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  1. Our strange and erotic tale begins on a day like any other in Ponyville, delightfully sunny, but with some unexpected disturbance hanging overhead. On this day, Twilight was doing some light dusting, as her dragon assistant was out helping Rarity.
  3. The lavender unicorn had reached the bedroom, and was dusting off her nightstand, when a chill seemed to go down her spine. She turned around to see that Spike's bed had moved from its place on the floor to Twilight's bed. A look of confusion came across the unicorn's face. Had she moved the bed and forgotten about it? Deciding that was the most probable occurrence, Twilight simply moved it back, having already dusted the spot it rested on.
  5. Having returned to dusting, the purple unicorn felt another shiver go down her spine a minute later, and found that this time, the sleeping basket had reached the dresser. Despite a growing sense of uncertainty, Twilight put the basket back and resumed dusting.
  7. After five more minutes, another chill disrupted Twilight's magic grip on her duster, sending the dust caked feathers into the purple pony's face. A cloud of dust and dirt puffed up, blocking Sparkle's eyesight temporarily, and when her vision returned, a quick look up confirmed that the basket bed was now on her head.
  9. Throwing the wild wicker basket to the floor, Twilight Sparkle stared the seemingly possessed bed down. After a moment of glaring at the now inanimate object, the student of Celestia rushed off to solve this problem the only way she knew how. With research!
  11. That night, Spike was laying in his bed, breathing softly as he rested. After a few moments, one of the baby dragon's eyes cracks open. The object of his vision? A leering Twilight Sparkle, whose face had a crazy expression as she levitated a notebook and pencil in preparation to record her findings. "Uh, Twilight, don't you need to sleep?"
  13. "No time to sleep, I need to get to the bottom of this haunting!" Twilight snapped. "Just fall asleep Spike. Pretend I'm not here!" She added while throwing some leaves in her mane to try and resemble a potted plant. Spike, with a disturbed look on his face, did his best to try and sleep.
  15. Two days and no results later, Twilight is in her bathroom, brushing her teeth. Suddenly, she hears the bath tub faucet turn on. The mystified unicorn, irked to no end by the unexplained presence, rushed over and turned off the water. Her attention was then caught by the sink faucet turning on. After rushing over and turning that off, the medicine cabinet swung open a smacked Twilight in the face.
  17. A few hours later, Spike walked into the restroom with a magazine under his arm. He stops dead in his tracks when he sees Twilight Sparkle hiding (poorly) inside a little fort made of toilet paper rolls. Spike took a long stare at his housemate, then, without a word, closed the door and walked out.
  19. That week proved to be utterly vexing for Twilight. The strange activity would occur, Twilight would scrutinize the area endlessly, only for something to occur elsewhere. After the bedroom and the bathroom, stuff had occurred in the closet, laundry room, and even under the backyard tree. Spike had also been growing more irritable over the course of the weirdness.
  21. Since Twilight had been unable to understand the situation through field research, she shifted to book study. "Spike, do you have the next stack of material?" Twilight called out, having just exhausted another pile of text.
  23. "Yeah yeah, cool your jets Twi!" Shot back Spike in an annoyed tone as he brought out another stack of books. He unceremoniously dropped the heavy reading on her tail. Twilight cringed in pain, but didn't reprimand her assistant, thinking he had accidentally dropped them due to the fatigue of the long research session they'd been at since daybreak. "I'm going out for a walk. I'll be back before you need any more books." He then added under his breath as he left, "Celestia knows you can't get off your lazy plot and get them yourself..."
  25. As Spike took a long and stress relieving walk, Twilight continued her research. Fortune was finally on her side, as the first book she read (a chronicle of a unicorn that had been Princess Luna's pupil prior to her transformation into Nightmare Moon) related a situation almost identical to her own. A gasp escaped her blushing lips as she discovered the cause...
  27. At that exact moment, Rarity burst in. "Twilight, you must come quick! Something terrible is occurring at Sweet Apple Acres! It is the worst... Possible... THING!" She declared in her typical over dramatic tone.
  29. Instantly becoming focused, Twilight snapped her book shut and galloped away, ready to face down whatever evil was menacing her friends.
  31. "Seriously, Rarity?" Asked Twilight when she saw that the "worst possible thing" was a sentient pile of hay that, besides rolling around a bit, didn't seem to be doing anything harmful.
  33. "I've tried bucking it away, but mah hooves just sink in." Applejack stated. "Barely got out last time."
  35. Twilight sighed. "I think I know the problem." Her horn glowed with a magical light, and after a few seconds, a very content looking Spike levitated out.
  37. The dragon looked at all the Element Bearers, gathered to see the disturbance. "...Hey guys."
  39. Pinkie hopped up to the hay. "Bad hay! Bad hay! You don't eat baby dragons!" She scolded.
  41. Twilight dropped her assistant in front of her, and uttered the words no man ever wants to hear from the woman he lives with.
  43. "We need to have a talk."
  45. A/N: No clopping material this chapter. Sorry folks.
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