Pinkie x Anon PISS (wetting)

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  1.         You sat on the end edge of Pinkie Pie’s large bed, shaking your toes and humming with satisfaction about the evening out you had with her so far, and anticipating something even better when she finally made her half-drunken way up the stairs. You took a sip from the margarita you had poured yourself. This brand tasted very similar to lemonade—you were still only 19, and couldn’t stand the bitterness of “regular” alcohol. It didn’t really matter though, because there was technically no drinking age in Equestria. Alcohol was not a cultural obsession among young ponies like it was among normal teenagers in your home country of America, so drunken accidents and alcoholism did not occur too often among ponies. Pinkie was somewhat of an exception, ironically. She wasn’t a total basket case who got shitfaced and started screaming at pedestrians at 10AM in the morning, but you’d be damned if she didn’t like to party her sweet plot off with every exotic drink imaginable.
  2.         How you came to Equestria and how you got into a relationship with that pink pony in the first place were incredibly long, boring, unimportant stories anyways…finally, Pinkie sauntered up her own steps, swaying back and forth—she wasn’t hammered, but she was a bit more than tipsy. She was holding a bottle of expensive celebratory wine in her mouth—you felt so bad for earth ponies sometimes, they were just at such a disadvantage in society, especially compared to unicorns. You laughed to yourself as she giddily stumbled her way across her room and over to you, then klutzily dropped the wine bottle, and it spilled onto the carpet. It took a moment for what she did to even sink in, but then her eyes went wide, almost as if she was going to cry, and she exclaimed unintentionally-overly-dramatically: “Ohhh nooo, that was Twilight’s g-good wine! That *ack* w-was a g-g-gift from her! What do we do…do…do do DO?” Okay, maybe she was pretty drunk.
  3.         You didn’t even say anything. You couldn’t wait for her any longer. You set down your margarita on Pinkie’s bedside table, then reached out and pulled her towards you, and locked lips with her. If her expression was startled, you couldn’t tell, because your eyes were closed and you were invading her mouth with your tongue passionately. This made the slight headache from your own buzz worth it. You ran your hands through Pinkie’s poofy mane, becoming more and more aroused by the second. Pinkie was TRYING to properly react, but she was so drunk that her attempts at returning the open-mouthed kiss were sloppy to say the least, almost like you when you were 15. Not that it mattered, if anything that turned you on even more.
  4.         Pinkie leaped up a little and put her front hooves on your shoulders, and brought her crotch dangerously close to yours. It’s a good thing you still had your clothes on. Or was it? Just as you were about to allow yourself to fall back onto the bed and let Pinkie get on top of you (for starters anyways), she suddenly jolted her beautiful head up and gasped. Just for the record, she was about half the size of you, and you were a little on the tall side for a human guy. It was actually extremely convenient—when she laid down on you, her crotch was right by your crotch and her face right by your face. Your waist began where her body ended, more or less. It made certain…positions…very easy.
  5.         You were slightly irritated at how she abruptly ended your tonsil hockey session, but apparently something was wrong. She had a fear-stricken look on her adorable face, and she kept glancing back and forth as though something was going to jump out behind her. You gave it a moment, then raised your eyebrows and said “What??”
  6.         Her look of fear changed to one of more relaxed nervousness. She leaned in really close to you, but not for a kiss, squinted her eyes, raised a hoof to her mouth as a human would a hand when telling a secret, and whispered, “I really have to pee!”
  7.         You burst out laughing, probably because you were so buzzed, and when you opened your eyes again you saw Pinkie glaring at you in confusion, possibly a bit of irritation as well.
  8.         “It’s not funny Anon! I really have to g-go! *Gah* I drank w-w-way too much wiii…wine at *cough* Twilight’s birthday party *gulp*.”
  9.         Suddenly you got a devious idea, and grinned accordingly. You said, “That’s fine, but just get close to me for a moment, okay?” Pinkie was completely oblivious to the trickery in your voice. In fact, as she got close to you (yet again) her eyes lit up and she beamed.
  10.         “Wha-what is it Anon! WHOA!” You grabbed her by her sides, easily flipped her around so that her back was to your front, and forcefully held her onto your lap. “Anon!” she cried with shock, “What are you doing?? Th-this isn’t f-funny! Let me go! NOW!” But you weren’t going to let her go. You moved your fingers along her soft, warm pink fur, feeling her heavy, anxious breathing, until you could dig your fingertips into her tender underarms. You began tickling her viciously, speedily, moving your fingers on each hand as a group in a circular motion in what you supposed would be considered her armpits. She began giggling at first, but quickly it turned to hysterical laughter. She shook radically, trying desperately to escape, but being that she was a little pink pony, you easily overpowered her and restrained her against your body. She was laughing so much that she began hiccupping, and then it began to sound like she was on the verge of tears. She continued to beg for mercy between bursts of uncontrollable laughter. She was just the cutest goddamn thing ever.
  11.         You didn’t say a word as you shifted your hands down to her lower belly, continuing to scratch and tickle her. At this point she was just randomly shaking her front hooves and kicking her bottom hooves. “Anon!—HAHA—please, PLEEEASSSE stop!—HEEHEEHEEHA!---I’m g-gonna, OH!” Suddenly you felt warmth and wetness against the crotch area of your blue jeans. As you had presumed, your tickling had successfully weakened Pinkie’s full bladder and she was finally beginning to leak onto you. It started as a slow trickle, but with every loud laugh of hers, a quick but large burst of urine would escape the poor mare’s vagina and land on your jeans; and then finally, with a delightful squeal, Pinkie completely, inadvertently relieved herself all over your crotch and legs, and on the bed blanket. Her piss poured and sprayed out, hot and deliciously wet against you, a copious amount that dampened your pants and soaked the bed covers, creating a pool of the sweet liquid waste that dripped off the edge of the bed onto the rug like your morning coffee into the pot.
  12.         Jesus, she just kept going! She really must have had a fuckton of booze at that party. It was orgasmic for you, feeling her feminine jetstream of pee against your own genitalia. The feeling and smell combined caused a sensory overload, and of course a raging boner. You weren’t even aware that you were STILL tickling the poor pony, you had become lost in bliss, but then finally you let her go and she got back down on all fours and faced you. You could see tears welled up at the bottom of her eyes. Her mane was a mess—a very sexy mess. God, you just wanted to fuck her even harder now, while your dick was still stained with her piss. You would certainly have to wash the covers—and the rug—but that could wait.
  13.         Pinkie was panting, still attempting to catch her breath after her tickle torture. When she finally came to, and realized what had happened completely, a sultry, seductive look overtook her face. She lowered her eyebrows, tilted her head and smiled at you, then said softly, “I never knew you were so kinky, Anon.” Then she jumped on you and kissed you intensely, causing you to fall over as you struggled to undo your urine-soaked pants. You were both used to sex, but the whole pee experience had certainly made that a night to remember.
  15. End.
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