BrikWars - Quak Legion Lore

Jul 20th, 2020 (edited)
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  3. The Quak Legion is a duckmocracy, currently lead by President Duck J. Trump (sidenote: I have a rubber duck version of Donald Trump that isn't in the duck collection picture; pics soon), which is committed to the one thing that all life in the BrikVerse strives to accomplish - genocide. In this case; it's killing all sentient plastic based life, because these size ~1.5" psyonik ducks think that plastic based life is an abomination, and that rubber based life is superior.
  5. They lack hands to carry equipment with - but they have developed powerful Psyonik abilities to circumvent this. From simple stuff that all Quak Legionnaires are trained to know - like interfering with the brains of their enemies (think Short Ranged Weapon stats) with sometimes lethal effects, or at least cause something bad to happen regarding the target's mental state. Quak Spellbinders are trained more thoroughly in their Psyonik capabilities; with a spellbook/staff/other object generally associated with magik; with more dangerous powers that can screw with hostile minds from further away; and with stronger effect (akin to long ranged weapon stats), and are usually seen in leadership roles on the field. They all communicate via telepathy, although they've also developed a language involving lots of quacking as well. Due to being what can be described as large rubber waterfowl, they can swim through water as if they were walking on solid ground.
  7. The primary FTL travel method within their small extragalactic vaguely duck-shaped cluster is hyperlane travel; but when it comes to leaving their cluster; they use the D-gate within the cluster's black hole system, The Eye, to travel between galaxies. Their homeworld, Quakia, is a planet with oceans covering ~85% of the surface, with a considerable amount of Quekian settlements being on artificially created islands as well as huge mile-long city-boats.
  10. Legionnaire - 1.5" size, 5" move, d6 action die, 5 armor, no hands, natural Psyonik ranged attack (3 use, 6" range, d6 damage), can swim at full speed
  11. Spellbinder - 1.5" size, 5" move, d6 action die, 5 armor, no hands, natural strong Psyonik ranged attack (3 use, 10" range, d6+1 damage), can swim at full speed
  14. Psi Repeaters - Large, radar dish-like objects mounted to vehicles that can channel the Psyonik energies of any Psyonikally-capable individual (usually a duck) into a deadly, long-range blast.
  15. Psi Shields - Why have ordinary energy shields when you can have ones powered by the combined Psyonik energies of the people the shields are designed to protect?
  19. Blue lines - hyperlanes
  20. Yellow/orange dots - stars
  21. Grey circle - black hole "system"
  23. Notable Systems:
  24. Quekimus Prime - has the homeworld as one of the planets (Quakia, an ocean world with moderate urban development)
  25. The Eye - contains the cluster's ancient (albiet reactivated) D-gate, which can be used to access various other D-gates across various galaxies
  26. Generic Yellow Star #937 - contains totally non-threatening Brikthulhuian artifacts on some planets
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