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  2. [Pre-game talk about Class’ Pegasus companion, this log will also have parallel scenes for the split activities separate by a long line]
  4. <Baruch> (So the Pegasus is ACTUALLY there? Ok :))
  5. <CJ> We will start in two. With the wol landing :)
  6. <CJ> owl even
  7. <Pegasus> (Yes he is actual there)
  8. <CJ> I'm just sorting my notes out
  9. <Calpurnia> Can we rewind right before reaching Stonehenge aka when I read the stars.
  10. <Pegasus> (Except CJ intercept that I try to get my companion in)
  11. <CJ> Yes companion shall appear :)
  12. <Helpax> (Really? A Pegasus?)
  13. <Makara> familiar?
  14. <Pegasus> (No Pegasus is just his "Pet")
  15. <Pegasus> (but Pegasus is weak right now in oppose to char)
  16. <Calpurnia> CJ I wish to tell Baruch and Class (since he is awake) what i saw before landing
  17. <Pegasus> (OK then)
  19. =-= Pegasus is now known as Class
  20. <CJ> OK, we will do it in character if you are doing it on the owl as everyone will hear it?
  22. <CJ> Right Time IN
  23. <CJ> The owl glides silently down, circling lower and lower over the encampment at Stonehenge
  24. <Calpurnia> Everyone was asleep if my memory serves correctly
  25. <CJ> Calpurnia is awake, staring at the stars...
  26. <CJ> Class is awake obviously
  27. <Class> (it was around midnight when we found Stonehenge and I got to landing)
  28. <Calpurnia> (I know, talking about rest of group)
  29. <Helpax> (Helpax was awake trying to keep the others from falling off)
  30. <Class> "We are there get up everyone"
  31. <CJ> Helpax then is hanging on to Edith who is asleep now
  32. <Baruch> "Ahh, finally"
  33. <Helpax> "Thank the Realms!"
  34. <Calpurnia> ".....(....curse you class)"
  35. <Class> (Sorry Calpurnia )
  36. <Calpurnia> (no prob, as it is roleplaying correct)
  38. <CJ> There is a gentle flurry of snow as Class lands just outside the huge circle of stones
  39. [Helpax tries to wake up Edith, Makara and Silas. If they don't wake up, he just lets them sleep.]
  40. <CJ> Everyone wakes. Edith looks around in excitement. "What's this?" she asks in English, then repeats the question slowly in Latin
  41. <Helpax> "At last. Thank you Class."
  42. <Calpurnia> Looks at Edith "Stonehenge, supposedly"
  43. <Helpax> “We're at the Tribunal, Edith. We've arrived."
  44. <CJ> A group of four men in chainmail armour with hand axes and shields come running towards you
  45. * Helpax gets off the Owl
  46. <CJ> (Edith draws her shortsword)
  47. <CJ> Helpax lands in the couple of inches of crisp white snow
  48. <Baruch> "At ease, everyone! We are here to participate in the tribunal."
  49. <Helpax> "Calm down, we're all friends here. Just late arrival at the tribunal."
  50. <Calpurnia> Tries to get deeper into class's feathers (hiding)
  52. <Class> (When we are down the thing with the snow white Pegasus happens)
  53. <Class> (OK so 4 Men and a snow whit Pegasus ^^)
  54. <CJ> RE: Pegasus Yes, you will have to tell me about that as I wasn't here. :)
  55. <CJ> OK, cool, tell me what happens now then so I can catch up
  56. <CJ> (Ie. go Pegasus scene)
  57. <Class> (the Pegasus only approaches this strange cloud and eyes it that was all so fare)
  58. <Class> (so we are fine if there 4 people also come here)
  60. <CJ> OK, you all see a noble white winged horse flap up, look at the "cloud" and follow you back down.
  61. <Helpax> (So we're being stalked by a flying horse? Well it beats the drakes...)
  62. <Class> (No he only got there on foot)
  63. <CJ> The four guards are now staring at the owl, crying out in (bad heavily accented) Latin "who is there?"
  64. <CJ> OK, he walked over.
  65. <Class> (How was our Covenant called again?)
  66. <CJ> (The City of Jade and Ivory I think?)
  68. <CJ> An older man, perhaps in his fifties, wearing a black robe and carrying a sword walks out of the stones. He yells to the guards, who immediately move towards him.
  69. <CJ> OK, Baruch what you doing?
  70. <Helpax> "Baurch Magus? Your the accredited member of the order..."
  71. <Baruch> I will climb off and approach them. "We are magi of the covenant of the City of Jade and Ivory"
  72. <Class> "We are Magus and adept from the City of Jade and Ivory"
  73. <Helpax> "Mostly Adepts."
  74. <Baruch> "We are here to participate in the tribunal and gauntlet these apprentices"
  75. <Baruch> "I am Baruch ex Bonisagus.
  76. <Calpurnia> "...(The pawns of prophecy have now reached the gateway of initiation;)"
  78. <CJ> Ah! Slave Sodales! replies the man
  79. <Helpax> (Slave Soledales?)
  80. <CJ> (Greetings a comrades!)
  81. <CJ> Slave!
  82. <CJ> #AGGGH
  83. <CJ> Time out.
  84. <Helpax> (*Soldales?)
  85. <Baruch> (Do I know what that means?)
  86. <CJ> Slave Sodales. Apologies, my typo, funny though!
  87. <CJ> (literally hail colleagues)
  88. <CJ> I am trying to type Salve. I keep typing slave. I am useless at typing. Salve Sodales.
  89. <CJ> OK, Time in
  91. <CJ> He wanders thoughtfully towards you. "Well you appear to be hidden in a cloud" he says
  92. * Class slowly straighten up to get the still leaping down from him
  93. <Baruch> "Yes, we had some trouble on the way here and had to conceal ourselves"
  94. <Calpurnia> (slides off class)
  95. <Helpax> (Ah...note to self, double check my Latin)
  96. <Baruch> "Multiple drake attacks, to be specific. Most unfortunate, they even destroyed a covenant we were visiting. Libellas?"
  97. <Class> (Yes was Libellas if I rember right)
  98. <Baruch> "Greetings to you, as well."
  100. <CJ> Another man is called for. You hear the name Edward. A man in a grey scholar gown walks out, and looks at the cloud.
  101. <CJ> The two magi look at one another. The grogs have put their weapons down and are also staring
  102. <CJ> As soon as you walk a pace or two from Class you emerge from the cloud. Who is visible now?
  103. <Baruch> (I have been visible all the time I was talking - that's what I meant by climbing off and approaching them)
  104. <Helpax> "Maybe we walk outside of the cloud...Well except for class, it's kinda stuck on you, isn't it?"
  105. <Calpurnia> currently behind class, depends where he is facing.
  106. <Helpax> *"Maybe we should walk...
  107. <Class> (Yes I'm cloud)
  109. [Makara’s player didn’t feel well, so he is on auto]
  111. <CJ> Makara is suddenly noticed by a man covered from head to foot in tattoos. He looks impossibly aged, and is dressed in heavy peasant clothes, but with a really long staff.
  112. <CJ> He walks over, and without a word leads Makara away in to the shadows of the stones.
  113. <CJ> Oddly enough, Makara simply follows, seemingly completely willingly
  114. <Calpurnia> "......"
  115. <CJ> No words passed between them. It all happened very quickly.
  116. <Helpax> "...One day, I'll have to ask a Criamon why they do that."
  118. [Helpax follows Baruch]
  120. <CJ> (Makara email me and I'll explain what happens and what Criamon mysteries you get up to this week.)
  121. <CJ> Class, what you doing?
  123. [Class gets back to human and shrinks himself (which takes time)]
  124. <CJ> You'll need to shrink first, but I think you can shrink twice as fast as you get bigger. The aura here is ABSOLUTELY IMMENSE. This is the most magical place any of you have ever been
  125. <CJ> If you stayed here too long you would be warped, and perhaps enter Twilight
  126. [Calpurnia reveled as Class no longer takes up so much room]
  127. <Helpax> (Is there an Ageis here?)
  128. <CJ> There is no Aegis here that you can sense.
  130. <CJ> Silas oddly enough has also left, having walked quietly off with Edith a moment ago. You heard the name "Stephen" mentioned.
  131. <Calpurnia> (Stares coldly at Edith)
  133. =-= Class is now known as Pegasus
  135. [Pegasus aproach Baruch]
  136. <CJ> Baruch, a pegasus is walking up to you
  137. [Baruch regards pegasus with worried puzzlement]
  138. <Pegasus> @Baruch apparently this Pegasus seem to know you as it appear it try to beg for something to eat
  139. [Baruch pets the Pegasus carefully]
  141. <CJ> A noblewoman, an attractive raven haired lady in a highly embroidered dress wanders over, and you get a look at her fine features in the firelight. "ah, Calpurnia dearest, we have been expecting you!" she cries
  142. <Calpurnia> (Okay do I know this woman's face?)
  143. <Helpax> "Calpurnia, who is your friend?"
  144. <CJ> Never seen her before, but you can make a Per + Enigmatic Wisdom test
  146. [Calpurnia rolled decently]
  148. <CJ> The woman regards Helpax with a smile. "Vanasalus of Criamon" We have been awaiting the orphan, hoping to greet her before the lizard's jaws end the wyrd of two Tribunals prematurely
  149. <CJ> Calpurnia, despite the lack of tattooos, you realize she is somehow Criamon by the elaborate symbolism embroidered in her dress
  151. <Baruch> (Do we get any confidence for reaching Stonehenge, by the way?)
  152. <CJ> OOOHH! CONFIDENCE. YES 3 points each :D
  153. <Pegasus> (Whats the limit we can store?)
  154. <Calpurnia> does our max go up or is it still 3
  155. <CJ> (there is no limit; just reach for the skies/ no valley too deep/ no mountain too high - oh sorry, that was 2 unlimited. But yeah no limit on confidence)
  156. <CJ> There is no max. Three is your starting confidence level, that is all.
  157. <CJ> (if you have self confident, you have a confidence score of 2, other wise 1. That is the most confidence you can spend on any single roll)
  159. <Helpax> "Hello Vanasalus. Pleasure to meet you."
  160. <Pegasus> (Any of you can speak Occitan or Catalan?)
  161. <Calpurnia> (nope)
  162. <CJ> Vanasalus gestures for Calpurnia to follow her, then hesitates and looks at Helpax. "please, both join the folk of Semitae at out fireside?"
  163. <Helpax> (Sorry, Helpax isn't a linguist)
  164. <Calpurnia> "huh" [follows]
  165. <CJ> Vanasalus addresses you in Latin
  167. [Helpax follows after Calpurnia]
  169. <Baruch> "Socialize freely, apprentices, this is a rare opportunity."
  170. <CJ> Baruch, you notice Calpurnia walking off
  171. <Calpurnia> (ps Makara have the book)
  172. <Helpax> "Thank you, Vanasalus Magi."
  173. <Baruch> I'm fine with that - better meet the mages now, it'll be a while before we descend from our city the next time, I suspect: P
  174. <CJ> I am the Lady Vanasalus, seeress and maga of the covenant of Semitae. Gerfallon our leader told us to expect you
  175. <Calpurnia> "And what else did she see with our arrival"
  176. <CJ> "Calpurnia" says Vanasalus ",many things, terrible things. The fact you arrived at all is a miracle that God has bestowed upon you. The saints must watch over you, for many try to prevent your coming"
  177. <Helpax> "Was Gerfallon the one who mentioned lizard jaws on our journey?"
  178. <CJ> "Yes, Gerfallon was the one Helpax" says Vanasalus
  179. <Calpurnia> "I have found that out. I would not be surprised if the continued to here"
  181. [Pegasus speak something but apparently no one understand it]
  182. <Baruch> To the Pegasus: "Excuse me, I do not seem to understand"
  183. <Pegasus> "Baruk?" (Intentional wrong written)
  184. <Baruch> "Yes, I am Baruch. Who might you be? Happy to meet you, regardless."
  185. [Pegasus share whit his hoof and then turn around move a few feet then looks back if followed]
  186. <Baruch> "Oh, you wish me to follow you?"
  187. [Pegasus lead Baruch to a tent]
  188. <Baruch> "Excuse me, everyone, it seems this... Pegasus? wishes to lead me somewhere. I will be with you again shortly"
  190. <CJ> "It is so" says Vanasalus - "now hurry to the twisting shadows of our campfire". She is trying to lead you both away from the stones and other magi, to a circle of wagons a short way away
  191. [ Baruch follows Pegasus]
  192. <Calpurnia> "hmm (continues)
  193. <Helpax> "Saints? That would explain the multitude of prophecies and omens. That is three now? And we're expecting more enemies? Great..."
  195. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  197. <Pegasus> at the tent it calls "Ramon xxxxxxxx" (X= something you dont understand)
  199. =-= Pegasus is now known as Ramon
  201. <Ramon> (Baruch maybe make some roll if you remember a guest of the Mercer mages in our Covenant who is nearly every winter season there)
  202. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+5 (intelligence for memory)
  204. [Baruch make a decent roll]
  206. <Ramon> (Yes there is an ungifted Red Cap called Ramon who have a snow white Pegasus and visiting your covenant each winter for 10 years now or so)
  208. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  210. <CJ> As you are following Vanasalus a lean man with a mop of unruly grey hair and a thin well trimmed beard approaches. He is the chap Edward you saw earlier. He is dressed as a teacher in a cathedral school
  211. <Calpurnia> "..."
  212. <CJ> He looks over, and gestures discreetly for you both to join him.
  213. <Calpurnia> (walks over)
  214. <CJ> Yet Vanasalus is still leading you away from the circle
  215. <Calpurnia> (huh)
  216. <Helpax> "Just a second."
  217. <CJ> Vanasalus freezes,and slowly turns, looking to see where you are going
  218. [Helpax follows after Calpurnia]
  219. <CJ> Edward of Milton steps forward. He holds a small slate, and is looking at you very intently
  220. <Calpurnia> I use piercing gaze on Edward, "what is it"
  221. <CJ> OK piercing gaze has no effect upon him.
  222. <CJ> "NAMES??? Hurry up now girl, speak up!" looks at Helpax "You Too! NAME???"
  223. <Helpax> "Why are you asking? Names have a kind of power and I don't know if I trust you"
  224. <Helpax> (Does Edward of Milton have the gift?)
  225. <Helpax> (Since we aren't protected from it yet...)
  227. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  228. <Baruch> "Ramon? Is it you?"
  229. [Ramon gets out of the tent half awake]
  230. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  232. <CJ> "I am Edward of Milton of the covenant of Schola Pythagoranis. If you are to be gauntleted here I must have your details. I am in charge of the apprentices!"
  233. <CJ> "so, NAMES???"
  234. <Calpurnia> "Later, I will return later. With my magus leader" Goes back to woman
  235. <CJ> Vanasalus smiles as you approach her. She looks expectantly at Helpax?
  236. <CJ> So does Edward of Milton. "NAME?" he says wearily...
  238. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  239. <Ramon> "Sedala XXXX" "Oh hello Baruch"
  240. [ Ramon is a male ~20 years old with shoulder long brown hair and a well kept full beard. With his 1,73 he is above average height of this time]
  241. <Baruch> "Good to meet you, Ramon. How does the world treat you? We had a most gruesome trip here, I have rarely been as relieved as I am right now that all the apprentices made it alive"
  242. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  244. <Helpax> "...I apologies. I am Helpax, but I need to go now."
  245. [Helpax follows after Calpurnia]
  246. <CJ> “Helpax. H...E....L....P.....A....X.”
  247. <Calpurnia> Hel pact
  248. <Helpax> Whispers to her "do not leave me alone here...I'm uncomfortable"
  249. <Ramon> "Hope you have a good trip from your Covenant"
  250. <CJ> "HOUSE?" his voice booms out after you as you scurry after Vanasalus and Calpurnia...
  251. <Helpax> "the ground is...soft. And the clouds are too high."
  252. <Calpurnia> Criamon!!!
  254. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  255. <Ramon> "*Silent* Oh here in the world of the Mages it could be better as a ungifted but the normal people consider me as a Lord so that’s fine"
  256. <Baruch> "Yes, yes, we mages can be an unpleasant lot, I will give you that. When are you coming to visit us next?"
  257. <Ramon> "I think I have to visit your covenant after this here is over"
  258. <Ramon> "So maybe we can travel back together"
  259. <Baruch> "Ah, how pleasant. You are most welcome."
  260. <Baruch> "Ah, about that. I am not quite certain how we will travel back. Goricious was responsible for that, and he entered final twilight on our way here. I would rather not travel by owl again - that is most uncomfortable, not to mention dangerous - but we might not have many alternatives."
  261. <Ramon> "You’re the only magus of your covenant here?"
  262. <Baruch> "Yes, as it stands, I believe I am."
  263. <Ramon> "Hmm I have it easy as Sedala carry me"
  264. [Ramon look to the Pegasus]
  265. <Baruch> "I am sure we will be able to figure something out."
  266. <Baruch> "Now I am simply looking forward to having the apprentices gauntleted, so I won't have to feel so responsible for them anymore."
  267. <Ramon> "Let me just put something better on then we can go to your apprentices"
  268. <Baruch> "Yes, yes. They are socializing, but I presume it would be good to check on them nonetheless, the intrigues of the tribunal being what they are."
  269. [Ramon say something to the Pegasus and then go back into the tent]
  270. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  272. <CJ> Helpax and Calpurnia have arrived at the ring of wagons and gypsy style caravans. A huge fire glows in the centre, and there are masses of children running around, and a dozen or so folk clad in peasant clothes attending to duties
  273. <CJ> Vanasalus leads you to fireside
  274. <Calpurnia> "..."
  275. <CJ> As you pass the wagons you see something incredible - each is very large, and made of iron. There are at least forty horses here, and not one reacts to your GIFT!
  276. <Calpurnia> "....weird"
  277. <CJ> As well as the six iron wagons there at least a dozen smaller wooden wagons
  278. <Helpax> "I have never seen so many children in one place. Or so many people not cringe at the passing of a new gifted personage. How is this possible?"
  279. <CJ> A woman passes by you, and she’s shy away somewhat. Only the horses appear completely unperturbed
  280. <CJ> OK, Helpax and Calpurnia, initiative rolls please
  281. <Calpurnia> Surpise attack?
  282. <CJ> YEP :)
  283. <Calpurnia> YAY
  284. <CJ> QIK + any weapon skill or just quickness if you plan to cast?
  286. [CJ make a good secret roll]
  287. <CJ> OK. I'm going on a 9
  289. <Helpax> (No weapons so...)
  290. [Helpax make a weak roll]
  292. <Calpurnia> 1 moment as I see the short sword
  293. [Calpurnia have a great roll thanks to his weapon skill!]
  295. <CJ> OK Calpurnia: you go first. A couple of the children are hiding under a wagon, and seem to be compacting snow in their hands
  296. <CJ> They are about 6 and 7 years old, one a boy and one a girl
  297. <Calpurnia> Hmm
  298. <Helpax> (lol Oh boy, this'll be worse than the drakes!)
  299. <CJ> They are nervous but giggling.
  300. <CJ> You doing anything? Vanasalus has not noticed them yet
  301. <Calpurnia> Sponting is /2 right
  302. <CJ> Yes, half CAlpurnia, and gives you a level of fatigue
  303. <Calpurnia> GAH
  305. =-= Ramon is now known as Class
  307. <Class> "I prefer to hunt for something to eat before dawn arise"
  308. <CJ> OK class, you can go hunt :)
  309. <Ramon> (Was just so I only play one char at a time)
  310. <CJ> Baruch Per + Hunt test please? Class may roll as well, using owl stats
  311. <Baruch> (-1 for not having hunt, right?)
  312. <CJ> nope, no minus. Just three extra botch dice if you roll a zero
  314. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  315. =-= Class is now known as Ramon
  317. <Ramon> "OK ready, lead on"
  318. <Baruch> "Very well, go ahead.” S <Baruch> (We'll head back to Class with Ramon, see if he's already small, and pick him up. Then we'll go look around for the others, just walk around and look for them, maybe ask people if they have seen where they went) “see if you can spot the others while you're flying around, will you?"
  320. [Baruch make a decent roll to spot the kids]
  322. <CJ> Ramon, you walking with Baruch?
  323. <Ramon> (Yes)
  324. <CJ> Baruch, you see tracks leading off to the caravans
  325. <CJ> Class calls out overhead. He has spotted them
  326. <Baruch> We go to the caravan then
  327. <Ramon> "And its sad to hear that Goricious is no more"
  328. <Baruch> "But he was looking forward to twilight, I suspect."
  329. <Ramon> "Yes Criamon have a strange view of the world"
  330. <Ramon> "if I'm allowed to say this"
  331. <Baruch> "I would know, wouldn't I? having traveled with a number of them."
  332. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  334. <CJ> So Calpurnia, your action please?
  335. <Calpurnia> ... The spell I want does not exist
  336. <Helpax> (Magic snowball, right?)
  337. <Calpurnia> I'll move my action back
  338. <CJ> OK, while Calpurnia is watching both children hurl snowballs, one at Calpurnia, one at Helpax
  339. <Calpurnia> Okay spell time ‘Palm of flame’
  341. [Calpurnia make a good roll]
  343. <CJ> Attack on Calpurnia!
  344. <CJ> !roll 1d10-3
  345. <DiceBot> CJ: -2 =: 1-3
  346. <CJ> OK,that was a one, so I roll again and double :)
  347. <CJ> !roll 1d10
  348. <DiceBot> CJ: 1
  349. <CJ> ok, so I roll again and quadruple the result!
  350. <CJ> !roll 1d10
  351. <DiceBot> CJ: 1
  352. <CJ> this is getting ridiculous!
  353. <Calpurnia> what the FUCK
  354. <CJ> !roll 1d10
  355. <DiceBot> CJ: 10
  356. <Calpurnia> FINALLLY
  357. <Baruch> (Ohsit)
  358. <CJ> 10 doubled to 20 doubles to 40 doubles to 80
  359. <CJ> S final attack total +78
  360. <Ramon> (Was there a stone in the snowball or something ;) )
  361. <CJ> No, must have been a bit of ice. Even with -12 damage this could be bad
  363. [CJ has made an epic legendary roll… on a snowball]
  365. <Helpax> (I really hope I don't die via snowball after fending off two drakes. That would suck)
  366. <Calpurnia> LOL I used palm of flame on the snowball
  367. <Baruch> "Yes, he was a good albeit strange companion."
  368. <Baruch> (haha)
  369. <CJ> OK, Calpurnia, Palm of Falme yeah?
  371. <CJ> You add + 7 for the aura.
  372. <Helpax> (Melt the deadly one)
  373. <CJ> so what was your total?
  374. <Calpurnia> rolled a 17/2 still pass, target is the snow ball aimed at me +7 then
  375. <Helpax> (+7?!? Damn)
  376. <Calpurnia> so 24/2
  377. <Calpurnia> level is 5
  378. <Helpax> (17+7[/2= 12)
  380. <CJ> OK, that will melt the snowball - only problem is you must get your hand up in front of it, make a defense roll beating 78.
  381. <Calpurnia> Hmm what does the leap up mean
  382. <Ramon> (OMG poor Calpurnia)
  383. <CJ> Do you have any direct targeted spells you could cast instead Calpurnia? You realize this eerily well placed snowball better targeted with something like Palm of Fire!
  384. <Baruch> (This is why you teach children not to throw snowballs with rocks or ice with them - and why they still occasionally get killed)
  385. <Helpax> (Maybe improve a flaming aura spell?)
  386. <CJ> There are two types of spells - those that directly hit, and those cast on something and aimed. If you use Palm of Fire your hand is ablaze, but you still have to use your hand to block the snowball :)
  387. <Calpurnia> Okay this should be fun, still can dodge though
  388. <CJ> Your Parma gives no defense cos this is a perfectly normal snowball, not magical in any way
  389. <CJ> Yep, do you want to dodge, or use a different spell? Your choice :)
  390. <Ramon> (Aquam should give soak)
  392. <CJ> YES. :)
  393. <CJ> lol!
  394. <Calpurnia> What would I need to roll and succeed with dodge
  395. <CJ> (perhaps it is an assassin’s snowball, forged in the heart of a dragon?)
  396. <CJ> 78 :)
  397. <Helpax> (Well, it does come from a high aura area...)
  398. <Baruch> (Just try a direct hit spell of any kind)
  399. <Baruch> (its still a snowball, so you don't need more than a nudge)
  400. <Ramon> (how high is the Aura?)
  401. <Calpurnia> (...... I'm sticking with my only hope... my arm)
  402. <Calpurnia> (that is currently on fire)
  403. <CJ> OK, make a Dex +Brawl roll
  405. <Calpurnia> What is that for?
  406. <Helpax> (+7 Aura!)
  407. <Ramon> (nice)
  408. <CJ> To hit the snowball and melt it with your burning hand :)
  409. <Helpax> (To fire-punch the snowball?)
  410. <Ramon> (Ramon shouldn't stay for to long there)
  411. <CJ> (there is a deep terrible irony in all this, but never mind that for now)
  413. [Calpurnia make the weakest roll possible]
  415. <Calpurnia> OMG WTF
  416. <Calpurnia> F YOU DICEBOT F YOU
  417. <Ramon> (This gives you a blood nose)
  418. <Calpurnia> (No this explodes my skull)
  419. <Helpax> (I know. Ice Princess trying to stay warm...)
  420. <CJ> OK, Calpurnia is struck on the temple, and you all see the jagged piece of ice. She takes 66 points of damage, as the snowball shatters her skull. Except - no: the snowball seems to bounce away, leaving her completely unharmed. Everyone falls silent. They small boy looks terrified and starts to wail.
  422. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  423. <Ramon> " Any news from your covenant? As it was a while when I was the last time there"
  424. <Baruch> "Oh, the usual. Gliding around, doing research, minding our own business, that sort of thing."
  425. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  427. <CJ> Absolutely no effect. Except just for a moment, Calpurnia seemed to darken.
  428. <Helpax> (ok, what happened?)
  429. <CJ> Calpurnia, your Greater Immunity just cut in
  430. <CJ> Helpax, snowball at you too same initiative
  431. <Calpurnia> Wait OH SHIT A DEMON POWER
  433. [CJ make a weak roll]
  435. <CJ> ok, misses completely Helpax!
  436. <Helpax> (I go after them, so, yeah hit me)
  437. <Calpurnia> FUCK YOU HELPAX FUCK YOU
  438. <CJ> Baruch, you catch up at this point, with everyone staring at Calpurnia
  439. <Helpax> (or not)
  440. <Helpax> (Later darling I got a headache ^^)
  441. <CJ> OK< Helpax you running after the children?
  442. <Baruch> "What is the problem here? Calpurnia?"
  443. <Calpurnia> "......... I almost died"
  444. <Baruch> "Well, now, how could that be? Everything seems to be quite safe here."
  445. <Helpax> "Are you alright, child? There is no need to cry."
  446. <CJ> The child looks confused, and gabbles something in English about "where am I?"
  447. <CJ> His sister looks utterly baffled at the sudden change in her brother
  449. <Helpax> (If it's really a demon power, I'd like to point out I have infernal lore. I might recognize it)
  450. <CJ> Helpax, Int + Infernal Lore
  451. <Helpax> "...Stonehenge..."
  453. [Helpax make a great infernal lore roll]
  455. [Calpurnia make a decent perception roll]
  457. <CJ> Calpurnia, the look in that child's eyes - it was possessed!
  458. <Helpax> "Who do these children belong too?"
  459. <CJ> Yep, Helpax, the demon has left it now, but that child was possessed by a minor demon of the order of Tempters. It was inspiring him to wickedness, but not to corrupt his soul, but to lead his sister astray. If not Calpurnia would be dead by now :)
  461. <CJ> Ramon, what you up to?
  463. [Helpax turns to the girl]
  464. <CJ> "What's wrong with Jim?" she asks
  465. <Helpax> "Your brother wasn't quite himself, was he? Maybe you should keep an eye on him, so he doesn't do anything naughty for a bit. You up for being in charge?"
  466. <CJ> "I'll take him back to our wagon and get mummy to smack him" she says
  467. <Helpax> "Good idea! Discipline makes us strong!"
  469. <Calpurnia> OMG THANK YOU DEMON THANK YOU, but please don't do that again
  470. <CJ> Calpurnia, did you say that out loud? ;)
  471. <Baruch> (Calpurnia, could you use the brackets, please, makes it easier to tell the ooc stuff apart)
  472. <Calpurnia> No, no, quotes around it
  473. <CJ> lol!
  474. <Helpax> (Please don't thank the demons)
  475. <Calpurnia> (I could have been instant killed I thank whatever saves me even if it's what caused it)
  476. <CJ> Vanasalus looks confused "Who are they?" she points to Baruch and Ramon
  477. <CJ> (lol, yep! Best die roll I have made in ages - for a SNOWBALL!)
  479. [Ramon have the usual Red Cap on his head]
  481. <Calpurnia> "The first is the magus who brought us here, the other no idea"
  483. [Helpax waves goodbye to the little girl]
  485. <CJ> You hear the sound of a weary magus helping remove Class from his tent and feed him a dormouse
  486. <Helpax> (The power of the anti-plot!)
  487. <Baruch> "Baruch ex Bonisagus, pleased to meet you. I am simply checking on the apprentices - it's good to know where they are."
  488. <CJ> Class, you are looking at magius who just extracted you from his pavillion. He seems to be dressed in grey schoolmasters robes, and a little puzzled, but he has a box of tasty mice
  489. <Helpax> "The magus is the head of our party. Don't know the other guy."
  490. <CJ> Vanasalus of Criamon "how thrilling to meet you Baruch! I seek the answer to the Enigma, but I don't really understand it at all." She laughs "maybe that is the point?"
  491. <Ramon> "Lord Ramon, Red Cap of Mercere"
  492. <CJ> Vanasalus says "Ramon the Redcap I believe. Welcome!”
  493. <CJ> "Yes, you are the one who rides the Pegasus?"
  494. <Helpax> "Lord Ramon? Hello, your lordiness."
  495. <CJ> Please, all take seats around the fire.
  497. =-= Ramon is now known as Class
  499. <Baruch> "Yes, yes. Understanding is a difficult task in general, I find, yet one worth pursuing."
  500. <CJ> "Gerfallon will be with you shortly."
  502. [The group sits at the fire]
  504. <CJ> A woman walks over and sits by you. She appears to be about 16, but you find it hard to look directly at her.
  505. <Class> "Sorry for nearly hitting your tent I was paying attention to some friends but missing to look at my own rute of flight"
  507. [ Helpax takes a seat]
  509. <CJ> In a deep male voice she asks "Your are now in shadow, but your souls were saved?"
  510. <Calpurnia> "It would appear so"
  511. <Helpax> "...that’s comforting..."
  512. <CJ> "I am Gerfallon" says the girl, changing in to a middle aged man in the clothes of a baker. The voice changes to that of an old woman
  513. <Class> "Thanks for the mice, was looking for some food also"
  514. <Helpax> muttering under his breath "...maybe she's why a demon would be here..."
  515. <CJ> "Ramon: what is the thing you fear the most?" asks Gerfallon, now a little boy with a old man's voice
  516. <CJ> Helpax "You know where you came from. Where are you going?"
  517. <CJ> "Baruch: When the eggs are hatched, where does the mother fly?"
  519. =-= Class is now known as Ramon
  521. <Ramon> "Sorry I don't fully understand this question Gerfallon"
  522. <Ramon> (I wanted to keep in character and with 4 in Latin one still don't understand everything ^^)
  523. <CJ> "Calpurnia: the ice in your soul nearly claimed you back. Can the spade master the gardener?"
  524. <Baruch> "The nest would be nice, don't you think? Some peace, quiet and safety, oh yes."
  525. <CJ> Gerfallon continues to change form and gender constantly shifting, in a horribly liquid manner, morphing from one identity to the next
  526. <Helpax> "Crimon riddles; if we understood what they meant right away, we wouldn't need them right?"
  527. <Calpurnia> "Matters for the gardener may drop the spade and it cuts him infecting him and making him bleeds out to death. The true answer is in the future."
  528. <CJ> Gerfallon looks thoughtful
  529. <Ramon> "I don't know maybe the corruption of the Immortal Soul but who are you to ask such a personal question?"
  530. <CJ> Gerfallon continues t shift, ignoring Ramon's question
  531. [ Helpax sighs]
  532. <Calpurnia> "I may not fully understand what you’re hinting at, but the future has yet to truly be decided.
  533. <CJ> Then he sings in low growly voice a few words directed at Calpurnia
  534. <CJ> "Sing in your heart, praise for your father
  535. <CJ> "deeper than mountains, the measure of age
  536. <CJ> Unchanged above the tempests
  537. <CJ> Praise him for his implacability
  538. <CJ> The spur of his insistence
  539. <CJ> that forces upward, into Twilight"
  540. <Helpax> "I do not know where I am going, only that I seek to leave the darkest of my shadows behind? Sorry I don't do metaphors very well."
  541. <Helpax> (...I say that after the weird rhyme, k? Sorry)
  542. <CJ> Gerfallon raises a glass of mead, mutters about the joy of escape, and whispers a name too softly for you to catch, as he pours the contents in to the fire
  543. <CJ> He then stands, says no more, and walks slowly away
  544. <CJ> Vansalus stands up and claps
  545. <Ramon> "What was this all about?"
  546. <CJ> "Isn't he marvellous?" she says!
  547. <Calpurnia> "........"
  548. <Baruch> "Yes, yes, quite the imposing character."
  549. <CJ> "No idea" says Vansalus. "Meant absolutely nothing to me, but you could tell it was True Wisdom!"
  551. [Helpax groans]
  553. <CJ> (she jumps around happily)
  554. <CJ> Calpurnia Int + Enigmatic Wisdom to see if it actually meant anything :)
  555. <Helpax> "Crimons..."
  557. <Calpurnia> !roll 1d10+2
  558. <DiceBot> Calpurnia: 4 = 2+2
  559. <Calpurnia> DICEBOT STOP GIVING ME 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  561. <Calpurnia> I write it down either way
  562. <CJ> You had heard the poem before, maybe...
  563. <Calpurnia> So I may later try to figure it out
  564. <CJ> An elderly looking but still strong blacksmith strolls over.
  565. <Helpax> (Is poetry under Lib arts?)
  566. <CJ> "the old woman been spouting his mystic bollocks again?" he says
  567. <CJ> It is Helpax yes
  568. <Calpurnia> (rhetoric is which I think that falls under)
  569. <CJ> H looks at you all fearlessly
  570. <CJ> "You need food drink and beds for the night?"
  571. <Helpax> "I think so. It's kind of hard to tell."
  572. <Baruch> "Well, one might say that. Good to make your acquaintance - Baruch ex Bonisagus."
  573. <Baruch> "We have travelled far"
  574. <Calpurnia> "I think the magus' will provide it"
  575. <Helpax> (Can we roll to recognize the poem?)
  576. <Ramon> "Thanks for the question I have both already but the others might in need of this"
  577. <Calpurnia> (I think only I heard it)
  578. <CJ> "Junius of Verditius. I made these 'ere wagons. And no mystical crap helped with that I can assure you, just good plain Craft Magic and the mysteries of my House. Proper mysteries, one's one can teach an apprentice, noyt all this mumbo jumbo about Enigma's)
  579. <CJ> Ramon, can you fit 'em all in your tent?
  580. <Ramon> (No thats why I sayed the others might in need of this)
  581. <CJ> "I'll ask Hilda to bring Rabbit stew, good bread and some mashed onions in butter"
  582. <Baruch> "Yes, yes,. Beautiful wagons, too. Quite impressive."
  583. <Baruch> "Thank you, that would be splendid."
  584. <Ramon> "I will go back to my tent, hopefully we will see us at dawn"
  586. =-= Ramon is now known as Class
  588. [Class return to the group]
  590. <Helpax> "Thank you."
  591. <CJ> Well I think we have space in the store wagon. Once you warmed your fronts your behinds will be frozen. Go get in their, and wrap yourselves in furs till your food is ready." says Junius
  592. <Class> (I will pick up my cloths and then join the others after seeing they go into this wagon ... btw still a cloud as it wars of at dawn)
  593. <CJ> Yes I know. Edward has second sight, so he could see you as you are
  594. <CJ> OK, once in the wagon you all have a chance to talk and make plans. Class flaps over and joins you
  595. <CJ> Junius is busy barking orders. Vansalus has gone to praise Gerfallon for his fine speech
  596. <Class> (No I take human shape get my cloth and walk over)
  597. <Calpurnia> (Lol)
  598. <CJ> OK Class
  599. <Class> (Was OWL now for long enough ^^)
  601. <Helpax> "Calpurnia, I admit I don't know much about your past or your training, but did you notice anything off about the boy earlier?"
  602. <Calpurnia> 'He was definitely possessed at one point, but wasn't after the snowball "hit" me"
  603. <Helpax> "You noticed that? Good. What did happen when that snowball hit you? For a moment I thought..."
  604. <Calpurnia> "Huh? No idea, the demon was a tempter (specializes in demons) so most likely it was tempting something, but what is a better thought"
  605. <Baruch> "Possessed, hmm? We certainly have our fair share of troubles."
  606. <Class> (We for sure have an "interesting" live)
  607. <Calpurnia> "If that's all on that event I saw something in the stars before we arrived here"
  608. <Helpax> "it was trying to lead the little girl into...something. You noticed it was a tempter? Impressive."
  609. <Baruch> "I would suggest you keep you guard up despite having arrived at the tribunal - who knows what else will befall us."
  610. <Helpax> "Wait, you saw something in the stars?"
  611. <Calpurnia> “Well we don't know if it's the little girl but it is possible. Yeah.”
  613. <Helpax> (Welcome back)
  614. <Class> (A Cloud get into the wagon)
  615. <Calpurnia> "Hey class still a cloud I see"
  616. <CJ> Ramon is here?
  617. <Class> "Yes I suspect the spell wears off at dawn"
  618. <CJ> (YEP!)
  619. <Calpurnia> (no he went to his tent if I remember)
  620. <Class> (Ramon got back to his tent)
  621. <Baruch> "Calpurnia, what was that about stars?"
  622. <Calpurnia> "Anyway I saw and interpreted an omen within the stars"
  623. <CJ> Junius wander sin at this point with a huge steaming bowl of stew, onions, and two lovaes of black bread
  624. <CJ> He plunks them down and walkout again as he caught the wod "omen"
  625. <Calpurnia> It was this
  626. <Calpurnia> North and South by the sleeve torn unite to bind a King in vellum;
  627. <Helpax> "Thank you Junius."
  628. <Calpurnia> The widening spiraling ones prepare to usurp in widdershins dance.
  629. <Calpurnia> The pawns of prophecy have now reached the gateway of initiation;
  630. <Calpurnia> And two great covenants shall fall if their Oaths are made true.
  631. <Calpurnia> "I've figured out a good chunck of it"
  632. <Helpax> "...It's offical. I hate prophecies."
  633. <Class> "Where is the girl by the way?"
  634. <Class> "She wanted to talk to someone here"
  635. <Calpurnia> (HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE GIRL RAWR!!)
  636. <Baruch> "Its the king and vellum again. Curious."
  637. <CJ> (Silas and Edith left earlier, went to find a "Stephen")
  638. <Calpurnia> "If I remember correctly vellum is what they use to write on around here."
  639. <Baruch> "Class, I believe they are looking for the person as we speak. I should perhaps check on them at some point to make sure everything is in order."
  640. <Helpax> "Well there was that baron that was waiting for the king, maybe that's connected too."
  641. <Calpurnia> "Oh yeah Baruch what has been our movement have we made a circular motion?"
  642. <Helpax> "Edith had that promise to resolve. Silas went with her."
  643. <Calpurnia> "or spiral"
  644. <Class> (Cj sorry for the changing between 2 chars but Ramon is in the "age" to get his gauntlet as well)
  645. <Baruch> "Calpurnia, hardly. Our path has been fairly straightforward, as I understand it."
  646. <Baruch> "Which bits did you say you were able to interpret?"
  647. <Class> (as an Gifted Red Cap also get to make their gauntlet)
  648. <CJ> (OK cool, shall do all the gauntlets prob. next week now)
  649. <Calpurnia> " Well widdershins is a counter circular motion which is unlucky here"
  650. <Calpurnia> "The pawns of prophecy have now reached the gateway of initiation, I can only connect to us"
  651. <Calpurnia> "And two great covenants shall fall if their Oaths are made true. This is the most disturbing in my opinion.
  652. <Class> "baruch is our Covenant bound by a Oath?"
  653. <Calpurnia> "remember the girl Silas has gotten attached to?"
  654. <Class> "One Covenant is allready fallen"
  655. <Helpax> "Well, it might not mean Order covenants"
  656. <Calpurnia> "Either way it is possible it reverse to ours."
  657. <Baruch> "Class, well I doubt this would refer to the covenant - not all of us are here, at the gateway of initiation, after all."
  658. <CJ> Someone is approaching through the snow outside, with slow stately footsteps
  659. <Calpurnia> (I stop talking)
  660. <Baruch> "It might concern the king and the usurpers, as well, it needn't be about your gauntlets or such."
  661. <Calpurnia> "shh"
  662. <CJ> There is a slow ponderous knocking at the wagon door
  663. <Baruch> "Come on in, please"
  664. * Helpax opens the door slightly
  665. <Helpax> "Yes?"
  666. <CJ> A tall man, middle aged to look at enters. He is wearing a deep blue robe, with the symbol of House Guernicus. A Queasitor. He bears the staff of office of the Presiding Queasitor of the Tribunal (chief judge effectively)
  667. <Calpurnia> (ahh shit)
  668. <CJ> On his cheek is the tattoo of a scarlet snakes, spinning constantly anti-clockwise, apparently trying to eat it's own tail. It twists in 3D somehow
  670. [ Class stand up and bow slightly]
  672. <Calpurnia> (....... not good indeed)
  673. <CJ> "Be seated. I am Iudicium of Gurnicus. I am the Presiding Queasitor."
  674. <Calpurnia> (continues sitting)
  675. <CJ> "Are you members in good standing of the Order of Hermes, sworn to the Oath?"
  676. <CJ> He looks at each of you intently, and with a steely gaze.
  677. <Baruch> "Pleased to meet you. Baruch ex Bonisagus; these are the apprentices from the City covenant. "
  678. <Calpurnia> "Not yet"
  679. <Helpax> "Greetings, Quesitor Iudicium. I'm afraid only Baruch has that honor."
  680. <Class> (The oat is taken when you get apprentice)
  681. <Class> (if I remember right)
  682. <Helpax> (no. After Gauntlet. Not before.)
  683. <Helpax> (Heck, as apprentices, we're considered extensions of our 'masters')
  684. <Calpurnia> (Makes sense)
  686. <CJ> "Then Baruch you alone shall face the charges. We will need a meeting tomorrow to discuss them. You have been accused of bringing ruin upon your sodales, and depriving the covenant of Libellus of their magical resources. I am sure you realize this is a serious charge, and you could be fined, or Marched and executed. While the crime was committed in conjunction with these apprentices, their...
  687. <Class> (Yes but I remember reading about this in the HoH-TL)
  688. <CJ> ...parens must answer for their actions. You will therefore meet with me at eleven tomorrow, and bring a list of all the parents so I can summon them to answer the charges"
  689. <CJ> "What covenant are you from Baruch?"
  690. <Calpurnia> (knew it)
  691. <Helpax> "...what crimes...?"
  692. <Baruch> "The covenant of the City of Jade and Emerald." (Right? Damn, its difficult to remember for whatever reason.)
  693. <Helpax> "But...huh?"
  694. <Baruch> "I will provide you with this information, of course."
  695. <Helpax> (We need a shorter name. Something catchy)
  696. <Class> (We needed to use it to few times till now)
  697. <Helpax> "...some of our longer number amongst the living and others have met final twilight."
  698. <CJ> (Looks at a slate) "That by their actions these aforesaid brought ruin upon the covenant of Libellus, by leading a drake to said covenants, and in the ensuing struggle being responsible for the description of dozens of irreplaceable magical books and texts, as well as the death of several valuable servants"
  699. <Calpurnia> (Ask who is the accuser Baruch)
  700. <CJ> (destruction even not description)
  701. <Class> *gulp*
  702. <Calpurnia> "What is the definition of leading in this charge"
  703. <Baruch> "I see. Anything else?"
  704. <CJ> The serpent on his cheek continues to twist, but is spiralling now
  705. <Class> (poor Baruch :( )
  706. <Helpax> "That's odd. We were informed that the site of Libells covenant was chosen because dragons fought there."
  707. <CJ> "Yes Baruch. What covenant do these (looks scpornfully around) "these apprentices come from?"
  708. <Helpax> (How much of a case do they have angainst us as far as the dragons go?)
  709. <Baruch> "The covenant of the City of Jade and Emerald. I was merely to bring them here; none are my own."
  710. <CJ> Iudicium suddenly looks sharply at Helpax. "And who told you this? Because if true, this case may well be without merit, and the charges may well be dropped!"
  711. <Helpax> (I can make a code of hermes roll, if you like)
  712. <Calpurnia> (It was the J woman/man person)
  713. <Baruch> (Jonaquil I think)
  714. <Calpurnia> (yeah)
  715. <CJ> Iudiciums looks sadly across at Baruch -- "So now you lie to me Baruch. There is no such covenant, in this Tribunal, or any other I know of"
  716. <Calpurnia> (floating city)
  717. <Calpurnia> (remember to include that)
  718. <Baruch> "Ah yes. You might not be familiar with us. The covenant is situated in a city that floats across the sky, so its location is quite unstable."
  719. <Helpax> "One of the Libells mages, Jonaquil of Merinita, Lord Quesitor."
  720. <CJ> Iudicium looks straight at you thoughtfully, and then shrugs. "We can discuss these matters in the morning. You will answer for your crimes. That will be all. You may remain seated."
  721. <Helpax> "A few of the grogs mentioned a local legend as well."
  722. <CJ> He turns and walks out, but leaves the wagomn door open as he leaves. A few flakes of snow flutter in
  723. <Calpurnia> (Continues to sit)
  725. [Helpax shuts the door]
  727. <Baruch> "Well, this is unpleasant."
  728. <Calpurnia> "That went better than expected"
  729. <Helpax> "...What do you mean, 'better than expected'?"
  730. <Calpurnia> "It was certainly going to happen, as we did bring a member of that covenant along. She most likely blames us for it"
  731. <Baruch> "You suspect it is the girl? I doubt they would take her word for it."
  732. <Class> "Baruch remember that my Mentor Pistrello Esposito joined our convenant only 5 years ago and was listed at a german covenant before"
  733. <CJ> As you do you see Iudicium walking slowly back to wards a stone building of black rock that has been magically erected on the far side of Stonehenge, beyond Ramon's tent
  734. <Calpurnia> "Hmm so that’s the last part. We better make sure we can break this oath then"
  735. <Baruch> "Which oath?"
  736. <Calpurnia> "The one she talked about remember."
  737. <Helpax> "What? Edith? I have no doubt she brought news of the incident, but I doubt she meant to throw us all to the wolves."
  738. <Calpurnia> "Don't forget a fellow member is also here so that member who is a full magus most likely did it."
  739. <Baruch> "Yes, this is conceivable."
  740. <Calpurnia> (looks at Helpax) "Why wouldn't she throw us to the wolves?"
  741. <CJ> (that's fine Class)
  742. <Baruch> (Everyone: Please tell us about your masters, so I know what I would know."
  743. <Class> "Remember someone of us told here that we already encounter 3 dragon on our way when we encountered the 4.?"
  744. <Baruch> (OOC I mean, because this would be knowledge Baruch would have)
  745. <Helpax> "Silas"
  746. <CJ> (OK, everyone can make up their parents if you have not defined them already)
  748. [Helpax looks smug]
  750. <Calpurnia> (CJ please tell Baruch as you have yet to really tell me and I think you have a good bit of story already made)
  751. <Helpax> (Nyxia ex Tytalus, a mentem specialist reknowned for summoning spirits, was recently exicuted for consorting with demons)
  752. <CJ> (yes I will discuss this with him and you this week)
  753. <Class> (Mentor "Pistrello" Esposito , a bat Bjornaer of the clan Sirnas who is also noctular. He orginal comes from somewhere around rome but spend many years in a covenant in germany bevore joined our Covenant around 5 years ago)
  754. <Helpax> ( the City of Ivory and Jade. We might have to report that.)
  755. <CJ> Actually, there is an odd squaking noise outside, getting closer...
  756. <Calpurnia> "Wait could that be Sir Crow?"
  757. <Calpurnia> (Opens a widow if it exists)
  758. <CJ> It's junius pushing a barrow over, laden with furs
  760. [Helpax opens the door and helps Junius]
  762. <Calpurnia> "....what's that?"
  763. <Class> (yes thats the name of our covenant now I remember it also :) )
  764. <Baruch> "I think I should perhaps discuss with this 'stephen', perhaps we will be able to sort this out."
  765. <Class> "Maybe we should also try to get some sleep as we have an important day tomorrow"
  766. <CJ> Junius wanders in. "what did the old serpent want with you?" he asks as he unloads the cart
  767. <Helpax> "Thanks again. Your hospitality is as fine as your craftsmanship, Junius."
  768. <CJ> "Never trust Blackthorn - or that Julia of Voluntas!"
  769. <Baruch> "He seems to think we committed some rather unpleasant acts. We didn't, of course."
  770. <Baruch> "Ah, untrustworty, are they?"
  771. <CJ> (incidentally despite the freezing night outside, the inside of this wagon remains comfortably warm)
  772. <Helpax> "Why those two?"
  773. <Class> (need to make fresh Water for the tee so a bit AFK)
  774. <Helpax> (Can I make a code of hermes [politics or Intrigue roll to have a guess at my own question?)
  775. <CJ> "Blackthorn and Voluntas? Aye, two covenants locked in a struggle to the death. They are the reason the whole Tribunal is divided in this bitter battle - amazing we have even managed to have a tribunal this year at all. You vote for one, all the allies of the other votes against you therever after. We stay out of it"
  776. <CJ> Helpax, yes you can test at ease factor 12 on Order of Hermes Lore (politics) + Int?
  777. <CJ> Junius potters around adjusting things and moving stuff to give you more room to sleep
  778. <Baruch> (Can I take a swipe at that too?)
  779. <CJ> Sure Baruch
  781. [Baruch and Helpax make a good roll]
  783. <CJ> OK, you both have heard of Blackthron. It was founded about 400 years ago, and is in the Black Mountains of Wales. It is a very important and powerful covenant dominated by House Tremere. Also in Stonehenge is Voluntas, a Jerbiton led covenant in the Yorkshire Moors. they absolutely hate each other, and the Tribunal is split between the two in loyalty
  784. <Helpax> "Libellas is a young covenant but if they have an alliance with either of the two..."
  785. <CJ> Other important covenants are Ungulus, in Cumbria, who keep themselves to themselves, and Cad Gadu, domus magna of House Ex Miscellanea in Snowdonia Wales, but again they are fairly isolationist
  786. <Calpurnia> (By loyalty do you mean loyalty to the crown?)
  787. <CJ> There is one other very noteworthy covenant - Schola Pythagoranis in Cambrifdge, clsoely associated with the mundane university. They have a reputation for brilliance in turning out apprentices and in Magic Theory research
  788. <Calpurnia> (I guess not)
  789. <Baruch> "Are you familiar with the covenant of Libellas, Junius?"
  790. <CJ> There are other covenants, you just don't know of them. You have heard of two more now - nigrasaxa in Essex, and this covenant, Semitae, which is clearly Criaon and Verditius led
  791. <CJ> Junius looks at you. "I heard they were founded a couple of years back, yes"
  792. <Helpax> (I think he meant loyalty as in friendship/political party)
  793. <Baruch> "Do you know if they were allied with either of these two troublemakers?"
  794. <CJ> "I know nothing of them. Well apart from it would end in trouble. They are scarce two days travel from Schola Pythagoranis, and the same from Nigrasaxa. Too close. They will all fight for the local vis stocks"
  795. <CJ> I would imagine Nigrasaxa was sponsored by one, and Libellus by the other. Schola is sympathetic to Voluntas but holdsd an independent line, as fr as is possible here
  796. <CJ> "I don't know which way round though. And you all need sleep."
  797. <CJ> he prepares to leave.
  798. <Helpax> (And the independents will want to stay out of this...urgh)
  799. <Baruch> "One more thing. Are you familiar with the story about the dragon fight at the Libellas covenant site? Are you familiar with anyone who might know?"
  800. <Calpurnia> (wait what was the covenant we just left?)
  801. <Class> (libellas)
  802. <Calpurnia> (derp)
  803. <Class> (good we didn't need a favor from any covenant here as it would only end in biger problems)
  804. <Helpax> "Thank you and yes. A former grog of Libellas who we travelled with, Edith. She knows the story. I think."
  805. <CJ> Junisu looks back at you. "There is no justice in this tribunal - only politics" - he shuts the door an walks off through the snow
  806. <Class> "Good thing that we didn't need to ask for A Favor of any covenant here to get to Stonehenge"
  807. <Helpax> "I don't know. Having help from Schola Pythagoranis might have allowed the independents to support us without taking sides."
  808. <Class> "Yes but your sure we would ask them and not one of the other?"
  809. <CJ> Once again you hear footsteps approaching the wagon...
  810. <Calpurnia> "Baruch, why didn't you ask who accused you?"
  811. <Baruch> "Well. I would still enjoy a talk with this Stephen fellow before having to answer the charges. If we could show the folly in all of this..."
  812. <Baruch> "Didn't occur to me."
  813. <CJ> (knock at door)
  814. <Helpax> "There is someone else coming..."
  816. [Helpax opens the door]
  818. <Baruch> "Come on in."
  819. <Calpurnia> "another guest yay"
  820. <Helpax> "Hello. We're very popular tonight."
  821. <CJ> Edward foMilton, still wearing his grey scholars robe but with a blanket roudn him ebeters.
  822. <CJ> "AT LAST!" He takes out a slat. "NAMES OF THOSE TO BE GAUNTLETED PLEASE!"
  823. <CJ> grey scholars robe, but blanket to keep him warm should say
  824. <CJ> he netters
  825. <CJ> slate not slat :)
  826. <CJ> "NAMES"!
  827. <Helpax> "Oh, I'm sorry Edward."
  828. <Class> "Class Eule "
  829. <Calpurnia> "Good day. Well the magus I follow is here so I will give the info you want. Calpurnia Warpstorm of house Criamon and member of the Covenant (insert name)"
  830. <Baruch> "You would be in charge of that, I take it? The apprentices are Makara, Calpurnia, Helpax, Class, and Silas."
  831. <CJ> "AT LAST" he booms "and Houses please!"
  832. <Helpax> "I'm Helpax, remember?"
  833. <Helpax> "...hopefully to be of house tytalus"
  834. <CJ> "Yes HELPAX! You told me as you ran off. I have been searching for you ever since. And it is a VERY cold night"
  836. <CJ> Where is your parents?
  837. <Class> "Class Eule Haus Bjornaer"
  838. <Helpax> "...she's dead."
  839. <Baruch> "Helpax of Tytalus, Calpurnia of Criamon, Silas of Mercere, Makara of Criamon, Class of Bjornaer"
  840. <CJ> "I ASSUME your PARENS will be presenting you for GAUNTLET???!"
  841. <CJ> "I SEE". (Writes down the information)
  842. <Baruch> "They are unavailable, unfortunately, so I have been tasked with this obligation."
  843. <Calpurnia> "Mine met final twilight on the travel here"
  844. <Helpax> "My parens is dead. And Calpurnia's has met with final twiloght."
  845. <Helpax> (Did Makara and Calpurnia have the same parens?)
  846. <CJ> "Most IRREGULAR!" (Then with genuine sympathy to Calpurnia) "I am so SORRY!”
  847. <Class> (I love this chaos when someone talks with us ^^)
  848. <CJ> (Nope)
  849. <CJ> "I SEE!. Very well, BARUCH, in these circumstances, YOU may officiate. THEY will all be TESTED. The APPRENTICES are by ancient tradition GUANTLETED at Dawn. You have four hours to prepare THEM."
  850. <Baruch> "Yes, everything seems to be quite out of order recently."
  851. <Baruch> (Do I know how I have to "prepare" them?)
  852. <Calpurnia> "What will we be allowed to bring?"
  853. <CJ> "That is as MAYBE. I must SLEEP. Silly apprentices have KEPT ME UP all night. I TRUST you are all READY, and will not PERISH on this most important day of your LIVES. There is one other apprentice for Gauntlet, a REDCAP. He will not be a PROBLEM at LEAST"
  854. <Class> "I wonder if my parent will show up as he is away for important Bjornaer business but told me he will be here on time"
  855. <CJ> "Yourself CALPURNIA, Yourself"
  856. <CJ> (Nope won't show for story reasons Class )
  857. <Calpurnia> (No shortsword then I guess, sigh)
  858. <CJ> "Good night BARUCH. You have my deepest SYMPATHIES for dealing with THESE unfortunate creatures. GOODNIGHT"
  859. <Calpurnia> (Walks away and flops on a bed)
  860. <Class> (^^ yes but as it is Mentor flaw it I could try it ^^)
  861. <CJ> Edward prepares to go out in the cold again
  862. <Helpax> "Silas is gifted Edward. And again, I am sorry."
  863. <Baruch> "Good night, yes."
  865. [Helpax slams the door closed]
  867. <CJ> You hear him wheezing in the cold as he walks off to the camp of Schola Pythagoranis, planning to repair his pavilion which was damaged by an owl looking like a cloud earlier
  869. <CJ> OK, I need to wrap up shortly
  870. <Helpax> "Ok, are we going to respond to the blatant disregard for the code?"
  872. [ Class try to get a siesta but more then 1h of rest wont be possible]
  874. <CJ> 5 minutes discussion in character then sleep? :)
  875. <Baruch> (Ok)
  876. <Helpax> (sounds good)
  877. <Calpurnia> (alrready sleeping)
  878. <Baruch> "Yes, that is a difficult one. I suspect it might be best to argue that no one can show that we brought about the drake attack - the covenant was, after all, founded on a site that so inclined, and their member brought along a second drake, which he seemed familiar with."
  879. <Calpurnia> "mo proof he did"
  880. <Baruch> "I did mention multiple drake attacks as we arrived, but that might be dismissed as a reference to the two drakes that attacked us."
  881. <Helpax> "There is that. There is also the part where they have to give us three months notice to prepare our case. Last second business is different to the accusation of a high crime."
  882. <Helpax> (Well bother)
  883. <Baruch> "Ah, yes. You are perhaps better versed in Code-related matters than I - I have never been fond of the squabbling and other pettiness involved."
  884. <Baruch> "I will have to be the one to respond to this nonsense, I fear."
  885. <Baruch> "Yes, that is a difficult one. I suspect it might be best to argue that no one can show that we brought about the drake attack - the covenant was, after all, founded on a site that so inclined, and their member brought along a second drake, which he seemed familiar with."
  886. <Helpax> "I can assist, with your permission."
  887. <Baruch> "Well, that would be most welcome, given that they allow it."
  888. <CJ> Absolutely true Helpax.
  889. <CJ> You should receive 90 days notice of a case against you.
  890. <Helpax> (Which makes this far more dangerous)
  891. <CJ> However quaesitors can bring an emergency case if need be
  892. <CJ> (Unfortunately they seem to have little regard for the Code in these parts)
  893. <Calpurnia> (not surprising)
  894. <Helpax> (Which would be they bad part. Why is this an emergency case?)
  895. <Class> (have my Mentor prepared me to what to expect from the gauntlet as Bjoraner? And if so can you tell me it?)
  896. <CJ> Yes as a Mentor they have
  897. <Class> (or at last where I can read it)
  898. <Helpax> "And then there is the gauntlet..."
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