you're trying to move through the music rather than just with it/on it, but like i talked about using levels in gomapda choreo and basically i really think svt choreo is a cut above, they're always adding elements that i would consider advanced in dance and it's something i really appreciate as someone who studied dance for 15+ years lmao. i also, just, like i'm sure there are great dancers in kpop but i think as a group svt's choreo is seriously not something that others can compare to from that sort of technical standpoint, maybe some groups will have harder or faster parts but *shrug* in terms of incorporating elements that are really that advanced i don't see it with anyone else...not only that, like, when you watch their concert fancams...i was looking at something a group i used to like did around 3-4 years after their debut and i was like kind of shocked at the difference lmao svt's dancing seriously goes hard but they STILL go hard lmao okay i'll shut up now
  14. the thing is tho, even tho i'm happy with this comeback and i've been feeling really positive about it and svt in general the past few days, i'm also really done with this sort of EDM-y trop house sound...like i was done probably a year ago...this album is fine but after this like not even just svt i rly hope kpop as a whole drops this genre and tries something else...i literally can't remember any music anymore because there's something same-y about everything, i've been complaining about it for ages. that's my biggest gripe...and like because the album is cohesive it's kind of like...a blur...idk i find it easier to enjoy it interspersing the album songs with other svt stuff in the playlist i know there's that recommended one but for my personal listening pleasure...
  16. speaking of personal listening pleasure...moon joonhwi's nasally high pitched warble is honestly the best thing this world has to offer...it's so nasally...and high...i love it...i love it so much...thank you...
  17. and i'm still hoshvoicefrickr i love it when he proper sings it can be so pleasant omg...
  18. but i felt like i had to mention jun because every comeback i sit and complain and moan loudly about his lack of parts whether in terms of lines or in the center or in the mv and this comeback i was blessed af....i felt so rich...just like seriously wealthy...there was so much jun...*drool emoji*
  20. ok back to regularly scheduled programming if i had to rank the songs it'd be holiday > usaenatddeu > moonwalker > naegerowa > what's good and i have no idea where to put eojjeona i'm sorry eojjeona is to ymmd the way wonwoo is to svt for me...anyway i'm happy...when it comes to svt anyway...this is a great comeback please svt hit big, get a public hit, reign over digital charts, somehow get that 500k sales no i'm kidding but 250k first week please i just want you to prosper and grow and be rich!!!!!!!! success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let's do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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