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  1. Now make a new thread following the below steps
  3. Step 1 - Create a new thread with the corp name you are applying to and your own name as the title
  4. Step 2 - Copy and paste the questions listed below into your thread and answer them all.
  5. Step 3 - Check back often and answer the questions that Snuffed Out members ask.
  6. Step 4 - Answer all the questions and make sure they are complete and easily readable before posting your app.
  8. Format your topic/subject like so:
  9. Corporation Name Here [Ticker here]: Applicants name
  11. Once you have been properly vetted, a Snuffed Out Recruiter or Dіrector from the relevant corp will either grant you TRIAL status or deny your application.
  12. Cоpy paste and answer these questіons in your application.
  15. --------------------------------------------------
  16. Name the recruitment officer that told you to apply!
  18. General info
  19. 1. Who is your vouch and how do you know them (the individual who's agreed to vouch you must've been in Snuffed Out a minimum 4 months).
  20. [b]Answer:[/b]
  21. 2. What is your timezone and primary language?
  22. [b]Answer:[/b]
  23. 3. Are you comfortable talking/relaying information on ts3?
  24. [b]Answer:[/b]
  25. 4. How many hours do you play eve per week? Are you a weekend warrior or casual everyday player?
  26. [b]Answer:[/b]
  27. 5. How long have you been playing EVE Online?
  28. [b]Answer:[/b]
  30. About your characters
  31. 1. Can you please provide links for all relevant chars. Super/Titan characters don't need to be linked here, but explain that you have them.
  32. [b]Answer:[/b]
  33. 2. Are any of your alts (not your main) able to fly a carrier, fax or dread?
  34. [b]Answer:[/b]
  35. 3. Do you have a minimum mid-grade slave set for your main and combat capable (dread/fax/carrier/links) alts? If you do not own a mid-grade slave set for your main and combat alts, are you willing to buy them upon acceptance into Snuffed Out?
  36. [b]Answer:[/b]
  37. 4. Are any of your characters bought or injected?
  38. [b]Answer:[/b]
  40. About EVE Online
  41. 1. What kind of ships can you fly that match Snuffed Out's gameplay?
  42. [b]Answer:[/b]
  43. 2. Name your favorite ship in EVE and explain why you like it (this does not have to be a Snuffed Out style ship).
  44. [b]Answer:[/b]
  45. 3. What are your long-term goal in EVE Online?
  46. [b]Answer:[/b]
  47. 4. What are you looking forward to the most, upon acceptance into Snuffed Out?
  48. [b]Answer:[/b]
  49. 5. Do you have any aspirations toward owning a super or titan?
  50. [b]Answer:[/b]
  51. 6. Provide a ship fitting for Snuffed Out fleet combat, and explain it's purpose, and what EVE Online mechanics that apply.
  52. [b]Answer:[/b]
  53. 7. Have you ever been kicked from an alliance?
  54. [b]Answer:[/b]
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